Darlington 19




BEST OF BREED :  MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Dog CC :  MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

Res Dog CC :  CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Su (u) Ch Ir Ch Sandicam The

Bitch CC :  HANCOCK Mrs L Meadowdale Jedi of Hanknight

Res Bitch CC :  CALVERT Mr & Mrs M & N Calvdale Hot Pink Jw

Best Puppy :  SMITH Mr R J Melverly Lil Dancer

Best Veteran :  MITCHELL, Mr & Mrs D J & PAYNE Mr K Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester


Judge: Mrs T Topliss


Many thanks to Darlington committee for my invitation to judge and to my steward Mr Anthony Niven. Special thanks to those who sort my opinion on our lovely breed. In the numerically high classes some quality springers went card less which was such a pity.


Veteran Dog  – (3 entries) 1: Abs

1st :  Mitchell Mr & Mrs D J & Payne Mr K - Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

The bar was set in the very first class and my oh my , was it set high. This dog never stopped showing from the moment he stepped into the breed ring in the morning until I was lucky enough to watch him win both the Gundog and Veteran Group in the late afternoon. He commanded my attention from the start with his stunning outline on the stack. It all flows from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. His head is balanced and masculine with a kind and gentle expression. His correctly shaped dark eyes entice you as you look at him. He looks back at you honestly and you fall hook, line and sinker. He has just the right amount of substance and his coat and condition overall was excellent. His supremacy on the stack was more than matched on the move. Sound and powerful, he moves beautifully with attitude, daring you to look anywhere but in his direction. Dog CC and BOB

2nd Clarke, Mrs C L & Varey Mrs J M – Beaters Baron JW Sh.CM VW

Smart liver boy who was unlucky to be up against the class winner today. Lovely old fashioned type who carries himself well. Pleasing, typical, balanced head and looks back at you through kind dark eyes. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Deep in body. Moderate angulation. Super well -muscled quarters propelled him around the ring whilst keeping a good top line on the move. In profile, another who shows himself to his advantage.


Minor Puppy Dog – (1 entry) 0: Abs

1st: Willey Mr K E & Mrs W J – Speeton Sea Captain

Rather raw and naughty at this stage. Didn’t really want to cooperate today but time is on his side to learn his trade. He has a pleasing, masculine, outline and as he matures, now needs to fill the frame. Decent bone and straight front limbs. Good length of leg, sufficient width to quarters so when he gets his act together his movement will improve no end. Moved in a typically baby way today.


Puppy Dog – (1 entry) 0: Abs

1st: Ison, Miss A E & McDonald Mr I – Kennair Cullinan Diamond

Pleasing, smart black and white boy who at ten and a half months shows promise. His head is balanced with good depth of muzzle. He has a lovely dark eye with correct shape giving a kindly expression. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Nice tight feet. Good top line leading to a tail which is well set on. Thought he was quite hard to assess on the stack as he played his handler up a bit. Just what I like to see in a baby. My notes read “hard to handle”. Nothing wrong with a bit of character. He was much easier to assess on the move where he was more settled and carried himself on a good, free and easy stride. Best Puppy Dog


Junior Dog – ( 3 entries) 1:Abs

1st Jenkinson Mrs K – Eastriding Royal Mayfair

Smart boy, developing on the right lines. His head is masculine, perhaps a touch deep in stop and flew. Nicely shaped eyes, which are darkening nicely. On the stack, this youngster presents a lovely balanced picture. He holds himself well. Good compact solid body with great rib and depth. Decent bone, super coat and presentation. Lovely width to thighs and bum. He comes into his own on the move where he showed strength and style. One to watch.

2nd: Havard Mrs & Miss P & L – Trimere Ted Baker with Annavah

Striking tri who is not as together as class winner at the moment. No doubt they will change places on different occasions. Upstanding boy with a masculine head. His eyes need to darken to help his expression but just a baby so plenty of time for that to happen. He appeals for his length of neck and level top line. Decent length of leg gave him a super ground covering stride. Needs to grow into his himself and fill his frame which is what is to be expected of a youngster at this stage of development.


Post Graduate Dog – (5 entries) 0 : Abs

1st Ternent Mr G R & Mrs A – Hunterheck Turn Back Time

Lots to like about this very appealing black and white boy. Looks well on the stack, he is not overdone in any way and reminds me of dogs I used to see in the ring many years ago.  Bit of a “chunky monkey”.  Loved his well-proportioned balanced head and his soft kind expression, tugs on the heart strings. Has a strong neck, running into a compact strong body. Depth to brisket and plenty of forechest. Super bone and feet. Loved the width in his well-developed thighs and has a decent turn of stifle which I thought lacking in a few exhibits today. Covered the ground well in the class but sadly a  little wayward on the move in the challenge.  I would love to see him take his title.

2nd Glendinning Ms F – Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish

Jekell  & Hyde springs to mind when assessing this boy. A super boy presenting a lovely balanced picture when he decided to get to his feet! Lovely type and like the class winner, reminiscent of dogs in the past. Clean outline, very typical. Nothing exaggerated about him, perhaps a touch more elegance than the winner. Another in great coat and condition. A tad stronger in head than the dog placed above him but again a super kind expression. When he got into his stride, he has a good side gait and carried himself well.

3rd Jenkinson Mrs K – Eastriding Declaration


Limit Dog – (3 entries) 0: Abs

1st Mr & Mrs S & J Eyeington  - Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Loved him, smart as paint. Quality male who presents an impressive picture from any angle. Has a masculine head with correct depth of flew and width to muzzle. His eyes are dark and his expression is soft and kind. He has a strong neck which flows into well angulated shoulders. Plenty of bone without coarseness. Loved his deep chest, and strong well ribbed middle piece. Firm level top line and strength over the loin. Grand width to his quarters and carried his tail so well to demonstrate his happy temperament. Presented to perfection in a shiny black jacket. Strong contender in the challenge.

2nd  Happs Mrs A C & Marriott Miss E – Clentonian Solomons Seal.

Lots to like about this masculine dog with super bone and decent feet. Strongly made all through.  Pleasing outline just out of a slightly bigger mould than some. Masculine head with strength in muzzle and gentle expression. Super strong neck. Well ribbed and deep in body. Strong over the loin. Great width to rear quarters. Sound and confident on the move. Unlucky to be up against the class winner.

3rd Taubman Mrs K  - Meonstoke Hawthorn


Open Dog (5 entries) 1: Abs

1st Casey Me E & Cavallo Me C – Aust Supreme Ch Sh Ch Su (u) Ch Ir Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love (Imp) Aus

The ultimate showman. Loved the ring presence of this boy. He must be a joy to show as he never faltered in his performance. Fills the eye on the stack with his super smart outline. Although I would prefer a little less stop and depth of flew he looks at you in a kind, enquiring way. He has a super strong neck and lovely body proportions. Very impressive depth of chest, grand ribbing and super strong short loin. Moves with purpose carrying himself proudly around the ring with a topline you could eat your dinner on.  Immaculate presentation Reserve CC

2nd Bott Mr R P & Savell Mrs C Sh Ch Art-wave’s Standing Ovation For Allenie (Imp

A different type to 1 but also so much to like about this dog. I have seen this boy on so many occasions and have seen him on fire in the ring. Today he didn’t seem on top form and he lacked the sparkle I was looking for. That said he has so many virtues. He impresses for type and style. He has a lovely outline. There is nothing overdone about him and he is smart and balanced. His elbows are tucked close to his chest, he is nicely ribbed and he has a super turn of stifle. Such a pity that he didn’t put in the performance today that he is capable of.

3rd Holt Ms K & Miss B Ir Ch Bethryn Devil Moon JW Ir J Ch


Veteran Bitch (4 entries ) 1: Abs

1st Scott Mrs D – Sh Ch Melverly Islay Inspired At Lossiedoon

Such a beauty. Gorgeous girl who I loved. What isn’t there to like about her super breed type and style? Loved her outline, pulls into a great shape on the stack. She stands on lovely bone and feet. Fell for her melting expression, such a kind way of looking at you. Lovely depth of brisket and really impressive quarters. Found her really pleasing on the move, best mover from the bitch classes. Super front extension and drive from behind. She was in contention for top honours, just not wearing her Sunday best today which became a deciding factor. Could have taken her home, wish she was mine.

2nd Willey Mr K E & Mrs W J – Melverly What Style

Not as glamorous as the first placed girl but a sound honest bitch with a kind expression. Nothing exaggerated about her, very much what you see is what you get. Compact smaller package than the winner. Sound movement, loved the way she wagged her tail all the time.

3rd  Reynolds Mr R & Mrs J – Mompesson Royal Flush


Minor Puppy Bitch (1 Entry) 0 : Abs

Willey Mr K E & Mrs W J – Speeton Sea Grace

Litter sister to Minor Puppy dog and at about the same stage of development. My notes again say “raw” and “needs to fill frame”. Really just what you would expect of minor puppies. She has decent bone and enough width to her thighs. Really needs time now to develop.


Puppy Bitch (4 entries) 1: Abs

Three lovely youngsters who will change places often. Today movement was the deciding factor.

1st Smith Mr R J – Melverly Lil Dancer.

Lovely pup. Amazing substance on this youngster. Demonstrates super breed type. Pulls into a great shape on the stack. Impressive bone and neat feet. Liked her head and was impressed by her eye colour which helps to give her a kind expression. She has a strong neck and lovely front assembly. Great ribs and depth. Strongly made through the middle and equally pleasing strongly made quarters. Certainly one to watch. BPIB

2nd Eyeington Mrs J - Meadowdale Rita Ora

Despite carrying a touch too much weight, this baby stepped out nicely to earn her place today. She pleases in head with a good eye and expression. Clean neck flows into nicely placed shoulder. Strong well developing body with decent spring of rib. Plenty of depth for her age. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Good topline both standing and on the move.

3rd Cokell Mrs H – Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire


Junior Bitch (5 entries) 1: Abs

Two lovely sisters headed this line up. As different as chalk and cheese in many respects but sharing many common virtues. They will change places often I’m sure.

1st Casey Mr E & Cavallo Mr C – Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam

Really loved her overall shape. Very stylish outline where everything flows. Very much at the “what you see is what you get” stage, a bit more coat wouldn’t go amiss. Very nice to go over, certainly more than a touch of quality about her.  She has a super strong clean neck which flowed well into well laid back shoulders. As you go over her you can feel her strength through the middle piece. She has depth and substance and is well ribbed. On the move she carries her head proudly and strides out well with a super ground covering action. Will watch her with interest as she matures.

2nd Jenkinson Mrs K – Eastriding Glam Princess

Ultra-feminine youngster who I also loved. Fell for her outline, another who flows from the tip of her nose to her tail. Neatly packaged all through in a slightly smaller mould than her sister. Very feminine head piece, great length of neck blending into nicely placed shoulders. Again, excellent depth of chest. Enough bone and neat feet. She did nothing wrong on the move but felt she wasn’t as positive as her sister today which influenced the placings.

3rd Corbett Miss S – Trimere Taylor Swift


Post Graduate Bitch (13 entries) 1: Abs

Sadly, some lovely ladies in this class went without awards today.

1st Calvert Mr & Mrs M & N – Calvdale Stowaway Magic JW

Stylish girl who presents a lovely picture on the stack. Combines femininity with substance. Developing on the right lines all through. Nothing exaggerated about her. Pleasing head with correct depth to muzzle but would prefer a touch more stop. Her neck flows well into her shoulders. Super forechest. Her lovely front bone runs into the neatest of feet. Excels through the middle with super ribs and strength over the loin. Well-turned stifles and strong quarters enabled her to move soundly.

2nd Wilson Ms L – Potrail Turns The Swag On For Pinereoch

Oh how I loved this one for her lovely “old-fashioned” type. She is so different to the winner but equally lovely to go over. She really pushed hard for the class win. Heavier in head than the previous girl but possesses a lovely kind dark eye and super muzzle. Another who impressed through the middle piece, super strong with decent ribbing and couplings. She has great bone on her and decent feet. Loved her strong broad rear which contributed to her lovely movement. She holds her topline well and her presentation was immaculate. Looked a picture.

3rd Crabtree Mrs J – Wenark May Blossom At Yarlestre


Limit Bitch (12 entries) 1: Abs

1st Hancock Mrs L – Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight

A great class, many ladies worthy of taking tickets. I was spoilt for choice.

Just loved this perfectly packaged lady in her glossy dark coat. She ticked so many of my boxes today. Teaming with quality. Thought she was ultra-feminine and of a lovely size. Such a beautiful head. Her eyes are like dark pools and combined with the fluting and chiselling, her expression is to die for. She has substance throughout, and she stands on super well boned legs with great feet. Her elbows are well tucked in, her body strong and her rear quarters well made. Short from hock to heel, her rear movement was driving and today she had the edge over strong competition to take the bitch CC.

2nd Allen Mr A C and Allen Mr G T & Glendinning Mrs – Plaiglen Dazzled By Allenie

Loved her for her style and type, this girl also ticks a lot of boxes for me. Loved her classic head and the way she looked back at me through dark expressive eyes. Very little to fault through the body, particularly liked her height to length ratio. Lovely bone and feet and she has super width to her quarters. In the running for the reserve CC but let down a little by not wearing her best attire and carrying a touch too much weight.

3rd Mitchell Mr & Mrs D & J – Peasblossom Vienna


Open Bitch (7 entries) 1: Abs

Lovely class, again spoilt for choice, a pleasure to judge

1st Calvert Mr & Mrs M & N – Calvdale Hot Pink

Another beautiful stylish girl in a shiny black jacket. Lovely kennel type. Ultra-feminine, balanced head. Her well arched neck flows into her front assembly and she stands on super legs and feet. She presents a lovely outline on the stack. Again from this kennel, an abundance of forechest and a grand, compact body. Reserve CC

2nd Mitchell Mr & Mrs D J & Payne Mr K – Peasblossom Ophelia

Out of a bigger mould but I found her as equally appealing as the class winner. She has matured beautifully and really come into her own. She didn’t appeal to me as a youngster but now I think she is at her best. Loved her head which is beautifully balanced and feminine. Another with an enquiring expression. Super eye colour. Excellent neck. Strongly made all through with great bone and depth of body. Powerful on the move, she looked a picture, a lovely example of the breed.

3rd Corbett Miss S J – Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid