ESSC Champ show 2019

Judge: Frances Jackson


Sorry in the delay submitting my critique for the English Springer Club show.  A few days after judging, I had an accident trapping my hand in the car door, it took a few weeks to repair.  I had forgotten all about writing the critique until I had a reminder a few days ago. They are a bit sketchy as they are from memory.


I would like to than the committee for giving me the privilege to judge at the parent club and to my  two stewards for keeping things running smoothly.


MPD 1 (1 abs)


PD 3 (0)

1.  Eastriding Royal Mayfair

A quality dog of good size, well - proportioned throughout.  Pleasing in head and eye masculine without being overdone, sound and steady on the move.  Presented in good coat and condition, one that should have a bright future.

2. Trimere Time Tracker

Put down in good coat and condition.  Would like more foreface, has a good straight front, hind movement erratic moving away.

3. Alhambian Bon Scott


Junior Dog 5 (1 abs)

1. Arcadian Aston Martin

An honest type, pleasing in head with a good dark eye, good straight legs standing on good feet.  Chest broad and deep with a good spring of rib.  Needs some serious ring training moved soundly when settled.

2. Trimere Time Tracker

3. Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring

4. Tiverstone Statesman At Stormerick


YD 3

1. Acradia Alfa Romeo

B/W with a well-proportioned head with plenty of foreface, moderate in stifle, well ribbed body moved wide in front, again this young man needs to be handled more.

2. Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring

B/W has a good dark eye, with good bone and substance masculine without being course.  Today a bit erratic in movement when moving away. Presented in good hard condition.

3. Tiverstone Statesman at Stormerick


MD 2

1. Acradia Aston Martin

2. Alhambian Bon Scott

Would like him more up on his legs, having good bone and substance throughout, a nice shaped head, little round in eye which spoiled the expression.  Sound and free in movement.


ND 2

1. Arcadia Alfa Romeo

2. Alhambrian Bon Scott



1. Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring

2. Tiverstone SAtatesman At Stormerick

An attractive young dog pleasing in head and eye, strong neck and well bodied.  Moved a little erratic today.


GD 2

1. Pendarlow Peter Pan With Braego

A L/W with a well-shaped head and eye.  Well developed in neck set into well laid shoulders, would like more in second thigh.  Presented in lovely coat and condition, moved free and soundly.

2. Meadowdale Luther Vandross At Seaspring



1. Dexbenella Atticus Finch - CC

Took my eye as soon as he entered the ring.  A very smart young dog just full of quality.  Has a well shaped head and eye, although could be a little deeper in foreface.  Ample reach of neck well laid shoulders with plenty of angulation fore and aft, which he used to move round the ring with drive.  Liked his confirmation, so well  presented in gleaming coat and condition.  I had no hesitation in awarding him his first CC and BIS, will have a bright future.

2. Beresford Night Train - Res CC

Another young dog full of quality with a well shaped head piece with a dark eye and correct eye shape.  So well constructed with plenty of bone and substance, standing on a good straight front and feet.  Has a good depth of body shown in lovely condition and moved effortless round the ring.  Pleased to award him the res CC.

3. Plaiglen Beaters B'Stylish

Res. Kenair Dreaming On A Star

5 Pendarlow Peter Pan With Braego




LD 6 (2 abs)

1. Clentonian Solomans Seal

Upstanding L/W dog with masculine outlook.  A quality well shaped head, with a good eye and kind expression.  Has good bone and substance, firm top line strong well shaped quarters.  A free and sound mover enjoying his day out.  Today carrying more weight than I like.

2. Westaway Dream Of Angus Of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)

Another young masculine dog of quality, pleasing head and eye , good reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, plenty of depth of brisket, in super coat and condition, moved soundy with a good stride, carrying far to much weight for me.

3. Meonstoke Hawthorne

Res. Plaiglen Beaters BTrue


OD 2 (1 abs)

1. Riselawroad No Deal

I have always admired this dog, a very honest type, nothing overdone of good size with good bone and substance.  Pleasing in head with soft kind expression, neck flows into well laid shoulder,.  Good straight front, a sound happy moving dog.  Was disappointed with his overall presentation today, not up to his normal standard.


Champ D 0


Vet D 5 (1 abs)

1. Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

Looking really well in his veteran years, a beautiful headed dog with a kind soft expression.  Has ample bone and substance in good coat and condition moved very soundly, steady and happily.

2. Aleana Smax

3. Torbeck Penrhyn Bay

Res. Tralay Black Jack


Sp Field T D 0


Sp Working D 0


Jimmy Cudworth Stakes D 5 (1 abs)

1. Melverley Dessert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM

L/W dog, well balanced and compact deep in brisket and short in loin, presented in good coat and condition, moved well.

2.Tralay Black Jack

3. Meadowdale luther Vandross At Seaspring

Res. Tryhard Sturmey Archer




MPB 2 (1 abs)

1. Dewspan Yorkshire Rose

A very feminine puppy would like a little more work in her head, has a kind dark eye, good reach of neck, straight in front and she moved soundly and steady.


PB 2 (1 abs)

1. Eastriding Glam Princess - BPB

Has an attractive outline and of good size, she is balanced throughout, good depth of brisket sweet head and expression.  Just needs a little more confidence moved soundly.


JB 7 (3 abs)

1. Portrail Shape Of You

L/W/T Has a well shaped head with a good depth of foreface, pleasing in outline, good deep body with a level undercarriage.  Used her well shaped quarters on the move.  Not in her usual coat and condition.

2. Plaiglen Tweedledee

A very feminine compact L/W, I like her  outline and well shaped quarters, put down to perfection, moved freely.

3. Spuffing Tanqueray

Res. Tiverstone Petit Muscat


YB 4 (2 abs)

1. Shipden Alambrian Diana Dors - Res CC

Have admired this young bitch from a puppy, she is improving all the time.  Typical in head and expression, dark in eye.  So well balanced throughout and very feminine and full of quality.  Loved her outgoing temperament moved with drive and purpose with her strong quarters flowed round the ring.  Pleased to award her the res bitch CC.

2. Meonstoke Angelica

Attractive in outline.  Would like a softer expression, she has a well developed quarters and presented in good coat and condition, moved sound but not as fluid as winner.


MB 1 (1 abs)


NB 2 (1 abs)

1. Eastriding Sheer Love for Sandicam

Has a lovely outline, would like a softer expression, good ribbed body and depth of brisket, good bone and feet presented in lovely bloom moved soundly.



1. Belavitar Polar Star At Beresford

A lovely bitch with good bone and substance which this kennel has throughout, this is something that is missing in the breed today.  Short well ribbed in body, level topline, straight in front with tight feet.  Moved steady.

2. Spuffing Tanqueray

B/W with a pleasing head and eye, attractive in outline with a good reach of neck.  Straight in front with good bone and feet, she has good angles front and rear.  Not in the best of coats today moved well covering the ground.


GB 5

1. Clentonian Picture Perfect

A well balanced bitch of quality.  Feminine in head with plenty of work, good reach of neck set into well laid shoulders deep in body with a level undercarriage.  Straight in front with good feet.  Moved well driving from the rear, presented well.

2. Pendarlow Tiana

Pleasing in outline, not moving correctly when viewed from behind.  In good coat and condition.

3. Wenark May Blossom At Yarlestre

Res. Spuffing Tanqueray

VHC. Meonstoke Angelica


PGB 10 (1 abs)

1. Beresford Night Nurse At Dexbenella

Another nice one from this kennel, well constructed with a good balanced outline.  I liked her head shape, reach of neck and well placed shoulders and muscular hindquarters.  Moved freely and with confidence.

2. Breseford Night Class

Litter sister to first, similar remarks apply.  Sweet head and expression with a good reach of neck good spring of rib and depth of brisket ample bone.  Would like to see her move with a little more enthusiasm.

3. Roqfolly Artycreath Viva La Diva

Res. Donarden Dream Baby

VHC. Kingsheath Asuka


MLB 7 (1 abs)

1. Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf CW18 CJW 18

Has an impressive shape and outline.  Well developed in head, good reach of neck, standing on a straight front, has a well developed second thigh.  Turned out in beautiful condition, moved soundly.

2. Peaseblossom Rumours At Strathnever

She has a well shaped head but would prefer a softer expression, she has a good reach of neck and front assembly.  Of good size, put down in lovely bloom moved well with a driving action.

3. Seaspring Becalmed

Res. Cherishym Celaneo

VHC. Lordsett Uptown Girl At Beresford (Imp Pol)


LB 7 (2 abs)

1. Kenair I Am I Said

Nothing overdone about this beautiful bitch.  Pleasing in head with a dark and well shaped eye.  Strong in neck let into well laid shoulders, plenty of angulation front and back.  Of good size, good spring of rib, has good bone legs and feet, so sound in movement.

2. Cherishym Chara

Such an elegant bitch so feminine in outlook, good head shape with a soft expression, super outline.  Not the bone or substance of 1st, presented in good coat and condition, moved with an easy stride.

3. Dexbenella Serendipity

Res. Tiverstone Bess Pool

VHC. Ternspringer Jazz Singer


OB 4

1. Kennair Like A Diamond - CC

Looked a picture today in full coat and bloom and gleaming black jacket.  Beautiful head piece with her dark eye and melting expression.  Her neck flows into well laid shoulder, stands on good legs and feet.  So well balanced throughout.  Well ribbed body with a good depth of brisket, enough turn of stifle and good with of second thigh.  So true on the move.  Pleasure to award her the CC.

2. Holivera's Verona With Eastriding

I have admired this bitch from the ringside and didn't disappoint me on  going over her.  Attractive in outline pleasing in head with a kind expression.  Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, ample bone with a well angulated rear-end.  Shown and handled well, in good coat and condition.

3. Bordacity Honey Ryder

Res. Rosannoch Fortuna JW


Champ B 1 (1 abs)


Vet B 4

1. Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW ShCM Ir Vet Ch

A feminine bitch that appeals in head and expression.  Strong neck, depth of body well boned.  Adequate angulation,, presented in fabulous coat and condition, has a great temperament with shows in her happy movement.

2. Dexbenella Inquisitress

3. Peasblossom Geisha At Meonstoke

Res. Ternspringer Melody


Sp Field T B 0


Sp Working B 0


Jimmy Cudworth Stakes B 1

1. Seaspringer Becalmed

B/W with good substance and bone, good reach of neck, steady mover.



1. Spuffing Rioja

A lovely bitch with substance, -pleasing head and eye with a melting expression, standing four square, in super coat and condition, moved steady.

2. Meonstoke Angelica


DCC - Dexbenella Atticus Finch - BIS

Res DCC - Beresford Night Train

BDP - Eastriding Royal Mayfair - BPIS

BVD - Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle

BCC - Kennair Like  Diamond - Res BIS + B B&W

Res BCC -  Shipden Alambrian Diana Dors

BVB - Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW ShCM Ir Vet Ch - BVIS



ESSC bitches


Photo:Kay Woodward