English Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show Dog Results & Critique

DCC & BIS Melverly First Gold RDCC Debanza Brigadier

Minor Puppy Dog -2 Entries 
1. Kirks Laceby Devils Advocate
8 months b/w pleasing head & eye ample neck firm topline good legs feet & hind angulation needs to develop in fore chest time is on his side very well presented & moved well for one so young.
2.Glass Tiverstone Prarie Spy at Covina
l/w stronger in head than 1 & eye needs to darken soften the expression good body though a bit long cast well boned and hind angulation ok
Puppy Dog - 4Entries (2 Absent) 
1. Tattersalls Alanea Love Bug
up to size l/w puppy would prefer him shorter in muzzle scored over 2 in neck & shoulder lovely bone & neat feet at the legs & wings stage at the moment so needs to drop into himself to level him up shown in sparkling condition well muscled up moved well BPD.
2 Woodbridge Crackerjanne Crescendo
L/W rather strong in head & short in foreface strong deep body has good bone & quarters moved ok
Junior Dog - 7 Entries (2 Absent) 
1. Ganarins Berkenbar Solo
Nice size again for me a bit strong in skull good neck & shoulders well bodied with good depth of chest pleasing bone & feet strong in topline & quarters hock well let down giving sound purposeful movement well presented.
2 Rose Rosannoch Eihwaz
Thought he would be my winner stunning outline and shown in tip top condition masculine head good neck & shoulders good height to length ratio firm topline when settled moved well not quite as strong in quarters as 1 time is on his side a lovely dog
3 Millers Feorlig Natural Born Winner
Yearling Dog - 4 Entries (2 Absent) 
1 Long & Leemings Tryhard Brandshatch
L/W of pleasing type & conformation lovely head with a kind expression strong in neck & has well placed shoulders well ribbed deep body stands on well boned legs with good feet hock well let down strong in quarters moved really well presentation excellent.
2 Bennets Mijanek Kashmir
finer dog narrow all through rather upright in shoulder and slopes away in topline not settled on the move
Maiden Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)
1 Glass' Covina Prairie Spy at Covina
See Minor Puppy Dog
Novice Dog - 7 Entries (3 Absent)
1 Feorlig Natural Born Winner
strong dog with good overall balance masculine head kind eye good neck & shoulder well sprung ribs lovely legs & feet unfortunately insisted on throwing out his right hind leg on the move well presented
2 Laceby Devils Advocate
3 Lockharts Chetruda Just Joey
Undergraduate Dog - 3 Entries (2 Absent)
1 Millers' Feorlig Natural Born Winner
See Novice Dog
Graduate Dog - 1 Entries - (0 Absent)
1 Pidcocks Ketsby King of Clubs
sound honest dog of lovely breed type lovely head eye & expression strong slightly arched neck good shoulders & forechest deep body sound in quarters kept his topline on the move tail well set sound action fore & aft
Post Graduate Dog - 8 Entries (1 Absent)
1 Long & Leemings Tryhard County Monaghan
not a flashy dog & needs to be handled to be appreciated beautiful head & eye with a melting expression ample neck good shoulders & depth to chest good body properties strong in loin & quarters best of legs & feet firm in topline shown in fabulous coat and condition sound ground covering movement.
2 Lawlers Roqfolly Pinball Wizard
was destined to be further down the line today as was not happy when he first entered the ring however as the class progressed he began to show himself better masculine head kind eye well balanced throughout good depth of body & well sprung ribs sound in quarters moved well in the end
3 Tattersalls Alanea Oliver Twist completed a trio of lovely males
Mid Limit Dog - 1 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Griffiths Crackerjanne Cello B/W
masculine dog rather strong in head but has a kind expressive eye shown in hard condition & excellent presentation lovely bone & feet falls away over the croupe which spoils his topline moved ok

Limit Dog - 9 Entries (2 Absent)
1 Smiths Melverly First Gold
the star of the day honest no frills dog no exaggerations appealed for his overall quality & soundness good neck & shoulder placement good body properties & carrying the correct amount of weight good in forechest and lovely bone & feet firm well rounded quarters & hock well let down excellent topline & tail set shown in hard condition & well presented movement was effortless sound & covered the ground well does not have my ideal head but overall thought him a top quality exhibit who could not be denied his place today CC & BIS
2 Lillie Freeway Stormy Waters
another dog of good breed type masculine head kind eye good depth of body legs & feet well rounded quarters used to advantage on the move a sound well presented dog
3 Beatons Beecraigs Bedevilled at Summerstone JW
Open Dog - 4Entries (0 Absent)
1 Ingleys Heulyn Flambeau
nice type beautiful head & eye colour strong slightly arched neck pleasing bone with good feet grand body properties & shown in immaculate condition just fell away a little over the croupe which spoiled the outline moved with enthusiasm
2 Williams & Toublic Cobhay Sweet William ShCm
well presented l/w of good balance kind expression looking well for his 6 ½ years firm in topline & quarters moved well
3 Long & Leemings Tryhard Doctor Devious
Veteran Dog - 4 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Geddes Debanza Brigadier
8 yrs L/W well what a surprise I found here a dog who I will admit has not always appealed but he certainly did today time has certainly been his friend well balanced masculine head without any trace of courseness lovely eye & soft expression strong in neck & body which is deep & well ribbed stands on good legs & feet strong in topline good tailset excellent presentation strong powerful movement pleased to award him the RCC
2 Jenkinsons Eastriding Paco Rabbane JW
nice size honest dog good head & eye strong neck deep body well boned legs & good feet firm in topline good hocks moved soundly
3 Fentons Kulaphul Kornus at Bluewinds ShCm
Field Trial Dog - 0 Entries (0 Absent) 
1 Geddes' Debanza Brigadier
See Veteran Dog

Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes Open Dog - 6 Entries (1 Absent)
1 Heulyn Flambeau
2 Cobhay Sweet William Sh Cm
3 Kulaphul Cornus at Bluewinds ShCm
KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog - 4Entries (1 Absent)
1 Williams & Toublics' Cobhay Sweet William
2 Griffiths' Crackerjanne Cello
3 Richardson's Cleavehill Urban Culture of Cherishym