1902 – 2002

By the end of the 1940’s a young stud dog called Boxer of Bramhope was having an

outstanding influence on the breed and many cite him as the greatest springer of all time.  

The Bramhope kennel, owned by Mrs Mary Scott, produced many winners but it could be

said that the main influence was through the sons of Boxer.   These were Champions

Clintonhouse George; Peter of Lorfell; Studley Major and Alexander of Stubham.  Having

said this, Boxer is directly responsible on both sire and dam’s side, for Show Champion

Hawkhill Connaught and Champion Mompesson Remember Me.  Mrs Scott saw the need

 for an outcross and imported two dogs from America – Am Ch Melilotus Shooting Star and

Dr. Primrose but they did not prove to be popular stud dogs in this country.


The early 50’s continued successfully for the above mentioned kennels but  others began to                                                  appear, most notably that of Mr Ernest Froggatt (Moorcliff).  Alexander of Stubham (son of                                                                   Boxer) won his first CC in 1951 and became a   leading stud dog.  Many more notable                                                                          

                                                           breeders came onto the scene at this  time including

                                                           Mr Sandy Davis (Colmaris); Mrs M. Smithson (Studley);

                                                           Mrs F.  Sherwood (Woodbay); Mrs Ellen Dobson

                                                           (Teesview) and Mrs Judith Hancock   with the famous

                                                           Hawkhill kennels.  Here we reach the era in the late 60’s

                                                           and  70’s of the great Sh Ch Hawkhill Connaught and a

                                                           time when a significant  number of readers can remember

                                                           or if they can’t remember, many will trace  their own dogs

                                                          back to Connaught.   The Breed Record holder for so

                                                          many years, he was only surpassed in recent years by

                                                          Ch Mompesson Remember Me.


                                                                           Hawkhill Connaught was born on 11 July 1969 and was byCh Moorcliff Dougal                                                                                                        

                                                                           of Trulindale x Sh Ch Slayleigh Paulina, both big winners in their time.  Con won                                                                                                        

                                                                           his first CC at the tender age of 13 months.  He proceeded to carve a name                                                                                                              

                                                                           for himself by winning 14 more, 13 with BOB out of the 25 sets of CC’s on offer                                                                                              

                                                                           in1971.  He also won the Group on 3 occasions (Paigton, Cardiff and Southern                                                                                        

                                                                           Counties) with 2 reserve groups at Leicester and Richmond.  


                                                                           1972 saw him gain a further 14CC’s all with BOB including Crufts.  There were                                                                                      

                                                                            25 sets of CC’s on offer that year.  Con also won 7 BIS at General Champ                                                                                                          

                                                                            Shows, the Gundog Group at Leicester, Reserve Group at Birmingham National                                                                                    

                                                                            and Southern Counties.  Not surprisingly he became Dog of the Year all breeds.


In 1973 Con won a further 13 CC’s all with BOB and as his owner, Jimmy Cudworth judged Crufts that year, Con couldn’t go.  However, he won BIS at Bath, Chester, Darlington and National Gundog with Group wins at Birmingham National and Reserves at Windsor, Paignton, Bournemouth and Belfast and once again he was Dog of the Year all breeds.

Con went to Crufts in 1974 and won the group. He also picked up another CC at Leeds.  By now Con was running out of judges to go under (as Jimmy and Judith had made the decision not to show Con under the same judges at breed level) and therefore was only lightly shown.  Whilst this decision was respected, it probably denied Con the opportunity to continue winning in both group and BIS rings.


Show Champion Hawkhill Connaught left his mark in the ring where his record of 7

B.I.S. wins at general Championship shows along with 17 Gundog Groups is a record

which remains unbeaten.  He will also be remembered as a great sire.  Consired 25

Champions, a record which still stands today.  These 25 and five other CC winners won

154 Challenge Certificates between them.


A grandson of Con, Sh Ch Graftonbury Genghis Khan was a top winner and popular

stud dog in the 1970/80’s. He won a total of 25CCs, 4 of which were at Crufts. He

won 1 RBIS at a General Championship show and 3 Groups. In 1985 he won the

Group at Crufts.


Seventeen years later, the bitch who eventually took Con’s record from him was born.  Mompesson Remember Me by Sh.Ch Hawkhill Starsky x Mompesson Country Girl was born on 13 November 1986.  In 1988 Jill won her first CC at the age of 19 months from the Novice class at Border Union.  Jill made 1989 a year to remember by winning 17 CC’s, 14 with BOB out of                                                                           the 38 on offer that year.  She also won the Group at Windsor and the Reserve Group at                                                                       both WELKS and Gundog Society of Wales.  Jill finished Top Gundog that year.                          

Jill had another good year in 1990 winning another CC’s, 6 with BOB.  She was then                                                                          withdrawn from the show ring towards the end of the year for her impending litter to                                                                              kennel mate Sh Ch Mompesson Dream Chaser.  Seven puppies resulted from this                                                                              mating and on her return to the ring in 1991, Jill picked up another 5 CC’s, 4 with BOB.                                                                        She also went BIS at the English Springer Spaniel Club.


1992 saw Jill take another 9CC’s, 6 of which were accompanied by BOB.  This year saw

Jill win her 36th CC at SKC so becoming the bitch CC Record Holder.  In 1993 Jill took

some time out to have her second litter of 8 puppies, one of which went to Mrs Ann Corbett

and gained her title – Sh Ch Mompesson Memory Lane.  Memory Lane in turn produced

another top winner in Sh Ch Trimere Time to Remember from Mompesson. Jill won another 5CC’s that year, 4 with BOB.  Another momentous occasion took place for Jill this year when she gained her working certificate and became a full Champion at the age of seven.


1994 and now a veteran, Jill went on to win 8 more CC’s, 7 with BOB.  Jill then broke the CC record held until then by Connaught, by winning her 51st CC at the East of England.  Jill’s last litter was born on 30th December that year and she had 9 lovely puppies.  After maternal duties kept her out of the ring in early 1995, Jill came back and won another 2CC’s both with BOB.


Jill by now had won a total of 55 CC’s and had earned herself a place in the record books and consequently retired to the armchair, where she remained an adored pet by Frances until she sadly died in 2000.



Continued..... 1950-2000

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