Bournemouth 2007 - Judge: Mr J C Palmer

Bitch CC & BOB: Sh Ch Calvdale Claire Blake JW Dog CC : Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny Res Dog CC : Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly JW Res Bitch Sh Ch Trimere Tiramasue Best Puppy : Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie

'I very much appreciated this high quality entry. Minor puppy and puppy classes in both sexes included
some very promising youngsters which can only bode well for our breed, it was also a privilege to
go over so many of our top winning adults. There were a few exhibits that were poor but in the main
I think the breed is in pretty good shape at the moment.'

Minor Puppy Dog - 4 entries 0 abs
1. Savells - Petranella Deal Or No Deal – mature 8 month old, has good all round substance, plenty of body and bone, neat well laid shoulders and tight elbows, good rear angulation and neat hocks, moved well for age. Just hope he grows into himself rather than bigger and then he will be one to watch.
2. House’s - Gleadsbury Whatacracker – finer all round than 1 and needs to obtain a little more of everything, nevertheless he is a very promising puppy of good type
3. Shovel’s - Tiverstone Royal Somerset

Puppy Dog - 4:1abs
1. Allen & Bott’s - Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie – BP – have seen this one on many occasions from the ringside certainly has always moved well but thought he was a bit fine throughout. It only goes to show that time can make such a difference in development. He has a good body with depth in chest and strength in loin. Good shoulder placement and just the right amount of bone for me. Moves freely and soundly on very tight feet. Would like to see a little more fluting and chiseling in his head but this can and hopefully will come with maturity.
2. Gray’s - Trimere Top Score – Another with good overall quality, well balanced, excels in body and bone, liked his overall confirmation and despite his exuberance does move soundly.
3. Gray’s – Trimere Talk It Up

Junior Dog - 6:1 abs
1. Mitchell & Beaton’s - Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom (Imp) – Has a pleasing head and lovely dark eye, nothing out of place standing or on the move. Size, bone, body all in very good proportion and hope in time he will obtain the maturity he needs to complete the picture.
2. Fennel’s - Graftonbury Pheonix – Another good example of the breed, very nice type, good body and ample bone, moved well.
3. Tattersall’s – Alanea Outlander

Novice Dog – 5:0abs
1. Allen & Bott’s - Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie
2. Savells - Petranella Deal Or No Deal
3. House’s - Gleadsbury Whatacracker

Post Graduate Dog - 10:3abs
1. Davies’s - Mompesson Knockando at Sundeala – Has the basic credentials although well up to size and still a bit loose all round. This is also evident on the move but hopefully in time he will come together.
2. Longley’s - Petranella Toastmaster – good size and neatly constructed, good body, good head and eye shape, just lacks a little in masculinity.
3. Taubman’s - Meonstoke Make Me Smile

Limit Dog – 9:2abs
1. Savell’s – Petranella Perfick – Well balanced outline with good angulation. Excells in head and expression, neat arched neck and good shoulder placement, good body and strong loin, very good feet and put his best foot forward today on the move.
2. Jackson’s – Mompesson News Flash – Takes the eye when stood with attractive outline, nice type, good head and eye, has good bone and angluation both front and rear, has not got the body and loin of 1 and is irratic on the move.
3. Walker’s – Graftonbury Navahoe at Dexbenella

Open Dog – 5:0abs - Lovely to go over these three deserving champions
1. Jackson’s – Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny – CC – True showman and still showing with enthusiasm at 7
moving with great scope and drive. Has lovely masculine head and expression, not overdone in any way. Good strong neck and well laid shoulders. Good bone, angluation and width of thigh and hindquarters.
2. Calvert’s – Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly – Res CC – more compact type and excellent in neck and topline. Super body and spring of rib. Plenty of depth in chest under the profuse coat. Strong loin with good width across hindquaters. Moves well on good tight feet.
3. Hales’ – Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams

Minor Puppy Bitch – 6:1abs
1. Savell’s – Petranella Perfickly Delt – like her litter brother she has good substance and is quite mature for 8 months. Promising all round with good outline and angulation. I particularly liked her head and her lovely dark eye. Moved very well for a baby.
2. House’s – Gleadsbury Whataliberty – Another promising puppy, good bone and feet, femine head and moved soundly
3. Geddes’s – Gleadsbury Whatadaydream at Debanza

Puppy Bitch – 8:4abs
1. Walker’s – Dexbenella Drama Queen – very promising, stylish outline, elegant in neck and shoulders with good rib and depth of chest. Straight from the front and rear with good angulation in profile. Good head and expression. Moves soundly but lost her composure in the challenge for best puppy
2. Geddes’s – Gleadsbury Whatadaydream at Debanza – Very pleasant head and good body but lacks a little in bone. Moved soundly enough
3. Warbrick’s – Lyndeberry Misty Lady

Junior Bitch – 8:1abs - very competive class
1. van Beers-Machielson’s – Dexbenella Devil Woman – Just right for a junior, nothing flashy but good overall construction. Femine head, good eye and expression. Particularly good shoulders, body and feet. Moved true and soundly
2. Calvert’s – Calvdale Litigant – Not much wrong with this one either, quality youngster – refining nicely from a very mature looking baby. Good head and kind eye. Strong in body and loin and in excellent coat and condition.
3. Payne’s – Cepen Country Heiress

Novice Bitch – 5:1abs
1. Savell’s – Petranella Perfickly Delt
2. House’s – Gleadsbury Whataliberty
3. Hampshire’s – Cepen Chocolateclair

Post Graduate Bitch – 11:1abs
1. Hales’s – Sheledams Close Encounter – Immaculately presented and in very hard condition. Has good head definition and dark eye. Good rib and strong hindquaters. Straight front and behind with good angulation in profile. Shade long cast. Moves with scope and drive when moved at the correct speed.
2. Shovel’s – Tiverstone Dreammaker – Very femine. Sweet head and lovely dark eye as one would expect on a b/w. Enough neck, good body and strong loin. Ideal bone, good feet and moved soundly.
3. Payne’s – Cepen Country Girl

Limit Bitch – 9:0abs
1. Corbett’s – Trimere True Sensation – Very elegant bitch with plenty of quality. Well balanced and super in outline. Lovely neck set into good shoulders. Good rib, loin and hindquarters. Good angulation, bone and very good feet. Moved very freely and with great style which gave her the close decision.
2. Eyeington’s – Calvdale Testimony of Meadowdale – Not much wrong with this one, good overall conformation – more compact type than 1. Delightful head and eye. Good body, well developed forechest but still maintains good front and neat elbow placement. Moved soundly.
3. Jackson’s – Mompesson Rich Pickings

Open Bitch – 9:3abs This was a stunning class with 5 champion bitches present – I thought I had gone to ‘heaven’.
1. Calvert’s – Sh Ch Calvdale Claire Blake – CC & BOB – Just kept taking the eye – in superb coat and condition. Totally femine with elegant and balanced outline. Delightful head with good fluting and chisling under kind dark eyes. Good body with depth and forechest. Her elegant neck just flows into her well laid shoulders. Good in loin and hind angulation. Moved very well today.
2. Sweeting’s – Sh Ch Trimere Tiramasue – Res CC - In excellent coat, condition and beautifully presented. A little more ‘butch’ in type than 1 but a quality bitch in her prime. Moved soundly with drive and enthusiasm
3. Walker’s – Sh Ch Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella