English Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show Judge: Mrs Jan Wood (Ardencote) Dog Results & Critique

Thank you exhibitors for such a super entry and turning out on such a dreadful day, I really enjoyed the honour of judging the ESSC Championship Show and was so delighted by the quality of the majority of exhibits. I feel that the breed has really improved in the last decade and all credit must go to the dedicated breeders that have become custodians of this lovely breed. Gone are the upright shoulders with no upper arm, amber eyes and very tall dogs, suspect teeth could be counted on one hand, size and movement has improved greatly. To be able to chose from so many good exhibits rather than looking for the least faults was a joy in the majority of classes. If I have to be critical, and this is a critique, one thing that I think still does need some work is feet; perhaps the floor did not help exhibits but some feet did seem rather large and too spread

Best in Show & BCC Sh Ch Cepen Country Classic RBIS & DCC Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny BP Trimere True Splender at Abbymas Honeybourne

 Minor Puppy Dog -4 Entries (1 Absent)
1 Wright's Kingsheath Batista
promising b/w just 6 months old, good through head, eye, expression, reach of neck, shoulder placement, bone and coat, correct rear assembly, still very baby on the move. PBD
2 Tattersall's Alanea Oliver Twist another nice youngster, I just preferred the racier lines of the winner.
3 Hobart's Molahatchie Lone Ranger.

Puppy Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)
1 Jackson's Mompesson News Flash
lovely head eye and expression, good front assembly, body, quarters and tail set, need to settle and tighten on the move.

Junior Dog - 7 Entries (2 Absent)
1 Corbett's Trimere Trademark
and what a good trademark he makes, lovely all through just needing time to complete the picture.
2 Palmer's Roandew Dez Diddit
another very promising young man, close up to the winner, good head, neck, shoulder and upper arm, enough body for age, not quite as positive in movement yet as winner.
3 Lawler's Roqfolly Pinball Wizard.

Special Yearling Dog - 7Entries (2 Absent)
1 Chandler's Calvdale Call of the Search
quality head with good eye, nice reach of neck with correct shoulder placement, body and bone, strong quarters which he used to his advantage on the move, well presented.
2 Fennell & Miller's Graftonbury Sirius
stronger in head than class winner with good dark eye, correct shoulder and upper arm, good topline, not wearing his best coat today, moved well.
3 Lawler's R Pinball Wizard.

Maiden Dog - 1 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Pattenden's Ketsby Krusader at Berina
nice young dog good through head, eye colour ear set, neck, shoulder placement, body and quarters, standing on correct type of feet. Moved much better than he had in earlier class.

Novice Dog - 2 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Palmer's R Dez Diddit.
2 Pattenden's K Krusader at B. (see above)

Undergraduate Dog - 3 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Palmer's R Dez Diddit.
2 Pattenden's K Krusader at B.
3 Gomm's Fendley the Highlander.

Graduate Dog - 2 Entries - (0 Absent)
1 Reynolds' Clentonian Masterpiece
upstanding l/w who was a joy to watch moving round the ring, good through head, neck, shoulder, upper arm, bone, feet, rib and length, very powerful quarters with well developed second thigh.
2 Baillie's Cherimore Prince of Thieves
built on different lines to the winner and lost out to him on movement.

Post Graduate Dog - 5 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Tattersall's Alanea Discovery
good head with lovely dark eye and typical Springer expression, good front assembly, size, bone and tailset, strong quarters with good second thigh, moved with correct drive and reach.
2 Rooke's Sarzeau Mr Bumble good for size and balance, lovely dark eye, good side movement was slightly spoiled by gay tail.
3 Harris' Graftonbury Quantum Leap.

Mid Limit Dog - 4 Entries (1 Absent)
(1) Scanlan's Cherimore Angelino
lovely type, good through head, eye, neck, shoulder body and bone, strong quarters with correct tailset, moved well in profile.
2 Guy's Fenaybrook from a Distance
different type with dark eye and all of the essentials in construction, little loose in movement.
3 Hipgrave's Ternspringer Paperwhite's Pickle Pear.

Limit Dog - 13 Entries (2 Absent)
1 Savell's Petranella Perfick
classic type, correct size, head, eye and expression, good reach of neck which flowed into well laid shoulders with correct upper arm length, just enough body and bone, good feet, strong quarters with correct tailset, moved well with correct gait. RDCC.
2 Fennell & Miller's Graftonbury Fifthavenue close up to the winner and could change places another day, just a tad bigger and eye not quite as appealing.
3 Jackson's Mompesson High Stakes.

Open Dog - 8 Entries (1 Absent)
What a super class this was, the first four dogs could easily change places another day.
1 Jackson's Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny
 this dog commanded the ring from the minute he entered it, flowed round with that wonderful action so typical of the breed, so sound and good all through, correct size, lovely head and expression he simply had to have the DCC.
2 Hales' Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams another lovely dog who so nearly traded places with the winner, quality all through, correct type and movement, I just felt that the winner had the edge on maturity.
3 Calvert's Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly.

Veteran Dog - 4 Entries (2 Absent)
1Larbreck Heartbreaker at Feorlig JW
7 yr old dog of correct size, good head, front assembly, body and quarters, moved well in profile.
2 Richardson & Terry-Richardson's Cleavehill Urban Culture of Cherishym
7 yr old b/w built on different lines, fair all through, moved well.

Field Trial Dog - 0 Entries (0 Absent)

Special Open (Qualified) Dog - 0Entries

Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes Open Dog - 4 Entries (0 Absent)
1 Grant's Canouan Viking Flagship
b/w with good head, eye and expression, correct reach of neck, shoulder and upper arm, bone, feet, topline and tailset. Good coat, quarters and bend of stifle, moved well.
2 Glendinning's Swed. Ch. Backa Tinkerbell Atlas-Bell (imp Swe)
good for size and super dark liver coat, pleasing head, nice all through.
3 Clark's Syferspring Stinger.

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog - 3 Entries (1 Absent)
(1) Hipgrave's T Paperwhite's Prickle Pear
B/W neck, shoulder and upper arm good, fair balance, moved well in profile.
2 Richardson & Terry-Richardson's C Urban Culture to C.