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Photo by David Tomlinson

On the plus side, springers usually make wonderful, loyal and loving pets. Their size makes them suitable for most home environments where they will want to spend as much time as possible with their owners. Their zest for life make them ideal and enthusiastic family dogs. They are an intelligent breed that can be trained to take part in a number of different activities.

Once you have finally decided that you want to give a home to an English Springer puppy, you will need to find a suitable breeder. Do not buy a puppy from a pet shop where you are unable to see the mother, or meet the breeder. Beware of puppy farms, or dealers advertising a number of available puppies of different breeds. Puppy farms are places where puppies are bred purely for profit, with no consideration given to the welfare and health of the animals.

DO look for a reputable breeder. Visit dog shows and speak to breeders, visit the Kennel Club website for details of English Springer breeders or alternatively, use the regularly-updated information on our Puppy Register. The puppies advertised on our website are bred by members of the Southern English Springer Spaniel Society and all members are encouraged and indeed, expected to follow a strict Code of Ethics for breeding.

A reputable breeder will register their puppies with the Kennel Club and provide registration documents at the time of sale. They will make use of any health testing schemes and be willing to show you copies of the certificates. A good breeder will offer you written advice covering feeding, worming, immunisation and socialisation.