East of England Judge: Mrs Jenny Miller


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This was such an exciting show for me to be judging the breed I have been passionate about for so many, many years and to finalise it by being given a surprise party by so many Gundog and springer folk to celebrate my tremendous 70 years. I must thank Kay Woodward and so many others plus my family for their lovely surprise and gifts a great end to 5 days of celebrations. I really enjoyed my day with the English Springer Spaniels and thought that many within the breed had such breed qualities. I liked many in classes that went card less, but our lovely breed is suffering, we are losing the correct type, a breed with correct height, balance and substance with fabulous heads, not very broad heavy skulls and forefaces. Our melting expressions from dark expressive eyes. Not light, or round uninteresting starring eyes. Tops of ears being over trimmed so the skin is nearly showing. Fluting and chiselling, with balance the work has disappeared as have stops, too much flew or none at all in snippy forefaces. Steep upper arms. Cathedral front with no depth of chest. Lacking in angulation front and rear too. Where have the sloping toplines come from the breed is not like the GSD. The soundness of OUR OWN Springer movement is going, the swing from the shoulder, forward reach & drive from powerful quarters and hocks. It is such a shame the breed seems to be losing such qualities and breeders old and new need to work together to try to bring them back.

MPD (1) 1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Storm Trouper, very impressed on the stance by this 7 months old moderately built and correctly balanced in excellent presented and textured B/W coat in gleaming condition. Correct head with skull and foreface proportions and balance, well chiselled, nice gentle stop, kind dark eyes, ears correctly set to give off expression. Good neck to lay of shoulder to firm short level back to correct set tail nicely carried with some feathering. Nicely angulated front with enough depth of chest and body for age, well sprung ribs well back to short loin, balanced and well boned straight forelegs, forefeet could be tighter. Hindquarters have enough stifle would like more second thigh, had good ground coverage rear action spoilt by toeing in.

PD (2)  1 Glendinnings' Plaiglen Beater Bstylish, at 9 months old this well constructed and balanced boy with the two months difference in age gave him the necessary maturity to give him BPD. Nice head well balanced which just needs to develop further, nice stop with fluting, correct chiselling under super kind dark almond eyes, good neck length well laid back shoulder, correct upper arm to shoulder angle. Straight well boned forelegs tight feet. Firm short level back, well set tail. Tail needs to be carried better with action. A body with substance and depth well sprung back ribs, short loin, muscular hindquarters good return of stifle second thigh and straight hocks well boned, very good forward reach powerful rear action little too close at foot.
2 Shellyeys' Petranella Kind Of Magic, not as correctly balanced and built as my 1st being slightly longer in leg making him taller and longer cast in body, but with a lot to like this well marked L/W was in nice coat condition with feathering coming. Good head shape and development, well chiselled, eyes too light just need to darken, ears were set on well but looked too high through the lack of trimming. Good neck to shoulder little longer in backline, nice tail and carriage. Body well ribbed but loin a little too long, nice depth and carrying a little too much weight. Well boned straight forelegs, feet needed presentation making them to look and to be flat. Needs a little more handling but once settle moved out with good sound movement.

JD (2,1)  1 Jenkinsons' Eastriding Declaration, very impressive on the stance this 15 months with correct moderate build and balance. Head has developed nicely with correct proportions, kind dark almond eyes. Nice stop, good flew. Enough neck to well laid shoulder would like more angle to upper arm. Well held level topline nice tail and carriage. Good body with depth to chest, brisket with well boned straight fore legs and nice tight compact feet. Well ribbed back with short loin, muscular hindquarters, good return of stifle would like more second thigh, correct straight hocks. For a B/W I would have preferred a softer coat texture little harsh to the touch, well presented, nice feathering. Would like more reach and drive sound at front, little close behind needing more ground covering stride.

YD (5,2) 1 Suchs' Trimere Ticks The Box At Mujascal, although this young male presents a pleasant picture on the stance and is constructed correctly I would like a little more masculine strength. He is of a smaller breed type and in my opinion I would like him to be slightly taller and with a stronger build but he is a nice dog to go over. Well worked moderate head, nice stop, fluting, well chiselled, eye shape is good but eye could be darker, Good neck to shoulder firm backline stood and carried level, nice tail set. Had the best of chest depth but needing more angles to his upper arm, straight well boned legs, feet could be a little tighter. Well bodied and ribbed back with short loin covered in a well presented and conditioned L/W coat with nice feathering. Well developed and muscle quarters, return of stifle and straight hocks. Moved out well with enough side stride but close behind and needing more reach.
2 Smiths' Melverley Top Geezer Nice outline to this breed type male carrying a very heavy L/W coat which needed some attention to presentation which for this kennel was a little surprising. Masculine well worked head nice skull and foreface proportions, well set ears, dark eyes, well chiselled good fluting. Strong neck of correct length into well laid shoulders firm level backline low tail set carried low in action. Nice body with substance, ribs well sprung and back to short loin, good front and rear angulation, little heavy in bone, strong feet needing attention. Good return of stifle strong well feathered hocks moved out soundly but a little close behind and heavy footed to the front.
3 Jenkinsons' Eastriding Invictus.

PGD (4) 1 Croucher & Hills' Teignvalley Blaser JW ShCM nice overall shape and balance to this 2 year old presents an impressive picture in his well marked straight L/W/Tan coat with good feathering. A very smart masculine balanced head, good skull nicely proportioned foreface , good stop, chiselling, good eye shape and colour. Masculine body with substance, good depth and well ribbed back. Nice angles front and rear with correct muscle tone. Correctly balanced and boned straight forelegs with compact feet, strength to developed moderate quarters. Has a strange stance putting himself too far forward which spoils his outline. Moved out well with good forward swing and reach and strong drive although is a little too close behind.
2 Glendinning & Booles' Plaiglen Beaters Btrue, much smaller in build and frame but is balanced. For me this boy lacks in head proportions, I would like more strength throughout that includes the foreface. Good almond shaped eyes with lovely colour and expression, good stop, well chiselled. Correct neck to shoulder well angulated to upper arm, level topline to short back, nice tail set and tail used well. Body with substance and ribs well sprung back short loin, covered by a gleaming nicely trimmed and presented coal B/W coat. Straight well boned and balanced legs with compact round tight feet, strong well muscled hindquarters with a moderate return of stifle good second thigh and straight hocks. Another who stands too far forward which does spoil his outline on the stance. Very impressive on the move, sound with reach and drive. Just inclined to roll.
3 Twilleys' Mompesson Royal Dreamer.
Res Pattingdales Beresford Cut to the Knight

LD (7,3)  1 Whittocks' Kingsheath William Regal ShCM I have watched this young male grow and develop into this very impressive correctly constructed of good height and a balanced breed type. He is a dog that gives the impression of being on the top end of the standard but it is due to a very flashy marked body with his nicely presented and trimmed L/W/Tan coat with lovely feathering which makes him stand out as something different. Stunning head piece well chiselled, fluting, stop, almond shaped dark eyes with kind expression, well set, held and carried ears well feathered. Moderate muscular neck into well laidback shoulders firm level back. Nice tail set and carried at correct level. Great body with sprung ribs well back to short loin to be critical was carrying a little weight which showed in a slight roll. Lovely angulation from shoulder to upper arm with depth to chest well boned straight balanced forelegs, tight compact padded feet. Moderate return of stifle and second thigh, strong straight hocks. A dog to watch on the move so sound with correct shoulder throw and reach and drive from the hocks giving him ground coverage with ease. RCC. 2 Whitworths' Freworth Polar Express, very much the same height, balance and outline to that of my winner but with his heavily marked L/W coat looks different in type. Very smart dog with correct built head, nicely chiselled, good fluting and stop, dark eyes well shaped with expression. Good length of neck with a lay back to shoulder into a firm level short back, nice tail. Correctly angulated front and rear with good muscle tone. A body with depth to chest and nice substance with well sprung ribs into short loin. Balanced straight well boned forelegs and catlike feet, muscular hindquarters. A little too much wave in his coat just spoils but the coat is well presented, nicely feathered. Moved out with style very sound although a little close behind but has good rear drive and reach from the front.
3 Cox' Petranella Jerseyboy At Tiroen.
Res Rowlinson Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose ShCM

OD (5,1) 1 Glendinnings Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle, a 6 year old dog who I have judge before and done very well he presents a lovely outline on the stance stands covering the ground well and has a correct height, build and balance. Very smart masculine head could have a fraction more strength but is well worked with dark expressive eyes, well set ears nice leathers, well chiselled and good stop, nice neck length would have liked less throat, good shoulder well laid back into firm level back to strong hindquarters. Tail set good but tail could be carried better. Super body well sprung ribs, short loin stunning B/W coat well conditioned and gleaming nicely feathered. Well angulated front and rear with good tone. Moved very freely off of good boned legs and compact feet, sound ground coverage with powerful drive and reach.
2 Eyeingtons' Sh.Ch/Ir Sh.Ch Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM, another who is impressive on the stance presents a lovely picture with his beautifully presented L/W/Tan well marked coat with nice feathering, loved his head balance but would like less flew, super kind dark eye, well chiselled, nice stop head held well on good neck length into well laid shoulder into level back, muscular hindquarters with correctly set but with low down tail carriage. Nice body substance well muscled, nicely angulated fore with good balance to legs well boned tight feet. Good return to stifle would like more second thigh, straight hocks. Moved out soundly slight roll to his back.
3 Akerboom & Van Der Schaafs' Nl Ch Trimere Total Mahem DJCH JW W'15.
Res Topliss' Beresford Special Delivery

Vet D (3,12) 1 Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trial With Sandiebeck ShCM my star of the day, why oh why has this dog not made his title? This is one dog so deserving of carrying his title. Another dog who I have watched with interest and he has got better with age. Lovely overall height, build and balance with an outline so fitting the breed standard. A great masculine medium head, nicely chiselled, good stop, and fluting, kind almond dark eye, nicely set on and correctly presented feathered leathers, clean neck of good length to shoulders well laid into a level short firm back, in super strength and tone to his sprung ribs and short loin giving him the balanced length, super front angle and chest depth, hindquarters so muscular with correct moderate angulation, short hocks. Beautiful straight L/W coat in super trim and condition with nice feathering, a stunning young handler who propelled him to faultless movement with great forward swing with reach and positive sound powerful rear drive. DCC BOB A dog to watch to see true action. Did me proud and looked fabulous in group.
2 Walkers' Sh.Ch Dexbenella It's About Time JW. ShCM A slightly taller male than my winner but his height is complimentary to his length, masculine head of proportionate balance with super eyes and ear set, nice stop and well chiselled, carried on good length of clean neck to laid back shoulders, level backline but inclined to slope on the stance a little. Beautiful condition and presentation to his straight nicely conditioned L/W/Tan jacket with good feathering. Strong quarters good stifle little over angled to second thigh and strong hocks. Good depth of chest well angled from shoulder to upper arm and balanced and well boned forelegs with compact tight feet. Another who has correct swing from the shoulder with reach and powerful rear drive. Seems the oldies can show the youngsters how to move.

MPB (1) 1 Cunliffes' Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf very sweet correctly proportioned 6 months baby, very nice head shape, good eye shape eye colour needs to darken, nicely chiselled with correct stop and fluting, foreface could have more strength but just a baby with so much to come. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders into firm short level backline over a body with depth and well ribbed back to short loin. Well angled front and rear quarters with some tone coming, balanced legs with good bone and tight round feet. Moved out nicely once settled with enough reach and drive. As always from this owner handler the coat presentation was in super condition.

PB (2)  1 Twilleys' Kingsheath Asuka, of the 2 bitches I much preferred the overall outline and balance of this youngster and she was of a good breed type although she was a little timid it did not affect her stance or movement. Head nicely proportioned, well chiselled, good stop with fluting, almond shape to eyes could be just a little light. Ears level with eyes set well with nice feathering. Lovely angled fore chest with depth to chest, balanced and boned foreleg, tight compact feet. Lovely presented L/W/tan jacket with some feathering over a nice body with a little unnecessary weight, well sprung ribs well back short loin. Developed rear quarters with good moderate stifle, good second thigh and straight hocks. Very stylish mover and sound both ends did unfortunately hold tail down which spoilt the overall picture.
2 Joyces' Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops very different in type to her litter sister and not the head or expression, enough neck to shoulder and level back line of good length, balanced straight legs with enough bone and with feet little bit big for a bitch. Correctly angled front and rear with good hocks. Moved out soundly with a good side stride. Another nicely presented with a good clean well textured coat.

JB (3,1)  1 Osbournes' Petranella Exclusive With Braego. Beautiful head piece to this very feminine L/W/tan in lovely coat and condition with feathering. Head so balanced with lovely dark eyes with kind expression, well chiselled and with correct stop with fluting, good dentition. Clean length and strength of neck into well laid back shoulders firm level backline held firm both on the stance and move. Tail correctly set and held. Very good strength and depth of chest to front angles, would have liked little more strength of bone to her straight balanced legs, tight feet. Nicely bodied with good weight with good tone. Moderately angled stifle and short hocks. Once settled into a stride had good shoulder swing and reach and hind drive and was certainly the soundest of the 2.
2 Tains' Westaway Touch Of Magic For Taimere, built on similar lines with a good overall shape and balance. Nicely presented in a flat well textured and conditioned L/W coat. Would like more refinement to her head with a better stop, nicely chiselled. Good length of neck into well laid back shoulders into a level but sloping back line both present on the stance and move. Enough shoulder to upper arm angle but would like more depth of chest, lovely balanced and bone forelegs and round compact feet. In lovely body with substance and ribs well sprung, short loin. Lacking muscle tone to hindquarters, moderate return to stifle and second thigh but stood over stretched. Good reach but unsound behind with weak hocks.

YB (8)  1 Corbetts' Trimere Ticatboo Very well presented L/W coat as expected from this kennel presenting a very nice overall picture on the stance with good height to length. Although proportionate and very feminine I would like a stronger head and with a little more foreface, but has a pretty appeal, a nice stop, fluting, chiselled with correct dentition. Excellent neck and tone to well laid back shoulders into firm level back line of correct balance. Very good shoulder to upper arm angulation with depth of chest and body with substance and with sprung ribs to short loin. Really well worked behind with correct angles good boned legs and tight feet. Very well handled to get the best of movement, good reach forward and sound driving action and the best side stride.
2 Whittocks' Peasblossom Roma At Kingsheath On the stance this youngster looked very unbalanced with a dip in her topline, but once having the opportunity to go over she was correctly built and the dip was made through a white patch in centre of her backline which was in fact level. Lovely marked L/W/tan head built well and so feminine. Pretty expression from almond shaped eyes well set ears, nice fluting, stop and well chiselled. Good neck length, correct shoulder placement and angles to upper arm with depth to chest, straight balanced forelegs and tight feet. Super condition and texture to her straight coat over a body with well sprung back ribs. Good moderate stifle but I would like more second thigh. Compact tight feet. Movement was sound but would like more strength to rear, good sound forward swing and reach.
3 Booles' Eastfalla Vivienne Leigh Of Arramow.
Res Wildsmith & Browns Trimere Tickle Me Fancy
VHC Chastons Cassapple Lindyhop

PGB (16,4)  1 Nicholsons' Loxbourne Diso Diva At Kingsheath JW, headed a lovely class with many nice bitches going cardless. I really loved this youngster when I saw her as a pup, since she has matured is now impressive. Her heavily marked beautifully presented and conditioned straight L/W jacket with nice feathering. I loved her overall balance and build and she had the perfect outline picture on the stance all she had to do was move and move soundly and this she did on well boned legs and compact feet. She comes to her own the move, having the correct forward reach from perfect shoulder swing and throw with rear drive from powerful short hocks with super ground coverage, and her tail carried correctly. A firm level short back well angled front and rear, good depth and muscle tone, a most stunning well worked feminine head made my decision BCC BOS winner today
2 Topliss' Beresford What The Devil slightly different build and shape but nevertheless and very pretty balanced bitch I really liked her type, build and overall balance she just spoils herself for me when she is stood with a sloping backline. Very pretty head correctly proportioned, well worked with good stop, dark melting expression, ears set on and well presented. Correctly angled front with good depth to chest, inclined to stand herself a little wide. Lovely depth with well sprung ribs, well muscled quarters with good return of stifle and second thigh could be more moderate to reduce the top line slope, short hocks. Lovely balanced and boned legs and tight feet. Free very sound mover with powerful drive and good forward reach.
3 Jenkinsons' Hollivera's Verona With Eastriding (Imp Swed).
Res Corbetts Trimere Ticket Maid
VHC Chandler & Cunliffes Chanangel Falling Leaf JW

LB (6,2) 1 Hills' Trimere Ta Dah, very well put together with a nice outline on the stance which is spoilt by a slight sloping topline. Has the most delightful well worked head with nice fluting, chiselling and sweet expression, head carried well on a good length of neck into well laid sloping shoulders and topline to croup with well set tail carried nicely. Correctly angled front with depth of chest and body with well sprung ribs, well presented and conditioned L/W coat with feathering. Powerful hindquarters stifle and second thigh slightly over angled, short hocked very stylish sound mover and well handled.
2 Eyeingtons' Flaming Whirlwind Of Meadowdale JW IR. JUN CH. Slightly different type and balance being a little longer cast but is very impressive on the stance with a lovely well marked L/W coat with feathering. Feminine very sweet medium proportioned head nice eye shape, correctly held and positioned ears nice feathering but rather too severe trimming at the top portion so spoiled the appearance. Head carried well on good length of neck into firm level back line nice hindquarters and tail carriage. Well sprung ribs could be further back slightly longer loin. Nice angles front and back. Straight well boned forelegs compact feet, strong moderate quarters moved out with style and soundness just a slight roll in action.
3 Williams & Toublics' Cobhay Dahlia.
RES Hughes Celgarn Next Chapter With Melkami

OB (5,1) 1 Walkers' Dexbenella Derethea JW beautiful bitch of lovely proportions with good balanced height to length. Very attractive head nicely worked with fluting, good stop and chiselling. Eyes correctly shaped nice set on of ears with nice leathers, super strength to neck and well laid back shoulders, firm level topline of good length over a body presented in an attractive well marked and conditioned L/W coat with lovely feathering, well sprung ribs set well back to short loin. Correctly angled both ends, with depth to chest and nice straight well boned legs with compact feet. Strong quarters good stifle and second thigh, short hocks really powerful mover with nice action and tail carriage, very free ground covering action with reach and drive Delighted to award RCC.
2 Greenfields' Sh.Ch. Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny JW another lovely bitch who I have done well when just a youngster but today I could not get her to excite me on the move, she was sound both front and rear but lacked the ground coverage and seemed laboured. Beautiful head piece lovely chiselling, nice stop, super dark expressive eyes. Correct length of neck to well laid shoulders and firm level back. Nicely angled front and rear with well muscled quarters, stifle and firm strong hocks. A lovely substance and weight with depth to a nice sprung ribbed body, stunning L/W jacket in great condition and presentation.
3 Topliss' Sh Ch Calvdale Duty Calls.
Williams & Toublic Cobhay Dahlia

Vet B (2,1) 1 Cunliffes' Sh.Ch/Ir.Sh.Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW ShCM stunning bitch who I cannot believe that she is into veteran. Lovely shape and size all put together in a lovely package. Sweet head so feminine and well worked with nice kind expression, lovely angles to her well sprung ribbed body with depth and substance, presented nicely in a fabulous flat L/W with some tan jacket of great texture and condition with lovely feathering. Still can show the youngsters how to move with correct reach and drive with soundness.
Jenny Miller