BEST OF BREED : CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Su (u) Ch Ir Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love

Dog CC : CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Su (u) Ch Ir Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love
Res Dog CC : TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Night Train
Bitch CC : LAWLER, Mr G & WATSON Ms S Bordacity Honey Ryder
Res Bitch CC : CORBETT Miss S J Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid
Best Puppy : CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Taylor Swift
Best Veteran : MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Best Special Beginner : REYNOLDS Mr R & Mrs J Clentonian Picture Perfect


My first time awarding CC’s in this breed, I really enjoyed my day and the opportunity to go over some quality exhibits, many thanks to you all.
SBD (2) 1 Barnett’s Glenbrows Had To Be, 6 yrs old and presented a good outline when stacked. Pleasing head and expression with good earset, ample bone and good feet. He moved out true but gave his handler a hard time.
2 Thomas’ Tigerrock Super Ted not the maturity of the winner, but pleasing type. Moved true just not using his tail to advantage today.

MPD (4) 1 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Xanti 8 mth b/w with super head and dark eye, clean neck and well laid shoulders. Ample bone and tight feet. Well sprung ribs and strong loin, moved out soundly.
2 Green’s Kennair Diamond Geezer at just 6 months not the substance of winner but liked him for size and type. Moved out well
3 House’s Gleadsbury Gunpowder Plot

PD (2) 1 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Royal Mayfair l/w with masculine head, good eye shape and colour. Well set ears, square in flew. He excels in neck and shoulders with lovely bone and feet. Good depth of chest and well developed body. Stood and moved true BPD
2 Havard’s Trimere Ted Baker With Annavah not as mature but of pleasing type, ample bone and body, moved ok but not as freely as winner.

JD (2,2a)
YD (1,1a)
ND (0)
GD (1,1a)
PGD (1,1a)

LD (4) 1 Topliss Beresford Night Train masculine dog with super head and expression, well set ears, strong neck and well laid shoulders, lovely bone and feet, good depth and ribbing, strong loin, correct rear angulation, moved true fore and aft but thought he was carrying a little extra weight which showed on the move and cost him top honours RCC
2 Happs & Marriott’s Clentonian Soloman’s Seal found this a very honest dog to go over, not the work in head of winner but liked him for size and type. Good bone and feet, ample body, stood and moved true
3 Eyeington’s Meadowdale Storm Trooper

OD (2) 1 Casey & Cavallo’s Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Su(u) Ch Ir Ch Sandicam The Look of Love (imp)Aus CW “18 have seen this dog in action and really appreciated the chance to go over him. He presents a lovely outline when stood, masculine head with good eye shape and colour. Excels in neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib, strong loin and well developed hindquarters. His movement was very sound and true with precise footfall and correct Springer action, he covered the ring effortlessly with style, presented in top condition CC & BOB delighted to see him awarded G3
2 Tracz Melverley Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM smart l/w with pleasing head, well made throughout just preferred the overall balance of winner. Moved soundly fore and aft.

VD (4,2a) 1 Mitchell’s Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester well presented l/w/t super head with good eye shape and colour, stands on good legs and feet, lovely body with firm topline, strong loin and well muscled hindquarters which enabled him to use to full advantage BV
2 Glendinning’s Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle b/w Lovely head with a dark eye and kind expression, good reach of neck, correct front assembly with deep forechest, best of legs and feet, good depth and ribbing, looks a picture stood just not so settled on the move today.

SBB (1) 1 Reynolds Clentonian Picture Perfect, l/w youngster of pleasing type, good bone and feet, ample body for age, moved well BSB

MPB (7,2a) 1 Mitchell & Every’s Peasblossom Xanthe eyecatching b/w, loved her head and dark eye, looked a picture standing and moved out with style for one so young
2 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Encore pleasing type, balanced all through, close up to winner, just not as settled in rear movement
3 Cokell’s Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

PB (3,2a) 1 Corbett’s Trimere Taylor Swift l/w/t with super head, excels in neck and shoulders, ample bone and well bodied, good width behind, moved freely and soundly I’m sure she has a bright future ahead BP

JB (6,1a) 1 Calvert’s Calvdale Stowaway Magic liked her for size & shape, well proportioned head, correct eye shape and colour. Super neck and well placed shoulders. Ample bone and tight feet. Good depth and ribbing, Well angulated hindquarters Moved out with good reach and drive keeping correct topline and tail carriage, one to watch
2 Mitchell’s Peasblossom Whisper, another top drawer exhibit who pushed winner hard, just a bit unsettled on the move
3 Casey & Cavallo’s Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam

YB (0)

NB (1) 1 Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance Good head and kind expression, moderate neck with well laid shoulders, well boned legs and good feet. Ample body and strong loin, good turn of stifle. True mover just carried her tail a shade high.

GB (4,1a) 1 Hancock’s Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight feminine head with good eye shape and colour, balanced throughout with lovely depth and ribbing, good width behind, shown in good coat and condition
2 Weyman’s Spuffing Tanqueray one I have judged before and still like her for overall balance. Moves soundly just felt she lacked the depth and maturity of the winner, her day will come
3 Reynolds Clentonian Picture Perfect

PGB (5,1a) 1 Topliss Beresford Night Class quality girl with best of heads and lovely dark eye, clean neck, well laid shoulders, super bone and feet. Ample body with strong loin and well muscled rear. Move true covering the ground with ease
2 Gibson’s Calvdale Rag Nymph heavier build than winner but still feminine. Stands on good legs and feet, enough angulation fore and aft, moved soundly
3 Graham’s Bordacity Forget Me Not

LB (12,3a) 1 Calvert’s Calvdale Heritage Of Folly JW headed a quality class, lovely head and expression, strong neck with correct lay of shoulder, super bone and feet, good body properties, sound mover, pushed hard for top honours
2 Corbett’s Trimere Ticatboo pleasing type, well balanced throughout, stood and moved true just preferred the head of winner 3 Green’s Kennair I Am I Said

OB (9,2a) 1 Lawler & Watson’s Bordacity Honey Ryder lovely L/W bitch who really appealed for shape and balance. Strong but feminine, loved her head with dark expressive eyes. Correct ear placement, strong yet elegant neck leading into correctly sloping shoulders. Lovely bone with elbows close to body. Good depth of chest with well sprung ribs and strong loin. Moderately angulated behind . Really powered around the ring with that all important swing from the shoulder. Kept a firm topline and correct tail carriage. Well presented and in good muscletone throughout CC
2 Corbett’s Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid one I have admired from the ringside and has so many virtues, ultra feminine, well presented and handled, preferred front movement of winner today RCC
3 Calvert’s Calvdale Hot Pink

VB (1) Reynolds Mompesson Royal Flush lovely outline when standing. Feminine head with soft expression. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Ample ribbing, strong loin and correct rear angulation. Well muscled, moved soundly fore and aft.