Three Counties 19 Judge: Mrs J Jaggers

BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Dog CC : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Res Dog CC : TOPLISS Mrs T E Sh Ch Beresford Night Train
Bitch CC : MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Vienna
Res Bitch CC : MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Whisper
Best Puppy : MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Xanti
Best Veteran : MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

I would like to thank the Society for its kind invitation to judge. I enjoyed my day immensely, and had some gorgeous dogs to go over.

MPD (3,1)
1. Mitchell’s Peasblossom Xanti. Very impressive B/W in lovely condition. Loads of potential. Excellent substance throughout. Well balanced head and soft expression, lovely dark eyes, well set ears, good length of neck onto well laid shoulders. Nice deep chest and straight front. Good ribcage. Level topline which he held on the move. Correct angulation in rear quarters. Well boned and tight feet. Moved well with a positive gait. Best Puppy.
2. Thomas’ Tiggerock Ocellatus. Nice young dog but hasn’t yet the maturity of 1. Needs to fill out and settle in movement. Good head and eye colour. Shown in good condition. Moved OK.

JD (3)
1. Jenkinson’s Eastriding Royal Mayfair. Handsome young dog. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Lovely balanced refined head and a kind expression and dark eye. Good length of neck and correct shoulder placement. Firm level topline. Good ribcage. Straight front and good bone. Tight feet. Moved well.
2. Gregory’s Arcadia Alfa Romeo. Well marked B/W dog with masculine head and dark eyes. Excellent bone and substance throughout. Good depth of chest and good body shape. Good rear angulation. Unfortunately movement was difficult to assess. Shame he did not settle into his stride.
3. Glass’ Gunring My Boy

PGD (5,2)
1. Osbourne’s Pendarlow Peter Pan with Braego. Well balanced dog with good masculine head and kind expression. Clean in neck with well laid shoulders. Has good substance and good strong hindquarters. Nice bone and tight feet. Sound positive mover.
2. Thomas’ Tigerrock Super Ted. Well balanced head. Clean neck and shoulder line. In good coat and condition. Would prefer more substance overall which may come with time. Moved OK.
3. Keighley’s Pendarlow Denahi

LD (4)
1. Rose’s Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor). A well balanced dog with attractive outline. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Good masculine head with a soft expression. Good angulation front and rear. Plenty of substance. Well boned and strong tight feet. Sound positive movement.
2. Allen’s Plaiglen All That Jazz with Allenie.Another handsome dog. Well angulated shoulders. Strong rear. Good depth of chest. Strong level topline. Shown in lovely condition. Moved well.
3. Twilley’s Mompesson Royal Dreamer

OD (2,1)
1. Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Train. Very handsome dog. Well balanced throughout. Masculine head, soft expression and lovely dark eyes. Good length of neck into correct shoulders. Firm level topline. Nice depth of chest. Good ribs. Good substance and bone. Drives well from strong hindquarters. Very sound stylish mover. RCC.

Vet D (5)
1. Mitchell’s Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester. I should think everything has been said by now of this magnificent dog. Here’s my six penneth. He looked super smart today. Lovely to see a veteran still showing and moving like a youngster. Very impressive overall. Nothing overdone, just an honest quality dog with an excellent refined head, kind soft expression and good eye colour and shape. Strong neck set into correctly angulated shoulders. Firm level topline, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Compact body with substance. Well balanced. Well angulated and well muscled rear producing a flowing positive action with great drive. Happy to award him the CC and BOB.
2. Glendenning’s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle. Stylish eyecatching B/W. Shown with excellent well conditioned coat. Well balanced head with honest soft expression. Elegant neck and clean correct shoulders. Firm level topline. Good depth of chest and ribcage. Well boned, straight legged with tight neat feet. Well developed hindquarters. Moved well with strong driving action. A worthy champion.
3. Clarke and Varey’s Beaters Baron

MPB (3)
1. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire. Very promising baby. Nicely marked and in good coat. Very pretty, balanced head with soft expression. Eyes just need to darken. Good straight front and depth of chest. Well angulated shoulders. Moved with a sound positive gait.
2. Williams and Toublic’s Cobhay Fancy Phlox. Well constructed puppy with a well balanced head, pleasing expression and eye colour. Good bone and nice tight feet. Moved OK.
3. Claydon’s Nine Oaks Viennese Waltz

PB (3)
1. Glendenning’s Plaiglen Encore. Very attractive youngster with elegant, balanced head, sweet expression and dark eye colour. Good neck and shoulder placement. Plenty of substance throughout. Firm level topline and good rear angulation. Good bone, tight feet. A bit unsettled on the move.
2. Williams and Toublic’s Cobhay Fancy Phlox.
3. Claydon’s Nine Oaks Viennese Waltz

JB (5) 1. Mitchell’s Peasbossom Vienna. I really fell for this one. I thought she was stunning. Gleaming coat and presentation was immaculate. Quite mature for her age. Very compact with a gorgeous balanced head and sweet expression. Nice almond shaped dark eyes. Good length of neck into a clean shoulder line with correct angulation. Good depth of chest and straight front. Well boned legs and tight neat feet. Good spring of rib and level topline. Correct rear angulation and short hocks. Well muscled to produce a sound positive driving action. Thrilled to award her the CC. Would happily take her home.
2. Jenkinson’s Eastriding Glam Princess. A striking young lady. Very feminine and balanced throughout. Lovely head and soft expression. Good eye shape and colour. Well laid shoulders. Good neckline. Nice level topline. Strode out well on nice tight feet.
3. Long and Leeming’s Tryhard Glenmorangie

PGB (13,3) A strong class.
1. Mitchell’s Peasblossom Whisper. Very elegant in stance. Feminine, well balanced head, good eye shape and colour. Good straight front and well boned. Smooth flowing neck into correct shoulders. Plenty of depth in chest and body. Firm level topline. Well angulated rear. Carries herself well with a driving action. Just needs a bit more feather to complete the picture but thought her worthy of the RCC.
2. Topliss’ Beresford’s Night Class. Quality bitch in superb coat and condition. Classic head with dark eyes. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. Ample body and depth. Good angulation on rear. Moved soundly.
3 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight

LB (8,2)
1 Wildsmith’s Trimere Tickle Me Fancy. Gorgeous bitch with a good soft feminine expression. Lovely dark eyes. Good depth to chest. Correct shoulders. Well angulated rear. Held a level topline and a positive driving action.
2 Richardson and Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Chara. Well balanced, pretty bitch. Lovely head and good eye colour. Clean neck and shoulders. Good depth. Strode out well on the move.
3. Conrad’s Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver

OB (3)
1. Rose’s Rossanoch Fortuna JW. Beautifully presented with a pleasing feminine head and soft expression. Good eye shape and colour. Well off for bone and substance. Held a good level topline with a strong driving action on the move.
2. Richardson and Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Celaneo. Pretty, flashy bitch with good balanced head and kind expression. Good angulation front and rear. Well presented. Held her topline well on the move. Just preferred the substance of 1.
3. Williams and Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea

Vet B (1) 1. Taubman’s Peasblossom Geisha Girl at Meonstoke. Stood alone but a very nice feminine bitch in great condition for a 9 year old. Lovely head, good eye colour and shape. Strong neck into good shoulders. Good depth of chest with enough bone and nice tight feet. Well developed rear with good muscle tone. Balanced throughout and very sound on the move.

Joanna M Jaggers