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We are Wendy & Steve Walker and

we live in the

heart of the south east of England

near Tunbridge

 Wells in Kent.

We have owned, shown, worked and bred English

Springer Spaniels over the last

thirty years.

We have dogs

available at stud

and occasionally have

puppies and older

dogs available to

loving homes.


We take health

very seriously and

all of our dogs are

health tested before

we breed from them.

Please contact us by email or visit our website

for more information.

General enquiries about our lovely breed welcome.



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Frank headshot


Kerys & Martha 5 kizzy


e-Dexbenella Kizzy


Ziva jumps with joie de vivre - SESSS Open 09


Frankie - 15 months BD & RBIS at SESSS Open 09




Frankie 2