Dogs of the past

1. Sh.Ch.Barlochan Bellringer (3)

Sh Ch Barlochan Bellringer

Ch Bowswood Bijou of Heluyn

CH Bowswood Bijou of Heulyn

2. Sh.Ch. Cholesbury Seabird (3)

Sh Ch Cholesbury Seabird

3. Sh. Ch. Cleavehill Corn Dolly (2)

Sh Ch Cleavehill Corn Dolly

4. Sh.Ch. Cleavehill Harvest Gold (2)

Sh Ch Cleavehill Harvest Gold

6. Sh.Ch.Cleavehill Special Feature

Sh Ch Cleavehill Special Feature

7. Sh.Ch. Cleavehill Yankee Clipper

Sh Ch Cleavehill Yankee Clipper

8. Sh.Ch. Feorlig Beautiful Memoru

Sh Ch Feorlig Beutiful Memory

10. Sh.Ch. Hawhill Connaught (2)

Sh Ch Hawkhill Connaught

SH CH Graftonbury Genghis Khan

SH CH Graftonbury Gengis Khan

Hawkhill Crepello

Hawkhill Crepello

11. Sh.Ch. Hawkhill Riding Low

Sh CH Hawkhill Riding Low

13. Sh.Ch. Irbyfield Commodore of Cleavehill

Sh CH Irbyfield Commodore Of Cleavehill

12. Sh.Ch. Hildarry Roast Chestnut

Sh Ch Hildarry Roast Chestnut

14. Sh.Ch. Mastermind of Mordax

Sh Ch Mastermind Of Mordax

15. Sh.Ch. Michael of Blacon

Sh Ch Michael Of Blacon

16. Sh. Ch. Moorcliff Sunnymaid

Sh Ch Moorcliff Sunnymaid

Moorcliff Freetwood Gamecock

Sh Ch Moorcliff Freetwood Gamecock

17. Sh.Ch. Monclare Mr Chips

Sh Ch Monclare Mr Chips

18. Sh.Ch. Rebecca of Knightward

Sh Ch Rebecca of Knightward

19. Sh.CH. Teesview Panora of Truelindale (1)

Sh Ch Teesview Pandora Of Truelindale

20. Sh. Ch. St. Trillos Grecian Girk

Sh Ch ST Trillos Grecian Girl

22. Sh.Ch. Tran Bren Ragapple

Sh Ch Tran Bren Ragapple

21. Sh.Ch. Swallowtail of Shipden

Sh Ch Swallowtail Of Shipden

23. Sh.Ch. Verulam Liver Pate

Sh Ch Verulam Liver Pate

24. Sh.Ch. Whitemoor Idle Chat

Sh Ch Whitemoor Idle Chat

25. Sh.Ch. Whitemoor Idle Rich

Sh Ch Whitemoor Idle Rich

26. Sh.Ch. Whintonhill Charmer (1)

Sh Ch Wintonhill Charmer

Sh. Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford

Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford

Ernest Froggat with Ch. Dougal of Truelindale, jud

Bournemouth 1970 CC winners
CH Moorcliff Dougal of Truelindale Pencloe Clearway of Feorlig