Thanks for asking me to judge this well run show, great stewards too! I really enjoyed going over some super dogs and I thank you for your entries

MPD 4(2ab)
1st Smith's Melverly Top Geezer
Look forward to seeing how this young man matures. Like the flow and balance of him, reachy neck, well ribbed, like his rear angulation, shoulders okay but not quite matching the rear. Stood on nice straight limbs and tight smart feet. Loose on the move as expected at this age. Head needs to develop a bit more work. Expertly handled to make him look his best.
2nd McCourt's Guinness on Tap at Woodspa
Larger made more masculine puppy with a lot to like. Especially like his substance with a good spring of rib, pleasing bone. Really happy sound mover whose sunny temperament shines through. Very well presented and handled.

PD 5(1ab)
1st Croucher & Newlove's Teignvalley Blaser
Super tri puppy, classy boy. Loved his head with its really good skull to muzzle ratio, deep flews and already looking male without being overdone. More than pleasing in forechest, like the angle of his shoulder and nice length to upper arm. Well ribbed and deep through body, good bend of stifle and flowed nicely into the right length hocks. Sound as a bell on the move, very together for a puppy. BPD
2nd Calvert's Calvdale Keelman
Another quality puppy who was immaculately turned out, slightly higher on the leg than 1, and more moderate in angles. Very pleasing head with a super dark eye. Ultra sound and together on the move. Super bone, smart feet, darkest liver jacket. To nitpick might just like to see him drop into his frame which I am sure will happen as he matures.
3rd McCourt's Guinness on Tap at Woodspa
4th Corbett's Roboris Angel Touch Trimere

JD (1)
1st Topliss's Lordsett Unforgiven at Beresford
Only a day out of puppy and super substance for such a youngster. Ample forechest and loved his well angled shoulder and super upper arm in terms of length and angle. Well off for rear angles. Cheeky on the move – but lovely to see a happy temperament.

YD 1(0ab)
1st Bullock's Trixhund Talking Obsession
Happy dog who moves with great verve. Would like more strength to foreface to balance his head. Nice neck length, balanced in angles, nice size, especially like the rapport with his handler.

GD 1(0ab)
1st Crabtree's Roqfolly Black Label
Old fashioned unexaggerated dog with lovely dark appealing eyes. Moved well.

PGD 3(1ab)
1st Henson's Melkami Williams Wonder at Kobrocobi
A Very appealing head with darkening eyes. Good length of neck, well ribbed body. Moved well for his handler. Not in his Sunday best.
2nd Field-Enticott's Valrussan Dressed to Thrill for Baudelaire A more understated dog than the winner who has a good rapport with his handler. Very dark appealing eyes with soft expression, would like a little more bone. Moderate angles. Moved okay. Well handled.

LD 6(0ab)
lovely class, full of quality
1st Calvert's Calvdale Night Court
First impression is of a very smart fully coated bw dog in his prime. Underneath the immaculate coat was super construction. Probably the best front assembly of the day, lovely depth to his forechest, good length to his upper arm which was ideally angled and matched the shoulder placement. The most appealing subtly chiselled head with dark eyes of melting expression lead to the right length of neck which flowed elegantly into a well ribbed body into the sort of rear angulation I consider to be perfect. Nothing overdone about him, just quality and balanced all through. Super sound mover holding a good level topline, occasional gentle wag of his tail. He beat some lovely dogs to be awarded the CC and later BIS.
2nd Warrener's Waterswarren Willy Wonker
Super headed dog, all male without any coarseness. Well angulated both front and rear, just slightly loses the flow from stifle to hock. Well bodied with good depth and spring, nice length to height ratio. Demonstrates great soundness on the move and really well presented. Close up for the RCC
3rd Whittock's Kingsheath William Regal
4th Wallis's TorbeckPenrhyn Bay
5th Tracz's Melverly Desert Strike over Acregate

OD 5(0ab)
another class full of quality right down to VHC
1st Cokell's Carlyquinn Can't Wait
Loved how this dog flowed in his construction. Good in shoulder angles, decent forechest, elegantly set on lengthy neck, pleasingly deep in with just the right amount of substancey. Well angulated behind. Very sound on the move, enjoyed watching his profile movement in particular. Beat off good opposition to win the RDCC
2nd Smith's Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte
Super dog full of quality in his construction, a pleasing symmetry to his front and rear angles. Good head and good eye shape, right length of neck and well bodied. Sound on the move but just lacked sparkle and preferred leg length on the winner of this class.
3rd Calverts Calvdale Zero to Hero
4th Topliss's Swe Sh Ch Sanques Cut to the Chase
5th Large's Meadowdale Riot is Madaza

VD 2(0ab)
1st Tracz's Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
My overriding thought was how he could show the youngsters about style on the move. Very pleasing in head. Well constructed boy, good for shoulder angles and adequate bend of stifle. Liked his height to length ratio, and found him to be really balanced. Very sound on the move and well handled to bring out his best. BVIS,
2nd Richardson & Terry-Richardson's Cherishym Bright Knight
Couldn't match the sparkle of the winner on the move, but pleasing in make and shape.

SBD 1(0ab)
1st Henson's Melkami Williams Wonder at Kobrocobi

MPB 5(1ab)
1st Smith's Melverly Top Totti
And top totti she certainly is. Can’t deny her quality, real eye catcher. Has the look of another top winner from this kennel. She is very well balanced for such a youngster, lovely amount of bone, good rear angles and nice body proportions, good substance and depth . Moves soundly with purpose. Certainly one to watch for the future. BPIS
2nd Calvert's Calvdale Hot Pink
Did nothing wrong to come second, really liked this sweet baby. Well made with pleasing front assembly and nicely angled rear, good reach of neck into the right amount of body for her age. Very balanced. Good bone and neat feet, good hock length. Good topline which she held nicely during her happy sound move around the ring.
3rd Henson’s Chelmeress Kiss Me Quick
4th Claydon's Eastfalla Diamond Diva

PB 6(1ab)
1st Topliss's Beresford What the Devil
Liked the style of this bitch and her body proportions. Would like a little more strength in her head and especially foreface. Good neck length, well made throughout with pleasing angles fore and aft. Moved steadily and soundly.
2nd Croucher & Newlove's Teignvalley Diavari
Liked her for her substance and good bone. Adequately angled fore and aft. Would just like a little more feminity. Well handled and moved soundly enough.
3rd Henson's Chelmeress Kiss Me Quick
4th Gibson's Calvdale Rag Nymph
5th Claydon's Eastfalla Diamond Diva

JB 5(1ab)
1st Topliss's Waterswarren Waterlily
Loved the construction of this strongly made bitch, great angles front and rear, good neck length, well off for body and depth. Quite strong in head even taking the markings into account (which I find very appealing). Moved well.
2nd Holt's Plaiglen Beaters Bjewel To Bethryn
Preferred the head on this bitch, very appealing and soft expression. Moderately angled in shoulder and stifle and moved soundly.
3rd Field-Enticott's Jorobaden Nightshade at Baudelaire
Sympathetically and well handled to show a great improvement in performance, well done.

YB 1(0ab)
1st Shovel's Gertrude Jekyl at Tiverstone
Well handled feminine bitch with nice angles, prettiest of heads. Moved well.

MB 1(0ab)
1st Topliss's Lordsett Uptown Girl At Beresford
Substantial bitch with super construction. Well off for bone. Unsettled on the move but saw enough to know she was very sound.

NB 1(0ab)
1st Gibson's Calvdale Rag Nymph Feminine bitch with adequate bone, nice angles, pretty head. Moved well.

GB 5(1ab)
1st Cokell's Carlyquinn Mama Mia, very sound mover with a pleasing head and super dark eye, well handle to bring out her best. Just found her a tad unbalanced in height to length ratio, but a quality stylish bitch.
2nd Holt's PlaiglenBeaters Bjewel to Bethryn
3rd Wallis's Petranella the real deal
4th Chandler & Cubliffe's Chanangel Falling Leaf

PGB 4(0ab)
1st Hill's Trimere Ta Dah
Beautiful headed bitch who melted my heart! Excellent construction, especially when view from the front with her super straight forelimbs and oh so tidy feet, good shoulder, rear quarters which were ideally angled, soundest of movers - considered her to be the best mover of the day, so very true coming and going, and lovely reach and drive in profile. I forgave her lack of maturity to award her the RCC.
2nd Shovel's Tiverstone Bess Pool
3 Richardson & Terry-Richardson's CherishymChara

LB 6(1ab)
1st Warrener's Waterswarren Whitewash
So my kind of bitch. Really super front construction, so well angled and lovely length to her upper arm. Good ribs, deep through the body, well angulated rear. In particular like her head with its beautiful chiseling, lacking in many these days. Very sound on the move. So close to getting top honours, the eventual winners just being in harder fitter condition.
2nd Dobbin's Donarden Madame Butterfly
Another who did nothing wrong to come second. Beautiful bitch full of quality. Soft gentle head with good shaped dark eyes. liked her neck length and how it flowed into her well angled shoulders. well off for depth and substance. well angled rear, sound on the move, to nitpick might like an inch less body length.
3rd Shovel's Tiverstone Royal Snow
4th Richardson & Terry-Richardson's Cherishym Celaneo

OB 8(1ab)
What a class, full of quality, it took something special to come out on top. Two very good bitches had to go cardless.
1st Scott's Sh Ch Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon
In the absolute peak of condition, super fit and in very hard muscle tone which showed in her stylish sound movement. Really good to go over, super front assembly, decent forechest, good substance through the body, lovely height to length ratio, pleasing rear angulation, very balanced throughout. Well handled on the move to bring out her best, delighted to award her the CC and RBiS.
2nd Topliss's Calvdale Duty Calls Super bitch of lovely type. Very balanced throughout, super head with of course the dark eye you expect in a bw. Well ribbed and deep body, and good bend of stifle. Loved her balance. Very sound on the move and handled to advantage.
3rd Corbett's Int ChTrimere Tough Cookie
4th Smith's Sh Ch MelverlySophistique
5th Corbett's Sh ChTrimere Teresa Green

VB 2(0ab)
1st Hydon's Mompesson Sweet revenge being a little cheeky today, but in fine fettle. Pleasing body propotions. Well off for coat, very sound on the move.
2nd Richardson & Terry-Richardson's Cherishym Bright Star Sweet head, super dark eyes, adequate in angulation, moved soundly and stylishly.

Judge Mrs Wendy Walker