It was an honour to judge the parent club ch show and thank the committee for ensuring that everything ran smoothly and creating a lovely friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed the day enormously.
I was disappointed with the variation in heads: some were plain, lacking the fluting and chiselling which for me is an essential part of true ESS breed type and others were very broad across the skull. That said I was delighted with my winners and thought the quality of black and whites at the moment was the best I’ve seen.

Puppy 4
1st Calverts' Calvdale Costa
mature l/w puppy, excels in body and substance for one so young, his head is a little strong for age at the moment but I’m sure it will refine with time. Lovely arched neck and good shoulders into straight front with excellent feet. Moved soundly when settled into his stride. Pleased to award him BPIS
2nd Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession Of Meadowdale
l/w/t also very mature for age, deep well made body, plenty of angulation, good bone & substance, not much between these two but 1 showed with more style and oomph today.
3rd Lawlers' Roqfolly Never Say Never
Res Wakelens' Seaspring Beat To Quarters

Junior 7(1)
1st Smiths' Melverly Buona Notte
super smart young l/w dog with good neck and shoulder placement, loved his bone and substance, deep bodied, strong chunky quarters giving good driving action, in super coat and condition – knocking on the door for top honours
2nd Long & Leemings' Tryhard Walter Raleigh
b/w/t another quality young dog, masculine head and good eye, strong arched neck and nice substance and size for age. Moved confidently with particular good rear action.
3rd Corbetts' Trimere Total Chaos
Res Broughs' Riselawroad No Deal
VHC Wakelens' Seaspring Beat To Quarters

Yearling 2
1st Taubmans' Meonstoke Hawthorn
a strong made dog with pleasant head, eyes could be a touch darker, excellent neck, good ribs and deep compact body. Good strong quarters which he used well on the move.
2nd Crabtrees' Roqfoly Black Label
slighter in stature than 1 and would like more of him all over, nice type and depth of chest but feel he will benefit from more time.

Maiden 1
1st Wakelens' Seaspring Beat To Quarters
l/w dog I found rather strong in skull, needs more neck and somewhat upright in shoulder, good deep body with decent bone and rear quarters. Movement was close behind.

Novice 3 (1)
1st Long & Leemings' Tryhard Walter Raleigh
2nd Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession Of Meadowdale

Undergraduate 3
1st Long & Leemings' Tryhard Walter Raleigh
2nd Eyeingtons' Buzzing Obsession At Meadowdale
3rd Broughs' Riselawroad No Deal

Graduate No Entries
Post Graduate 9 (1)
1st Trazcs' Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM
a handsome l/w dog not overdone anywhere and shown in first class condition. Good head and eye, good neck set and well laid shoulders, sound in front with good ribs, strong rounded quarters. Moved soundly and steadily just lacked a little flair in the line up to catch my eye.
2nd Happs' Jorobaden Ballabrigas
charming old fashioned type, pleasing head with good eye expression, he is a lovely size and shape with good overall confirmation. In good condition and well-handled, maturity and coat will finish the picture.
3rd Lawlers' Roqfolly Hugo Drax
Res Gates' Gunring Ensuendo
VHC Harris' Waterswarren Back To Black At Cosstalglows

Mid Limit (3)
1st Downwards' Reuben's Razzle Dazzle JW
loved his size, substance, bone, and rear quarters. Masculine head and kind eye but a touch on the heavy side, slightly more reach of neck would complete the picture. Very sound and powerful on the move
2nd Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
– l/w/t taller on the leg than 1, good depth of brisket with plenty of heart room, strong well-muscled rear quarters, moved well.

Limit 9 (1)
I was spoilt for choice in both the limit and open dog classes
1st Calverts' Calvdale Night Court JW ShCM
although quite solidly marked he caught my eye immediately with his gleaming black jacket and super balanced outline, masculine refined head, good neck and shoulders, well bodied with good depth of chest, lovely bone and gorgeous feet. Sound and happy on the move. I was pleased to award him RCC
2nd Topliss' Beresford Special Delivery
there was so much I liked about this boy. Great outline, oozing substance and bone, deep in forechest. Masculine balanced head and lovely eye shape and colour but would like more stop to complete the picture Shown in hard condition which showed in his movement.
3rd Lawlers' Roqfolly For a your Eyes Only
Res Dunsdon & Woodbridges' Seaspring Shipwrecked
VHC Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trail With Sandibeck

Open 9 (2)
1st Glendinnings' Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
a b/w dog so utterly in his prime. He looked so well both standing and moving and he completely filled my eye for balance and type. His head is masculine but so refined and well chiselled. Strong arched neck and well laid shoulders, short coupled deep body, glorious legs and feet and muscled hindquarters with short well let down hocks. Shown in sparkling condition. He moved freely and effortlessly round the ring and could not deny him the CC and BIS
2nd Mitchells' Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Another dog full of quality, masculine head and good eye, has a super clean outline showing off his excellent neck and shoulders. Nice depth to his body with superb substance and bone. His forte is on the move showing great front extension and driving action.
3rd Topliss' Dan Ch Sanques Cut To athe Chase
Res Eyeingtons' Sh Ch Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan JW
VHC Jenkinsons' Nord Ch Adamants Fortune Is Future

Veteran 3 (1)
1st Downwards' Sh Ch Reuben's Silent Reflection
Spritely 10 year old in fine fettle. Up to size and would benefit from more reach of neck but has great substance and bone, superb depth of chest and spring of rib, short coupled body and muscled quarters, lively and sound on the move.
2nd Woolhouses' Charishym Outlaw
8 year old in good condition, honest dog of a lovely size and overall shape, well boned legs and good firm feet, level topline and rounded quarters. Moved well.

Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes 4 (2)
1st Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trial With Sandibeck
mature compact dog of good substance, correct balanced head with lovely expressive eyes, good clean straight front and well laid shoulders which showed in his movement. In good condition and well handled.
2nd Hensons' Melkami Williams Wonder At Kobracobi
a taller and rangier dog than 1, with a strong head, excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, nice bone and legs. Moved ok.

Good Citizen
1st Eyeingtons' Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM
a worthy champion in sparkling condition, very balanced and sound throughout, lovely head and length of neck, leading to well laid shoulders, good depth of body and well angled rear. Excellent free mover
2nd Tracz' Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer ShCM
another quality champion with all the essentials, masculine through and through, especially liked his rear quarters which had plenty of width to the thighs. Shown in excellent condition.
3rd Wildsmiths' Trimere Time Trial With Sandibeck
4th Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft