A big thanks to both the ESSC’s Officers and Committee for all their hard work and attention to detail, but also to all the exhibitors, who not only complimented me by bringing such quality exhibits on which to give my opinion, but also for entering into the true spirit of the day by accepting my decisions with such goodwill.

So now, for what you really want to know! For me personally, the whole day, from many aspects, was a thrill and pleasure from start to finish and I hope (age precluding!) will stay long in the memory. My heart skipped a beat when judging both my line ups for the challenge, so nothing that anyone else can say will ever change that for me.

I apologise now, if when reading each individual critique, I repeat myself, but happily all my winners shared much the same qualities, which were those of balance, style, elegance, and good looks, with the icing on the cake being the condition of the dog’s coat, even had nature (often as it can in inopportune moments!) intervened. Whilst superior merits should ultimately determine individual choices, it was in my view equally valid to pay serious consideration to the importance of sound construction, fitness and movement to complement the characteristics synonymous with the Breed. Lucky for me then that today I found much evidence of both, in abundance.

Finally, did today’s task, especially in view of the challenges facing dogs today, lead me to the conclusion that the the breed continues to retain its qualities and multipurpose appeal? Well, from what I saw, I hope so, as there is clear evidence of how much thought and hard work is being put in by those who seek enhancement and improvement when and where it is most needed.

I will now look forward, with much interest and pleasure, to seeing what the future holds for them all and I wish them the best of luck.

MPD 2 (1)
1 Mitchell & Paynes' Peasblossom Jester
What a great way to start a day’s judging and happily it proved indicative of things to come!
He may have stood unopposed today, but this masculine, very appealing, stylish, happy, confident l/w/t youngster is very pleasing on both the eye and to handle, with super depth of body and bone for his age. Presented in sparkling condition, handled supportively and his general demeanour and active, sound movement, all very much complemented his excellent breed points, all of which indicate a promising future.

PD 5 (3)
1 Mitchells' Barecho goldfever at Peasblossom (imp swe)
I was indeed taken with this impressive, attractive young l/w male, as he appealed to me in many structural departments, predominantly his balance, length of neck and shoulder placement, depth of body and general overall muscle tone and showmanship. For me, there are certainly no hiding places when judging an ESS with a dark head, so it was pleasing to find he had such excellent head proportions with the promise of more improvement, where presently required, to come as he matures. He had to see off some stiff competition from his contemporaries at the end of the day, but did more than enough, albeit exuberantly, on the move, to very much deserve the award of BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.
2 Wilsons' Mosi Mahbub for Zawspring
B/W similar in age to 1, and although displaying acceptable balance, good depth of body and bone and moving soundly, for me, he could not compete with the style, finish and appeal of 1. Nevertheless, maturity and extra confidence from his handler should see overall improvement in him in the future,

JD 5
A satisfying class to judge with several others with good breed points. However, 1st and 2nd in this class stood out as two fine examples of breed type, excelling in most structural departments, each of them ticking my boxes on the day, albeit in slightly different ways and consequently each subsequently taking several other classes.
Neither, as to be expected as yet, is the finished physical article and both should, as they muscle up and mature, improve for tightening up overall on the move. Today, 1 had the edge for me in competition over 2 on basic shape, elegance and balance, with powerful hindquarters and just the right sweep and strength of stifle, plus the joy of standing on the most gorgeous of feet. Whilst both have typical and appealing heads and expressions, the darkening of eye colour and development in head, will be of service to both.
I consider that such dogs should have much to offer the breed and I have little doubt that they will both fulfil the promise shown here today.
1 Walkers Dexbenella Time To Dream
2 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Chaos
3 Larges' Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
4 Arnolds' Mupties Love Cats
5 Hollenders' Scoutwell Entangled

YD 6

1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Banjo JW
There is much to appreciate and be impressed by this dog’s construction, being pretty much copybook to the Standard, In particular, I found his head and expression most appealing. He has the added attribute of being very much the showman and in addition uses his strong, powerful physique and well boned limbs to stride out with purpose and panache. Expertly presented and handled with confidence, he was not quite ready to compete for top honours today, but once he strengthens and tightens up will make his mark I am sure
2 Richardson & Terry-Richardsons' Alanea Juke
An attractive, likeable b/w well boned dog standing on good feet and moving soundly. His strongest attribute is his head and expression but in my view could improve for overall appeal for carrying more body and muscular condition to enhance basic structure and outline. Perhaps a little more attention to coat presentation would complement. It was a tough order to beat 1 today, but he has several good points that can make him by and large competitive on other days.
3 Geddes Tryhard privateer at Debanza
4 Furness Shelcasrie Flint
5 Shovels' Tiverstone Chorister Boy

MD 2 (1)
1 Richardson & Terry-Richardsons' Alanea Juke

1 Walkers Dexbenella Time To Dream
2 Richardson & Terry-Richardsons' Alanea Juke


1 Walkers Dexbenella Time To Dream
2 Harris' Waterswarren Back to Black at Coastaglow
While he deserved his placing over others in the class, he is not quite in the same calibre as 1. Built though on good lines, with sufficient length of neck and correct shoulder placement, balanced in stance with level topline and plenty of work in his head, with a kindly expression. His owner should be proud of him and as she gains confidence, he could become more competitive.
3 Wilsons' Chelmeress Solor Wind
4 Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft

GD 5 (1)

1 Eyeingtons' Meadowdale Chaos
2 Savell & Botts' Petranella Hot Gossip JW
Short coupled flashy l/w with standard, more than acceptable, overall make and shape. Head sufficiently balanced and with soft expression, but darker eye can improve and I did like his tidy, neat feet. Outshone by 1 today, for bone, general size, and substance and on the move. Perhaps more confidence and maturity can see him use his soundly constructed rear end to better effect, as he has much to commend him as a quality example of the Breed.
3 Wilsons' Chelmeress Solor Wind
4 Warbricks' Lyndbury Lightning Star

PGD 10 (3)
 A class with not quite the depth in quality, but the placed dogs all had sufficient merits
1 Nicolsons' lochindorb Clansman
His fortes are his head of good proportions, with correct appealing dark eye, coupled with his ability to move out freely. From a critical perspective, although his neck and shoulder placement is acceptable, he is a tad short in upper arm and in profile fell away at croup. He does though manage to hold his topline better on the move, but his performance left me with the impression that co-operation is not always something with which he is consistent, as his handler attempted to get his mind on the job.
2 Happs' Beresford Beat the Clock with Emianna
The first thing that came to mind when assessing this dog was his ‘old fashioned’, appearance. No frills, but honest with good balance, depth of body and bone, a kind eye and expression, even though his head properties were not good enough to beat those of 1, there are still of good quality. Not the movement of the winner, but sound all the same
3 Richardson & Terry-Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight
4 Furness Shelcasrie Flint
5 Wilsons' Chelmeress Solor Wind

MLD 4 (1)
Numerically small class, but certainly quality in all three, with 1 standing out and later to be awarded the CC from stiff opposition.
1 Walkers Dexbenella It's About Time JW ScCM
What a buzz to assess this immensely eye catching l/w/t, bred in the purple from two high class, top winning parents. Could not fail to grab my attention from the second he walked into the Ring. He came, I saw, he conquered! I consider he displays so many of the finest attributes of the Breed. Given his age, there is every chance that, if managed sensibly, maturity and finish can improve him further. His headpiece is gorgeous with a beguiling expression, together with the desired amount of fluting and depth of muzzle leaving no doubt as to his masculinity. Elegant length of neck, flowing into well placed shoulders. Superb depth of body, retaining an abundance of substance and strength with elegance. To top it off he was in the peak of muscular fitness. He never let up for one instance on the move, even against tough opposition in the final challenges and gave way only to the bitch for BIS by the smallest of margins. Oh, by the way, how can I forget those wonderful feet, which took him so fluently and purposefully around the Ring.
A privilege, without hesitation, to award him, (I found out later), his 2nd C.C. His owner/breeder need not look so surprised to take top honours, as he is surely bound for the upper house sooner rather than later.
2 Nicolsons' Lochindorb Chief of the Clan
A very striking flashy dog, with the stamp of his Sire, but overall could not match 1 in head, body and finish. That said, he is well constructed in most departments, came up against a dog of undoubted class on the top of his game and will improve for maturity. He covers the ground with ease and purpose, which sealed him 2nd place over 3, who also has much to commend him.
3 Large's Mompesson Flawless is Madaza