1 Corbett Miss S Trimere Total Chaos
Full of quality. Attractive head with so much work in it. Super balanced outline with no exaggerations. Nice straight front with tight fitting elbows. Well off for bone. Tight feet. Well developed hindquarters. Full of himself on the move which was a little erractic in front. Good strength from his rear drive. Loved his type. BPD.

PD 1
1 Corbetts' Trimere Tidal Wave
As his name suggests he entered the ring in a rather exuberant fashion. He needs to settle big time. Gorgeous masculine head with kind eye and soft expression. Good body properties but a little careless with his topline. Not as mature in body and mind as the Minor Puppy.

JD 1 (1)

ND no entries

1 Hensons' Melkami Williams Wonder
Pleasing head. Good length of neck flowing into the withers. Good bone and feet. Standing slightly high at the back end. Not in the best of coats. Moved soundly and with purpose.

PGD 4 (1)
1 Barnetts' Glenbrows Had To Be
Short coupled dog of good size. Masculine head with intelligent expression. Good layback of shoulder and depth of brisket Well up on pasterns. Well let down strong hocks which he used to advantage when driving from the rear. Good width of thigh. Gave his handler a hard time as he is a bit of a fidget.
2 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Alanea Juke for Cherishym
Possesses good balance.
Good head with kind expression. Good reach of neck. Well sprung ribs. Well muscled body.
Moved soundly in both directions.
3 Rawdings Dukedel Dream of Mine

LD 2
1 Larges' Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
He excels on the move with his ground covering strides and strong rear action. Preferred his head to 2. Good quality headpiece. Well balanced body with no exaggerations. Good forehand and well developed hindquarters. Liked his overall type. RBD.
2 Cokels' Carlyquinn Can't Wait JW ShCM
Short coupled dog who did not quite have the balance of 1. Good layback of shoulder and tight fitting elbows. Well sprung ribs. Carried himself well on the move with good tail action.

OD 3
1 Calverts Calvdale Zero to Hero JW Sh CM
2 year old full of quality and excellent breed type, he is all dog. Attractive masculine head without a trace of coarseness.
Balance personified. Well made throughout. Presented in hard condition and was put down to perfection with his gleaming, healthy coat. Covered the ground with ease and style with excellent forward reach and strong drive from the rear. He could go all day. BD & BIS.
2 Glendinnings' Plaiglen Hustle
Short coupled dog with excellent front. Clean, balanced outline. Nice head with kind, alert expression. Good height to length proportions. Firm, well muscled body with strong back. Moved with purpose.
3 De Carteret Lytonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee

VD 1 (1)

1 Barnetts' Glenbrows Had To Be

1 Barretts' Carlyquinn Chiquitta
Mature and well grown for her 6 months.
Nicely balanced outline. Sweet, feminine head with kind expression although she has that naughty look in her eye. Gorgeous, healthy coat. Moved Ok when she eventually settled. She is full of the joys.

PB 4
1 Corbetts' Trimere Ta Dah
Quality from nose to tail. Loved everything about her. She is just right for her age with no exaggerations. Litter sister to BPD and how exciting it must be to have bred such a couple of very promising puppies. Gorgeous head with good chiselling.
Kind expressive eye. Feminine throughout. Super angles at both ends. Quite a handful for her handler whilst on the move which was a joy to watch once she settled. One to look out for in the future. BPB & BPIS
2 Knapps' Templecarrig Sky High
Possesses good breed type. Beautiful feminine head with kind, soft expression. Good layback of shoulder with tight fitting elbows. Well developed chest. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved with style.
3 Hensons' Jorobaden LeadingLight
4 Macleays' Melverly Misdemeanour at Portrail

JB 3 (3)

NB no entries

YB 1 (1)

PGB 9 (3)
The strongest class of the day.
1 Roses' Rosannoch Fortuna JW
Won on movement as she could go all day. Good height to length proportions giving her excellent balance. Gorgeous head with kind expression. Good length of neck sloping into withers. Good forehand construction. Well ribbed body. Well developed hindquarters and strong over the loin. In excellent coat and condition. Holds herself well on the move and is full of style. Well handled. BB & RBIS.
2 Camerons' Donarden Madam Butterfly
Another one out of the top drawer for me. She possesses so many qualities and is of excellent breed type. Feminine throughout.
Short coupled with good balance. Tight fitting elbows on good straight front. Good bone and feet. Well muscled body. Covered the ground with ease and style. Not quite 2 yet, she must have a bright future.
3 Corbetts Trimere Teresa Green
4 Gibsons' Calvdale Festivities
5 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Chara

LB 5
1 McCourt's Woodspa Royal Ascot
Very eyecatching. Balance personified with excellent height to length proportions. Well constructed in all departments with no exaggerations. Beautiful head with feminine expression. Nicely feathered ears. Good forehand and strong topline. Excellent breed type. Very stylish on the move.
2 Glendinning's Beaters Bedazzled
Quite similar to 1 in many respects. Everything about her is very pleasing. Well angled at both ends. Good bone and feet. Super effortless mover. Loved her type.
3 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Celaneo
4 Holmans' Artycreath Diamond Dee
5 Hipgraves Glenbrows Honesty

OB 6
1 Corbetts Trimere Tough Cookie
Feminine throughout. Loved her gorgeous head and intelligent expression. Good straight front with tight fitting elbows. Presents a very balanced outline with excellent height to length proportions. Well made throughout with no exaggerations. Moved well when she settled.
2 Calverts Calvdale Hearsay JW Sh CM
Nice quality throughout. Balanced picture. Beautiful head with typical expression. Well ribbed body.
Muscled, well developed hindquarters. Stylish mover.
3 Worth's Trimere Total Eclipse over Sarabande Sh CM
4 Knapps' Ir Sh Ch Int Ch Calvdale Carte Blanche
5 Hipgraves' Ternspringer Melody

VB 1
1 Hipgraves Ternspringer Pretty Paper
I take it that her DOB was printed incorrectly in catalogue. Nice overall type but could have been better presented. Happy and confident temperament. Strong body and topline. Moved soundly and with purpose.

1 Richardson & Terry Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Star
Would like a bit more scope to her. Pleasing head with sweet expression. Her body is well ribbed with no exaggerations. Moved steadily. Overall, a little on the plain side for me.