This was a most enjoyable appointment, efficient stewards and ideal weather. Virtually all exhibits were very well presented and I was impressed with the overall quality. The only real concern I have is the shortage of puppies that are coming into the showring at the moment, hopefully this is just a blip, but if not, it does not bode well for the future. I did not find any incorrect mouths and movement was generally pretty good.

Class 1844 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5652 TRACZ Miss J J Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate Sh.CM
Looking and showing well at 7 years. Pleasing head and dark eye. Good construction through neck into well placed shoulders. Has depth of chest and spring of rib. Adequate bone with good angulation through hindquarters.


Class 1846 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5609 COX Mrs R E & Mr N S Petranella Jerseyboy At Tiroen
Just a week short of 12 months, not quite sure what to make of him at this stage, hopefully time will benefit his development. A little strong over skull for me. Good rib, with depth of chest and strong across loins. Nice bone and feet. Moved true and steady.

Class 1847 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5602 CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Costa JW
Very promising and liked him a lot. Well balanced outline, showing nice arc of neck and good lay of shoulders. Good rib with depth, elbows neatly situated into body. Shows very good angulation both fore and aft with ample bone and tight feet. Lovely male head, with width and dept of muzzle. Moves ok, just needs time to mature.
2nd: 5601 BULLOCK Mr J E Trixhund Talking Obsession
Lively young man. Has not got the width and depth of muzzle I like to see, otherwise he is of sound construction with good body and adequate bone. Needs to settle when moving.

Class 1848 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5616 ELLIOTT Mr J W & Mrs B O Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonabar
Has a balanced outline. Good depth through the rib, however, the excessive length of coat on the forechest gives the opposite impression. Very pleasing masculine head with nice chiselling and good muzzle. Neat shoulder construction and nice hind angulation. Needs time to mature. Moves sound and steady.
2nd: 5599 BROUGH, Ms C & WALKER Mr P Riselawroad No Deal
Good, sound, honest dog. Pleasing in head with very good eye shape. Well placed shoulders, neat elbow location, good rib and strong loin. Moved well.
3rd: 5640 SAVELL Ms C P Trimere Tom Cruise With Petranella
Res: 5629 MCGOVERN Mrs F Baxbalach Rumour Has It
VHC: 5626 LILLIE Mr & Mrs J M Eastriding Cavalli at Freeway

Class 1849 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5604 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Can't Wait JW Sh.CM
Quality dog with pleasing head, good reach of neck going into well laid shoulders. Mature body with depth, spring of rib, strong loin and powerful hindquarters. Well boned and angulated. Moved soundly.
2nd: 5649 TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Special Delivery
Mature dog of compact type. His bone, shoulders and tight feet are to be admired. Would just like to see a little more reach of neck and height at the withers. Moved out well.
3rd: 5658 WILDSMITH Mrs M & Mr S Trimere Time Trail With Sandiebeck Sh.CM
Res: 5653 TRACZ Miss J J Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate JW Sh.CM
VHC: 5625 LARGE Miss S D Meadowdale Riot Is Madaza

Class 1850 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5647 SMITH Mr R J Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte
Still a tender 22 months, but has a mature presence and oozes quality throughout. Lovely size and so well balanced. Classic springer head showing correct fluting, chiselling and proportions. Pleasing almond eye shape. Lovely reach of neck flowing into superb shoulders which in turn are set into a body with plenty of depth and well sprung ribs. Good forechest and neatly set elbows. Hindquarters are powerful, well angulated and sit on neat hocks. Great for bone with lovely tight feet, true and sound on the move. CC & BOB.
2nd: 5632 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
LWT. I had the pleasure of judging him at my previous appointment and he has matured into a grand dog of lovely size and proportions, presented to perfection. Excellent construction throughout, elegant neck flowing into good shoulders, strong in body and loin. Very good bone and feet. He has a very kind expression, I just preferred the head profile of the winner. Moved soundly with plenty of drive. RCC.
3rd: 5618 GLENDINNING Ms F Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

Class 1851 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5619 GLENDINNING Ms F Sh Ch Roqfolly Elle's Belle
Totally feminine with delightful head and beautiful expression. Still holds her topline when stacked and on the move. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, neat elbows, good hind angulation. Nice bone and feet. Best Veteran.
2nd: 5644 SCORGIE Dr B Berkenbar Arriana at Ardtalla
Not so refined as the winner but very sound and good on the move. Good rib and depth. Lovely bone and liked her head.
3rd: 5637 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Bright Star JW

Class 1852 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5662 WILSON Mrs A & Mr M E Dexbenella Secret Dream At Denandmeg
Bit of a 'Plain Jane' at a distance, but I found a lot to like on going over her. Pleasant head, good neck and shoulders, tight in elbow with good forechest and spring of rib. Adequate bone. Moved happy and carefree, nonetheless soundly.

Class 1853 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5641 SAVELL Ms C P Petranella Vanilla Sky
Quality puppy, almost 12 months. Very feminine head of good proportions. Elegant neck, good shoulder angulation with forechest. Well bodied, with depth. Good hindquarters and lovely tight feet. Moves well. Best Puppy.
2nd: 5614 DRINKALL Mr P W & Mrs K A Calvdale Maleficent Of Esscroft
Compact type, good substance and overall quality, just a little overweight however. Sound construction throughout with good bone. Pleasant head expression. Moves well
3rd: 5624 HOLT, Ms K & HOLT Miss B Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel At Bethryn NAF TAF
Res: 5627 MACLEAY Mrs H & Mr S Tiamant Always Happy Girl For Gordius At Potrail (

Class 1854 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5634 MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D & PAYNE Mr K Peasblossom Ophelia
Classy bitch, makes a lovely picture with sleek, elegant profile. Nice head and eye with good depth through muzzle, yet feminine. Beautiful neck, shoulders, nice forechest and spring of rib, neat elbows. Sound topline and loin with lovely hind angulation and very neat hocks. Lovely feet and moves with drive.
2nd: 5605 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Mama Mia
Just a shade long cast for me, but carries a lovely head of classic breed type with chiselling, correct eye shape and feminine proportions. Neck, shoulders, width of thigh and hind angulation are very acceptable. Good bone and feet
3rd: 5648 STOKES Mr C R Arrowbien Story Time At Twizeltree
Res: 5655 WATSON Ms S Bordacity Honey Ryder
VHC: 5635 RAMSHAW Mr & Mrs G G & J Calvdale Classic Blend

Class 1855 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 5608 HILL Mrs A Trimere Ta Dah
Very pleasing head, nice expression, good eye shape and colour, classic outline with elegant neck flowing into good topline, occasionally sloping off when stacked but no problem when moving. Good tail set and width of thigh. Has good forechest and rib with depth. Well boned with nice feet. Very pleasant picture on the move
2nd: 5605 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Mama Mia
3rd: 5656 WATSON Ms S Roqfolly Bellissima Via Bordacity
Res: 5659 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Melverly What Style
VHC: 5630 MCGOVERN Mrs F Baxbalach Here's Trouble

Class 1856 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5650 TOPLISS Mrs T E Calvdale Duty Calls
Quality black and white bitch, up to size but acceptable. She has a lovely head with super dark eye giving an expression to die for. Good neck, shoulders, has substance throughout body and loin without compromising her femininity. Good bone and super feet. Moved well.
2nd: 5606 CORBETT Miss S J Trimere Teresa Green
LWT. Very nice type, neat and compact. Balanced outline supported with good bone and tight feet. Well laid shoulders and elbows, showing good angulation through shoulders and hindquarters. Has decent spring of rib with depth. Solid topline and tailset. Liked the width and depth of muzzle, but just a little strong across her skull. Moved steady and true
3rd: 5642 SAVELL Ms C P Petranella Gossip Girl JW
Res: 5645 SCORGIE Dr B Berkenbar Cassandra at Ardtalla
VHC: 5621 HIPGRAVE Mrs L Ternspringer Hamone

Class 1857 OB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5646 SCOTT Mrs D Sh Ch Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon
I just loved her traditional Springer type with conformation that ticked all the boxes. Classic springer head, well proportioned, well chiselled and with fluting between the eyes. Nice broad muzzle with deep flews. Flows through neck into correct shoulders and firm topline. Plenty of forechest with depth, well sprung rib cage and good loin. Hindquarters are well angulated with neat hocks. Certainly one of the best movers on the day, sound, steady and stylish. CC.
2nd: 5633 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Sh Ch Peasblossom Moonstruck
Pleasure to go over. Beautiful head with dark eye and melting expression that often comes on a very good black and white. Would like a little less reach of neck, to be picky. However, this is a lovely bitch from head to tail. She possesses good forechest, excellent shoulders, well developed body and loin, has depth of chest, neat elbow placement, lovely bone and feet. RCC
3rd: 5612 CUNLIFFE Mr G & Mrs J Sh Ch Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW Sh.C
Res: 5607 CORBETT Miss S J It Ch Croat Ch Trimere Tough Cookie
VHC: 5651 TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Don't Tempt Me JW