ESSC of Scotland Open Show Judge: Mrs. Angela Ternent (Hunterheck)

  Best In Show and Best Bitch Nicholsons & Scotts' Elimvek Early Landing at Lossiedoon
RBIS and Best Dog Roses' Rosannoch Eihwaz
Best Puppy In Show Broughs' Riselawroad Heriot Humbug

Junior Dog (1)

1. Donaldson's Donarden Star Attraction
Athletic dog, pleasing head. Eyes need to darken, needs more body but should come with age.

Novice Dog (1)
1. Donaldson's Donarden Star Attaction

Graduate Dog (1)
1. Perry's Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta
Striking b/w tri, first time I have seen this dog, well bodied, in good coat, head ok, flowing neck, moved soundly. RBD.

Post Graduate Dog (3,1a)
1. Rose' Rosannoch Eihwaz
Very eyecatching with nice head, beautiful clean lines, excellent topline, moved well, presentation a credit to his owner. RBIS
2. Perrys' Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta

Limit Dog (1)
1. Baillies' Cherimore Prince Of Thieves
Honest type of springer with good front, bone and feet. Moved ok.

Open Dog (2,1a)
1. Camerons' Donarden Touch Of Tan
Strong masculine dog, excellent bone and substance, moved ok, pushed hard for top honours.

Beginners Dog
1. Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta
2. Cherimore Prince Of Thieves

Puppy Bitch (1)
1. Brough & Walkers' Riselawroad Heriot Humbug
Nice head, beautiful eye and expression, a bit rangy , loss of coat hasn't helped. BP.

Junior Bitch (5,1a)
Best class of the day and the winners could easily change places on another day.
1. Roses' Rosanoch Berkano
Nice dark eye and expression, good topline held on the move.
2. Camerons' Donarden Foxy Lady
Nice head and neck, quite a compact bitch, moved soundly but didn't hold her topline on the move.
3. Hays' Tralay Truly Scrumptious

Yearling Bitch (2,1a)
1. Rosannoch Berkano

Novice Bitch (1)
1. Donaldsons' Donarden Lady Luck
Ok bitch, good head and neck, front ok, moved true.

Graduate Btich (3,1a)
1. Rosannoch Berkano
2. Hays' Tralay Truly Scrumptious
Sweet little b/w bitch, nice eye, good front, moved true and soundly.

Post Graduate Bitch (2)
1. Brough & Walkers' Reason To Believe at Riselawroad
A really sound bitch in good coat, lovely clean lines, excellent body, bend of stifle, good bone and feet, in good hard condition, winning on maturity to 2.
2. Roses' Rosannoch Berkano

Limit Bitch (3,1a)
1. Nicholson & Scotts' Elimvek Early Landing at Lossiedoon
Extremely feminine bitch, good head and eye, paints a lovely picture in outline, good neck, body and stifle, good topline and tailset, moved sound and free BIS.
2. Hays' Tralay Tinkerbelle
Good bitch of pleasing size and type, good shoulders, well bodied, moved ok.

Open Bitch (1)
1. Hays' Eastriding Morgan at Tralay
Nice head, well bodied, front ok, moved ok.

Beginners Bitch (1)
1. Hays' Tralay Truly Scrumptious