English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales Open Show 22nd April 2006 Judge: Jeff Horswell Best Bitch and Best in Show - Cepen Celtic Dancer at Roqfolly Res. Best in Show - Cepen Country Girl Best Puppy - Roqfolly Tantaliza

The ESS Club of Wales ran a very friendly show at Earleswood, where my placings were very sportingly received. I felt the entry was a quality one, especially in the young bitch classes. Puppy Bitch was the best class for depth of the day, which is a very good sign. I found a great variety amongst the heads, some too heavy and others too long and fine, eyes were of concern, many were round and some too light, which completely spoiled the expression. Some trimming could be less severe, the art of trimming is to present the perfect picture, with no hint of how it was achieved, obvious clipper marks should be avoided, and some would have looked better with a little less feather. My biggest critisism would be on the general lack of muscle tone, something easily corrected. On the more positive side, most necks were good, ribs generally went well back and very few slack toplines, and by and large feet were excellent. The final decisions were made slightly easier when the lovely dog decided he really didn't see much point in running around again and rather held back - which gave the two super young ladies the top spots.

Two nice pups, both raw.
1. Downward's Reuben Silent Reflection. Has a very typical outline, pleasing head and slightly better expression. Good skull. Lengthy neck and well laid shoulders. Firm topline, well sprung ribs, moderate hind angulation. Just needs to strengthen up.
2 Miller's Feorlig Natural Born Winner. 

1 Downward's Reuben Silent Reflection.

1 Lawler's Roqfolly Pinball Wizard. More compact of these two youngsters. Well balanced outline, liked his balance of skull to muzzle, which is deep. Neck is ok. Well let down chest, well ribbed back. Good rear, typical gait and the correct size.
2 Young's Shelsarie Flash.

1 Read's Brailea Better Believe It. Has a slightly better better head, good balance of skull to muzzle but is slightly too deep in muzzle, although clean through cheeks. Strong neck and fair shoulders. Well sprung ribs, moderate hind angulation giving a balanced stride. Tight feet.
2 Reynold's Clentonian Masterpiece. 

1 Savell's Petranella Perfick JW. Balanced dog, has a masculine head of correct width and length without being overdone. Lengthy neck, quite well ribbed back. Would like a slightly firmer topline. Pretty true out and back, good width to chest.
2 Murdoch's Hollybrook Mr Bojangles. 

1 Hale's Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheldams. Quality dog with a super outline, very well balanced and good to go over. Has a masculine head, good stop with fluting to skuli. Kind expression. Correct neck and good front, can body up a little. Well ribbed with correct tailset. Well bent stifle, bit lazy out and back but very typical in profile. BOS.
2 William and Toublic's Cobhay Sweet William Sh CM.
3 Merry's Anacapa Solo Flyer Sh CM.

Sp Beg D
1 Downward's Reuben Silent Reflection.
2 Young's Shelsarie Flash.
3 Brailea Better Believe It.

1 Hale's Sheiedams Close Encounter. High quality baby of just 6 months. Just needs to come up on leg a touch. Super head, lengthy neck and has a very good spring of rib already and ribs go weil back. Correct moderate hind angulation. Very good feet.

Some really promising pups here.
1 Lawler's Roqfolly Tantaliza. Is so well made, best of shoulders, well bent stifle and very low set hocks. Feminine head of sufficient width and correct length. Strong lengthy neck, deep chest and a firm topline. Very good feet. Quality bitch with a very good outline. BPIS. 2 Savell's Petranella Tickled Purple. 
3 Miller's Feorlig Naughty By Nature.

1 Payne's Cepen Country Girl. Compact bitch with a very good outline and balance. Super head, very feminine without being too long or fine. Lengthy neck, nice front, feet need to tighten. Deep chest, well ribbed and well angulated rear. True mover and typical in profile. Res BIS.
2 Madden and Lawler's Roqfolly Scandaliza.
3 Savell's Petranella Tickled Purple.

1 Shovel's Tiverstone Temptress Moon. Pleasing outline, nice head but would like less severe trimming to head. Strong neck, won on shoulder and fill of chest. Correct topline, fair rear. True mover. 2 Cepen Clucking Belle. 3 Roqfolly Tamarind.

wo super quality bitches.
1 Lawler's Cepen Celtic Dancer at Roqfolly. Very good type, good proportions althogh would not want her any taller. Pleasing head, correct balance of width and length and fairly deep. Long neck. Scores on feet and chest, although can still develop in body. Correct rear, not overdone. One of the best for muscle so far, Very good hind action and long stride. BIS.
2 Cepen Country Girl.

1 Cepen Country Girl.
2 Savell's Petranella Tickle Me Fancy. 
3 Williams and Toublic's Cobhay Bright Fushia.

1 Hale's Sheiedams Brief Encounter. Presented a good outline, prefer her eye colour and feet over 2. Feminine in head with a lengthy neck and fair front. Has a good topline and fair rear. Not moving out very well in this hall.
2 Lawlers Roqfolly Norta Barnacle. 

1 Miller's Feorlig Crystal Clear JW. Very balanced bitch, angulation front and rear match so well. Has a good head with lovely eye for shape and colour, hence a very good expression. Strong neck. Could be a tad longer in leg for her length. Very good ribs.
2 Merry's Anacapa Liberty Belle.
3 Grimshaw and Lancaster's Patbee Dizzy Dame.

Vet B
1 William and Toublic's Sericem Made in Heaven of Cobhay. Very lovely type of bitch. Feminine head of good balance, correct width of skull and length of muzzle. Dark almond eyes. Strong neck, fair front and very good ribs. Could have a little more hind angulation, topline a but slack but very good moving bitch of quality, close up in the final for Best Bitch.
2 Grimshaw and Lancaster's Patbee Definitely Devine. 
3 Grimshaw and Lancaster's Patbee Dizzy Dame.