Dog CC & Best In Show: Sh Ch Trimere Thriller, RDCC & RBIS Mompesson Cavendish BPD & Best Puppy In Show: Tryhard Pioneer,Bitch CC: Dexbenella Drama Queen RBCC & BV In Show : Sh Ch Trimere Total Devotion To Dexbenella JW,Best Puppy Bitch Savill'sPetranella Gossip Girl Best Veteran Dog: Mitchell's Heulyn Flambeau

I would like to thank The ESS Club for there hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to judge the parent club Championship show - I’m honored. Also big thanks to my helpful stewards and not forgetting the sporting exhibiters who helped to create such a warm friendly atmosphere. Lots of quality and competitive classes and plenty close decisions on the day. Size is in general better than in the past, with quite a few of my winning dogs being between 20 and 21 inches.. Presentation and condition on the whole was very good, but my biggest complaint was loose wide elbows - too many! The standard states Elbows set well to the body…Worth bearing in mind!

Minor Puppy Dog (12,2)
1 Savill's Petranella Hot Gossip
Mature well made baby, quite a nice head, though eyes a little light at the moment. Good shoulders, depth in brisket and spring of rib. Nicely angulated in rear. Moved very well to win this hot Minor puppy class.
2 Notley's Celgarn Next Heart of Gold
pstanding dog making a nice shape in stance. A bit fine in head and not the lay back of shoulder of winner, but adequate in both departments. Nice straight front a and good rear angulation. Moved well with enthusiasm.
3 Richardson's Alanea Juke
4 Glendinning's Plaiglen Hustle
5 Jenkinson's Eastriding Armani Diamonds

Puppy Dog (6,2)
1 Long & Leming's Tryhard Pioneer
Really liked this well constructed classy puppy, has all the essentials to go far. He has a nice masculine head, good reach of neck set nicely into well laid shoulders. and is nicely angulated in rear Nice spring of rib and deep body for age. Finished the job off by moving really soundly and well fore and aft, keeping his shape on the move. He beat off a very strong crop of puppies here today. A worthy BPIS
2 Notley's Celgarn Next Heart of Gold
3 House's Gleadsbury Judicial Review
4 Richardson's Alanea Juke

Junior (7,2)
1 Walker's Dexbenella It's About Time
Eye catching substantial junior with a touch of class. Presented in superb condition. Pleasing enough head, that will improve with age, as will his expression as his eyes darken. He has a nice reach of neck set into well laid shoulders . Nice straight front and good bone. Not an awful lot of reach on the move, nevertheless a sound happy mover with bags of improvement in him.
2 Glendinning's Plaiglen Sea Of Stars
Really liked this nice headed young dog of good size. Other than preferring a slightly better lay back of shoulder, I found him really well made right through, with good reach of neck, substantial deep body, nice straight front and lovely bone. Super well muscled quarters, that he uses to great effect on the move….all be it with his tail clamped down today. Should have bright future if his little quirks can be ironed out.
3 Foster's Petranella Bombay Bad Boy For Shanoah
4 Wilson's Chelmeress Solar Wind
5 Warbrick's Lyndberry Lightning Star

Yearling Dog (10,0)
1 Nicholson's Lochindorb Chief O'The Clan
Nice class headed by this lovely type of young dog. Quality masculine head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Makes a nice overall shape in stance and has a lovely thick back end on him which he really drives with on the move . Deep enough in chest , though a shade tucked up in loin at the moment. Not quite ready to take on the big fella’s yet, but certainly has time and lots of potential.
2 Topliss's Peasblossom Escape To Beresford
Completely different type to winner, but yet another impressive boy with presence. Pleasing masculine head with dark eye and nice expression. He has nice bone and is well bodied with good spring of rib. Makes a lovely picture standing and moved really well in profile and in rear.. Not so clever coming towards me though today. That said,
this handsome lad should have a very bright future.
3 Cokell's Trimere Transition To Carlyquinn JW
4 Wildsmith's Trimere Time Trail With Sansiebeck
5 Jenkinson's Eastriding Armani Black

Maiden Dog (4,1)
1 Long & Leming's Tryhard Pioneer
2 Savill's Petranella Hot Gossip
3 Morgan's Plaiglen Dream Dancer

Novice Dog (1,1)
Undergraduate Dog (5,0)
1 Drinkall's Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
Flashy dog shown in good hard condition. Good spring of rib, decent bone, and nice width behind. Moved ok fore and aft, and won this close class on his nice typy head.
2 Large's Mompesson Flawless Is Madaza
Plainer dog then winner but still has a reasonable head, good level topline and is well bodied. Moved steadily.
3 Joyce's Shelcasrie Head Over Heals

 Graduate Dog (6,1)
1 Willey's Speeton Sea Challenger
Up to size but balanced and well made right through. Nice type of head and dark eye, really nice lay back of shoulder. Good depth and nice spring of rib, and well angulated behind. Moved well
2 Gregory's Arcadia Atomic Force
Not the most eye-catching dog when stacked, but when you get into him he has some really nice points about him. Nice masculine head and dark eye, good straight front and lovely bone and nicely bodied. Shown in hard condition and when settled moved soundly.
3 Nicolson's Lochindorb Clansman
4 Drinkall's Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
5 Large's Mompesson Flawless Is Madaza

Post Graduate Dog (9,0)
1 Happs's Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna
A dog I liked as a youngster, and the same applied today. Quite a moderately angled dog with nothing overdone, just a balanced honest dog full of breed type. Plenty work and chiseling in his masculine head, though still waiting for his eye to darken. Deep bodied and well muscled. Moved really well from any angle. Certainly not out of place against the big boys and merited consideration in the challenge.
2 Long & Leeming's Tryhard The Black Gladiator
Have also in the past admired this stylish B/W dog. He was shown in good coat and made an impressive picture standing. Lovely masculine head, nice reach of neck into adequately angled shoulders. Nice depth and well boned. Moved really well, pushed the winner hard for the class
3 Shovel's Tiversone Kingston Black
4 Thornhill's Chelmeress Peter Pan At Inthor
5 Richardson's Cherishym Bright Knight

Mid Limit Dog (4,0)
1 Downward's Alanea Smax JW
udged this fellow as a puppy and wasn’t particularly impressed, but boy has he improved in so many ways since then. Lovely straight front with well boned legs. Nice reach of neck, well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Moved really well front and back with drive. Made a lovely balanced picture standing. Still improving and could be one to watch.
2 Tracz's Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM
Another quality young dog that has improved since I last went over him,
Nice head and dark eye, nice straight front and good reach of neck. Really deep well made body and nice level topline. Made a nice picture standing and moved soundly. As ever he was presented immaculately but just lost out on type.
3 Happs's Beresford Beat The Clock With Emianna
4 Wilson's Shipden Authorised At Zawspring

Limit Dog (5,1)
1 Jackson's Mompesson Cavendish
I have quite admired this dog from ringside, and now having had the pleasure of going over him, he certainly didn‘t disappoint. Presented in nice condition carrying the right amount of feather (cant stand feather almost touching the ground)…Fit the standard in most departments including his lovely chiseled head and dark eye giving that correct soft expression. Strong neck of good length into superb shoulder construction. Deep bodied right through with nice spring of rib. Strong muscular thighs of good width, and has what I consider the correct angulation in rear…. To be very critical , I would like him a shade longer on the leg. He was very well handled, to get the best out of him both stacked and on the move, going with enthusiasm and great drive in rear, and with a long ground covering action in profile. Best mover of the day. ResCC RBIS
2 Topliss's Petranella Perfick Choice For Beresford
Looking super today this powerful well made boy was unlucky to meet winner in such good form. Quite a nice type of head with lovely dark eye. Good reach of neck into adequate lay back of shoulder. Good straight front and super bone. Plenty depth right through and nicely angulated in rear. A real power house on the move driving with hocks well under him. He is a shade longer than ideal maybe, nevertheless plenty to commend him and is a dog still going the right way.
3 Lillie's Tryhard Tempest At Freeway
4 Whitley's Shipden Will Hay

Open Dog (3,0)
1 Corbett's Sh Ch Trimere Thriller
Superb dog standing, and a pleasure to go over.. Starting with his well chiseled head, with nice fluting, depth of flue and correct stop. Although he would benefit from a darker eye, he still has the most lovely soft expression. Strong arched neck of good length. Nice legs and feet, good straight front with elbows well set to the body(which wasn’t the case in so many today). Nice body qualities with good spring of rib and strong loin. Beautifully made back end with thick limbs and well muscled thighs of good width and good bend of stifle.. His excellent front movement stems from his superb shoulder construction, allowing him to go as a Springer should with that long ground covering action swinging from the shoulder. Didn’t always get it together so well in rear being a bit loose and untidy at times, that said, he still moved with width and a free flowing driving action. This, along with his superb tail carriage showed off is impressive side gait.
So on the day, against what I considered to be high class Premiership players, I feel he was Champions league! DogCC and BIS
2 Notley's SU Ch Nu Ch High Score Xciting Xperience With Celgarn
Larger dog than most exhibited today.. but not over big . Strong masculine head, good bone and straight front. Decent shoulder construction, nice depth of brisket and spring of rib, nicely angulated in rear with good width and well muscled thighs. Moved a shade close behind but nevertheless went well with purpose. Well handled to make a lovely shape when stacked.
3 Downward's Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW

Veteran Dog (2,0)
1 Mitchell's Heulyn Flambeau
What a fabulous veteran!.. Quoting the opening line of my notes “just lovely right through’ He has a beautiful, quality, masculine head and dark eye, and despite his years he is still lovely to go over with correct angles front and back, nice body proportions and lovely bone. Just showing his age on the move, but still covered the ground with a free easy action. Really liked him..
2. Reynolds Clentonian Masterpiece
Another grand old timer that has been round the block a few times, but still looking really well for his age. Powerful dog with good bone and a nice straight front, Really deep bodied and strong back end with plenty width. Still moves freely and well.

Special Field Trial Dog (0,0)

Special Working Dog (0,0)

Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes Open Dog (4,0)

1 Mitchell's Heulyn Flambeau
2 Topliss's Rianlas In The Black At Beresford
Eye-catching B/W dog looking a picture stacked. He has plenty substance and lovely bone. Pleasing head and expression, lovely well shaped muscular back end. Really enthusiastic mover, but a shade erratic today.
3 Whitley's Shipden Will Hay
4 Drinkall's Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme In Memory of Ian & Olga Hampton

1 Tracz's Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM
2 Happs's Beresford Beat The Clock With Emianna
3 Wilson's Shipden Authorised At Zawspring
4 Joyce's Shelcasrie Head Over Heals