Bath Championship Show Judge: Mr. Chris Bexon

A good entry on paper, but down with a fair number of absentees. For a relative strong member of the spaniel sub group I was a little disappointed on the overall quality, with some very poor movement. However I did find some good representative type, particularly my Best of Breed which was short listed in a very good group.

Best Bitch & BOB Sh Ch Trimere Tuscany Best Dog Anacapa Solo Flyer ShCM Best Puppy Mompesson Knockando at Sundeala

Minor Puppy Dog
I Davis's Mompesson Knockout at Sundeala.
Yes I think he his a bit of a knock out. I loved his type so true I thought. At the top of the height standard, but a lovely youngster. I loved his soundness and thought he was quite nicely balanced. Has a pleasing head shape, good brows and balanced muzzle, moderate length of neck, level topline, and good tail set, used his tail well on the move which a lot didn't obviously happy. Strong bone, good depth of chest, moderateiy short loin nicely anguiated hindquarters to finish the picture. All these undeniable attributes giving him Best puppy.

Puppy Dog
1 Downwards Reubans Silent Reflection, L/W and a very nice youngster, looked a picture from most angles. Pleasing head shape, of excellent proportions, thought a little light in eye though, moderate length of neck, topline a little uneven at the moment which did not help in the decision for best puppy dog. Good front and feet, moderate ali round conformation. Moved well in good coat Al presentation.
2 Millers Feorlig Natural born winner, another pleasing youngster with a lot of potential, pleasing type, but not the front of the winner, and a little wide behind when moving off although he does come together once into his stride. Shown in good coat, has more substance than the winner.

Junior Dog
1 Repeat of Downwards Reubans Silent Reflection.

Post Graduate Dog
1 Reads Brailea Better Believe it. A nicely marked dog of good size, although a little too heavy in head and muzzle for me. Has a good reach of neck, pleasing topline, strong, straight bone, short strong loin, well anguiated muscled hindquarters, moved well with fluidity, in good coat, Would like a little better shoulder to be hypercritical.
2 Osbournes Braego Heavy metal. Not a bad type of springer, has good reach of neck, shoulders and decent front, I thought he was a little rounded in eye, which spoilt his expression for me. Could be a little more toned in body, and I thought a little exaggerated in hind angulation. Looked nervous on the move a little erratic in front and wide behind.

Limit Dog
1 Harris' Feorlig Xtremly Flammable ShCM. Mature dog pleasing type, very nice head shape with balanced muzzle, good ear set and length, pleasing expression, moderate reach of neck, level topline, although his tailset could be a little lower. Good bone and strong pasterns. Good second thigh and hindquarters, moved with drive from the rear not so good in front.
2 Bryants and Caytons Feorlig Burning Bridges. A very flashy, free moving male in profile movement, but when going away moved a little close behind and a little erratic in front, Lacked the same work in the skull of the winner, and I would have liked a little more upper arm angulation and a less sloping topline. Shown in very nice coat of good texture, pleasing hind quarters to his credit.
3 Murdochs Hollybrook Mr Bo Jangles.

Open Dog
1 Merry's Anapaca Solo Flyer ShCM. Medium sized, fairly typical male nicely balanced and well marked, very nice head properties with good eye and expression, brows setting the picture off moderate stop, very good length of neck, slopes a little in topline, nice body shape though, good depth of body, straight forelegs, shortish loin, moderate hind angulation, short hocks, Moved very freely around the ring in profile, but perhaps a shade high stepping in front action, has good drive. Best Dog.
2 Williams and Toublics Cobhay Sweet William ShCM. Typical male balanced head, with good expression, correct topline, straight front, but a little loose on the move, shown in good coat, moves well behind, thought he lacked the sparkle and verve of the winner to day. Reserve best dog.
3 Murdochs Hollybrooks Mr Bo Jangles.

Puppy Bitch 
1 Millers Feorlig Naughty but Nice. Rather nice youngster very feminine, like her balanced sweet head and expression and complementing length of foreface. Although my notes say I would like a slightly darker eye, good ear set, strong but shortish in neck , excellent bone and feet sloping topline, low tailset, good sweeping hindquarters, excellent second thigh, she moved quite well once she had settled. Very well handled.
2 Harbuys Splashpoint Coral Princess. A very raw baby in comparison to one, Has a balanced head, good neck and shoulders, spring of rib, but a littie longer in back, than winner. Moderate bend of stifle, moving quite well. The overall picture in comparison to the winner was one of immaturity.
3 Allery's Splashpoint Deep Devocean.

Junior Bitch 
1 Crouchers and Smiths Cepen Country Breeze of Teignvalley ShCM. L/W very nice outline, and overall shape, squarish. Lovely head with balanced muzzle, good eye and expression, correct topline, good fore chest, and depth. Pleasing bone, but would prefer stronger pasterns and better feet. Good hindquarters, really drive off well, but a iittle erratic in front.

Post Graduate Bitch
1 Williams and Tublics Cobhay Bright Fashion. Pleasing sized bitch of good over all shape and confirmation, which could do with developing a little more undercarriage, has a clean outline, level topline, and correct tailset. Very feminine head and expression, nice bone and feet correct length of back, shortish loin. Best mover in this class.
2 Bryants Navailleen Suesanna. Has a pleasing outline, correct topline and tailset, pleasing head shape, but just a tad short in fore face for me though, I would like to see just a little longer forelegs for perfect balance. Moved erratically.
3 McLeaves Mompesson Lelgance with Raesha.

Limit Bitch
1 Croucher and Smiths Calvdale Call Sign of Teigvalley, L/W again another very typy bitch, typical Springer outline correct proportions, feminine head with square balanced muzzle, better reach of neck than two, good shoulders, slightly sloping topline, low tail set, looked a picture in profile movement with reach and drive, front could be a little tighter when coming towards me.
2 Reads Cleavehill Bijou Noir of Braiiea. Attractively marked, very well put together bitch, with very good body shape, would like a slightly lower tail set, has a moderate bend of stifle, but not the strength in hindquarters of the winner. Moving close behind when going

Open Bitch 
1 Corbetts Sh Ch Trimere Tuscany. What a stunner this bitch is, oozes breed type, its true what they say the 'best is worth waiting for'. Loved her head great shaped skull, so much work, lovely eye good brow, wonderful expression, balanced muzzle, good ear set and length, correct neck length good shoulders and upper arm angulation. Level topline good tailset, excellent bone and feet, correct hindquarters shown in good coat, Moved with precision. Best Bitch and Best of Breed.
2 Millers Feorlig Chrystal Clear JW. Very attractive feminine mature bitch, another first rate head and very good expression, with lovely dark eye, excellent reach of neck good all round conformation strong shortish back and strong loin good hind angulation with decent muscle. Moved with drive, but a little wide coming towards me in front, not when standing though, very well presented and handled. Reserve Best bitch.
3 Williams and Toublics Sericum Made in Heaven at Cobhay