SH CH Carlyquinn Can't Wait 1 1 Manchester
Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos 2 3 Manchester (r) SESSS Birm Nat (r) Blackpool ESSC of Scot (r)
Trimere Total Eclipse Over Sarabande 1 Manchester
SH CHTrimere Ticket Maid 5 2 2 GP3 Manchester (r) S Counties Border Union Leeds (r) Bournemouth City of Birmingham Darlington
Sh Ch Trimere Teresa Green 1 1 1 SESSS Crufts (R)
Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester 3 1 3 SESSS (r) Birm Nat Richmond SWKA
Mompesson Words 1 SESSS (r)
Sh Ch Dexbenella Its About Time 1 1 Crufts
Trimere Ta Da 3 Crufts SKC May SWKA
Sh Ch Melverly Bouna Notta 4 1 2 G2 Crufts (r) ESSC of Scot L&C WELKS City of Birmingham
Ch Melverly Islay Inspired 1 ESSC of Scot
Jorobaden Teal of Syferspring 1 ESSC of Scot (r)
Sh Ch Mompesson Legacy 4 2 3 L&C WELKS Blackpool NESSS National Gundog (r)
Hunterheck Under A Spell 3 L&C (R) ESSC of Wales (r) GSOW(R)
Kingsheath William Regal 3 L&C (R) East of England (r) Richmond
Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere 1 1 ESSC
Lordsett Uptown Girl With Beresford 3 ESSC (r) NESSS (r) Bournemouth (r)
Mompesson Devonshire 1 2 ESSC Blackpool (r) Leeds (r)
Melverly Top Geezer 1 2 1 ESSC (r) SWKA (r) GSOW
Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester 2 1 1 WELKS (R) National Gundog Darlington
Crackerjanne Call Me Maybe 1 WELKS (R)
Sh Ch Roqfolly Miss Money Penny 1 1 Birm Nat Border Union (r)
Sh Ch Calvdale Duty Calls 1 2 Birm Nat (r) ESSC of Wales Richmond (r)
Sh Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love 3 3 3 G3 SKC May S Counties (r) Border Union WKC City of Birmingham (r) Belfast (r)
Art-wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie 4 3 4 G2 SKC May (r) S Counties G2 Boston Leeds ESSC of Wales WKC (r) SKC Aug)
It Ch Croat Ch Trimere Tough Cookie 1 SKC May (r)
Bordacity Fatima Blush 1 S Counties (r)
Cherishym Chara 1 2 Blackpool (r) SKC (Aug) Darlington (r)
NLch Trimere Total Mayhem 1 2 Border Union (r) NESSS National Gundog (r)
Bethryn Devil Moon 1 1 1 NESSS (r) Bournemouth
Plaiglen Beaters Btrue 1 ESSC of Wales
Riselawroad No Deal 1 Bournemouth (r)
Trimere Time Trial with Sandibeck 1 1 East of England
Loxbourne Disco Diva with Kingsheath 2 1 East of England City of Birmingham (r) GSOW
Plaiglen Bstylish 1 Darlington (r)
Dexbenella Derethea JW 1 1 East of England (r) Richmond
Calvdale Hot Pink 1 Leeds
Kennair Like A Diamond 1 National Gundog
Trimere Ticatboo 1 WKC (r)
Calvdale Night Court 1 SKC (Aug) (r)
Calvdale Heritage of Folly 1 SKC (Aug) (r)
Calvdale Great Escape 1 Belfast
SH CH Donarden Madame Butterfly 1 1 Belfast
SH CH Calvdale Diamond Heist 1 Belfast (r)
Trimeer Total Obsession with Trixhund 1 SWKA (r)
Beresford Black Tie 1 GSOW (r)