Bournemouth Judge: Sue King


BCC & BOB Roandew Farr Frommit JW RBCC Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW DCC Mompesson Newsflash RDCC Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW BP Trimere Thriller

I would like to thank everyone for a lovely entry. I was pleased to see some lovely heads, with the characteristic chiselling and fluting, but disappointed to see many light eyes. I also thought the quality of the bitches better than the dogs, which seem to be loosing substance.

Class 1818 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8051 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Thriller
A beautifully put together puppy, another potentially high-flyer from this kennel and one to watch in the future. One of the best heads I have seen for a long time well constructed shoulders, good balanced body and hindquarters. Well presented and moved
soundly. B.P.

Class 1819 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8044 COLE Mr A J & Mrs L M Greygoose Travelin Light
Good size, with pleasing head to well laid shoulders, plentyof substance for his age, good angulation, and moved nicely.

Class 1820 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8055 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale
Lovely head, good shoulders, body, good rear angulation, moved well
2nd: 8099 TOPLISS Mrs T E Riancas In the Black at Beresford
Another lovely dog, in good condition, nice shoulders, moved well, not much between these two dogs, just preferred the head of 1.

Class 1821 ND (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8055 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale
2nd: 8099 TOPLISS Mrs T E Riancas In the Black at Beresford

Class 1822 PGD (12 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8113 WRIGHT Miss B M Kingsheath Batista
Batista b/w good head, nice dark eyes, nice conformation, in good condition, moved soundly
2nd: 8097 TAUBMAN Mrs K C Meonstoke Make Me Smile
Smile l/w nice shaped head, leading to well laid shoulders, good topline and substance, moved well
3rd: 8060 GRAY Mr & Mrs N W Trimere Talk It Up
Res: 8077 LONGLEY Miss J Petranella Toast Master
VHC: 8090 READ Mrs M Brailea Better Believe It

Class 1823 LD (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8067 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Mompesson News Flash
Certainly did not disappoint when going over this lovely dog. Nice head, good shoulders, topline and rear angulation, shown in great condition and moved around the ring as if he owned it, well deserved his C.C
2nd: 8082 MITCHELL, Mr D & BEATON Ms J Barecho Hold Your Horses At Peasblossom JW
Another very nice dog, but just preferred the head of 1 today. Well laid shoulders, body & angulation, nice dark liver coat in good condition, and moved well.
3rd: 8037 ALLEN, Mr A & BOTT Mr R Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
Res: 8054 DAVIES Mrs B Mompesson Knockando at Sundeala
VHC: 8085 OZANNE Mrs L K Trimere True Style at Lyntonridge

Class 1824 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8092 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Perfick JW Sh.CM
Last judged this dog when he was in Junior, and pleased to see him looking great today. Very pleasing head, nicely laid shoulders, nice rear angulation, giving him plenty of drive when moving.
2nd: 8064 HALES Mr D & Mrs S Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places With Sheledams
Georgeous head, great conformation, in lovely condition, moving well, but just pipped to the post by 1 on movement today
3rd: 8068 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny
Res: 8087 PALMER Mr J C Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW Sh.CM
VHC: 8066 HUGHES Mrs L Feorlig Xtremely Flammable Sh.CM

Class 1825 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8052 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Thrills And Frills
a very promising puppy, nice size, lovely head, did'nt realize till B.P. that she was litter sister to 1st in M.P.D. Good conformation, moved well
2nd: 8083 MITCHELL, Mr D & BEATON Ms J Peasblossom Caress
nice head, well made, moved nicely, another one to watch, showing great promise.
3rd: 8040 BARSLEY Mrs J M Peasblossom Charm

Class 1826 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8093 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Just Perfick
lovely feminine head, well constructed shoulders, good bone, body and hindquarters, moved well, shows promise
2nd: 8050 CORBETT Mrs A E Timely Return To Trimere
another sweet puppy, nice head, well conformed overall, just preferred the size of 1. I am sure these two puppies will be swapping places quite regularly
3rd: 8043 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Careless Wispa
Res: 8086 OZANNE Mrs L K Lyntonridge Legal Tender

Class 1827 JB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8112 WILSON Mr P S & Mrs M A Meadowdale Venus At Cassapple
B/W with very pretty head and lovely expression, nicely constructed, correct topline, well presented, moved well
2nd: 8056 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Meadowdale Aurora
litter sister to 1. and both sired by a dog I always admired. Well laid shoulders, nice body, moved nicely, just lost out to her sister, who had the edge on maturity today.
3rd: 8114 WRIGHT Miss B M Burnbake Jazz Dancer At Kingsheath
Res: 8106 WILLIAMS, Mrs J & TOUBLIC Mrs D Cobhay Precious Polyantha
VHC: 8098 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford

Class 1828 NB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8093 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Just Perfick
2nd: 8112 WILSON Mr P S & Mrs M A Meadowdale Venus At Cassapple
3rd: 8056 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Meadowdale Aurora
Res: 8039 BARSLEY Mrs J M Shipden Zarathusa
VHC: 8104 WARBRICK Mr J F & Mrs J A Lyndberry Misty Lady

Class 1829 PGB (13 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 8095 SAVELL Ms C Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW
Another lovely bitch from this kennel, Pretty head, good reach of neck leading to perfick shoulders, nice topline, moved beautifully, in great condition, will do well I'm sure. R.C.C
2nd: 8042 COKELL Mrs H Trimere Tabatha To Carlyquinn
lovely feminine head, good overall conformation, good bone, moved well
3rd: 8061 GUEST Mr & Mrs M Robil Greta Garbo
Res: 8100 TOPLISS Mrs T E Trimere Talk of the North
VHC: 8078 MCCOURT Mr K & Mrs L Calvdale The Jury's Out With Woodspa

Class 1830 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8088 PALMER Mr J C Roandew Farr Frommit JW
well she was certainly not far frommit from me today! but well on the mark, fulfilling all my criteria. Such a beautiful bitch, well made in every way and looking in top condition. Lovely classic feminine head, great conformation, perfect size, movement, and generally good alround well deserved her B.C.C. & B.O.B
2nd: 8053 CORBETT Miss S J Trimere Tigra
Another lovely bitch, close up to 1. looking good with pretty feminine head, good shoulders, topline, and rear angulation, moved really well
3rd: 8069 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Mompesson Rich Chic
Res: 8065 HALES Mr D & Mrs S Sheledams Close Encounter JW
VHC: 8084 NAYLOR Mrs A Beecraigs Beguiled By Bridies

Class 1831 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8089 PALMER Mr J C Roandew Daisy Dunnit JW
quality bitch from all angles, nice head good reach of neck, nice topline, good strong quarters, in lovely coat and well presented
2nd: 8070 JACKSON Mr & Mrs Sh Ch Mompesson Secret Whispers
another good bitch from these kennels. With lovely well chiselled head and kind expression, good conformation all round, moved well, close up to
3rd: 8048 CORBETT Mrs A E Sh Ch Trimere True Sensation
Res: 8063 HALES Mr D & Mrs S Sheledams Brief Encounter
VHC: 8046 COOK Mr D H & Mrs H M Kingsheath Jazz of Burnbake