I was thrilled to have been invited to judge The English Springer Springer Club Show of Scotland Championship Show on Saturday 26th March 2016.…
Flying up to Glasgow and a chilled night in Premier Inn @ Airport, then being picked up in morning by a handsome fella in a snazzy car and driven through some stunning countryside to the venue. I was looked after a treat by the committee, with efficient stewards scrummy lunch and given a beautiful personalized engraved photo plaque as a momento of my day. Thank you committee and exhibitors for turning up for my opinion.
On the downside, felt for the exhibitors, as it had been raining constantly for the few days before and all day of the show, making it near impossible for the dogs to get any exercise before being judged, and this impacted on movement on the day.

VD 1
1 Tracz Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
Gone over this dog and given him a class at another Ch.Show few years ago now, and have to say how much he has matured and improved. Very smart lad turned out as always by handler to perfection. Stood alone today in class. Looked super on the stack but did not move with to much go today. In fine fettle and a good start to my day.

1 Smiths Melverly Top Geezer
Overall appearance pleased me greatly. Found him appealing in outline and just love the strength in his back end even at his tender age. Well boned all through and has a very pleasing head, eyes need to darken a tad. Moved well and covered the ground. Couldn’t have asked for much more. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show.

PD 5 (1)
1 Calverts Calvdale Keelman
Extremely smart puppy in dark liver jacket very eye catching as he came into ring. Reasonably short coupled body. Well up on legs but found him a little upright all through. Ribs well sprung for one so young and plenty of bone. Found his head and expression did not hit the spot for me.
2 Corbetts Roboris Angel Touch Trimere (Imp Swe)
This b/w puppy is a good size smaller than (1), pleasing overall shape, he needs to tighten in pasterns and generally all over. Adequate head, would like more stop and eyes need to darken. Sure time will improve him. All over the place on the move.
3 Roses' Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)
4 Morgans' Kennair Dreaming on a Star

JD 2
1 Calverts Calvdale Keelman
2 Smiths Berkenbar Sinatra at Swona
Really liked this boy. Found him a good size to go over with a decent body coming. Has a big strong head with light eyes, hopefully will all sort itself out with maturity. Good neck length into reasonable shoulders, Held a good topline and has strong rear quarters Junior is definitely a developing stage for him. But promising boy.

MD 1
1 Roses' Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)
Interesting young lad. Totally not playing ball today with his handler. Another puppy that is well into a growing stage. Today found him long in body. Head is a pleasing shape but eyes are light and loose at the moment. He is down on his pasterns at the moment , has plenty of leg bone and needs to just come up a tad more on leg length. He will have a long stride eventually and will need a good size ring to appreciate what I’m sure will be a purposeful movement. Just needing time to grow and sort himself out.. Will be watching his progress.

ND 2
1 Roses' Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)

PGD 8 (1)
1 Elliotts Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonabar
Very pleasing dog to go over and makes a good shape on the stack. Beautiful head shape coming with right amount of stop and fluting would like a more almond shape to eye but good colour. Correct amount of bone to fill his frame. Enough front assemble, he needs time to drop into himself in middle piece and hope he will not disappoint Would like tighter feet and on the move just about did enough. Handler must be more aware when standing him as he is a fidget and a half.
2 Brough & Walker Riselawroad no Deal
Another very pleasing dog to go over. Longer cast in body than (1) and this one also would benefit from dropping in middle piece. Maturity hopefully will be kind to him, as would be a shame if not. Wouldn’t want anymore strength to his head and would like a darker eye colour. Right amount of neck length into his shoulder placement and holding a good topline, Another very lazy today on the move which allowed him to become just a tad close behind, no drive whatsoever. Needs a big ring this one to get the best out of him.
3 Ganarin Berkenbar Genepi
4 Morgans Kennair Northern Star

LD 8 (1)
1 Nicholsons Lochindorb Clansman
Well this dog certainly surprised me. Really liked this more old fashion type. Fit and in hard condition, totally drove out with purpose using all the ring to his advantage. Pleasing enough head and super dark eye colour leading into good neck length and shoulders, has a very strong and purposeful backend held his topline well on the move with a well held head. Deserved to top this class.
2 Jacksons Mompesson Winchester
Have been watching this boy with interest since he came out as a puppy. Good overall picture with a pleasing head and eye colour. Has just the right amount of bone to fill his compact frame, and standing to sturdy limps. feet are not his fortune. Makes an eye filling shape on the stack and has adequate strength to his backend which he uses with verve . He so obviously loves to please his handler and was good to watch the union. Another needs a much bigger ring to get the best out of him
3 Wallis Torbeck Penrhyn Bay
4 Tracz Melverly Dersert Strike over Acregate JW ShCM

OD 8 (1)
1 Smiths Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte
What a cracking dog this one has turned out to be. Has already has a very good showing career.. I loved him when he first arrived into the ring as a puppy, and have not changed my opinion. He is very much a dog on the day though. Today he was turned out in his best bib and tucker and looked the part. Plenty of everything but nothing to excess. Has strength all through which makes him just move right. It was certainly his day today, and he did all he was asked, looked super on the stack and on the move. Beautiful Head. Ticks all my boxes. Dog CC and Reserve Best In Show.
2 Mitchells Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester
Just so spoilt today having the pleasure of these two super exhibits to go over. Another super stunner and probably tipped (1) on overall condition. Sometimes this boy can look a bit heavy with his full liver jacket but today he was spot on…. He showed and pulled out all the stops until the end.. He didn’t give up gracefully. Just small preferences split these two lads. But so glad they both came under me for comparison. Another day another dollar and very pleased to award him Res. Dog CC.
3 Calverts Calvdale Zero to Hero JW ShCM
4 Gummastorp Int Ch Nord Ch WW14 Art-Waves Top Dog

Spec Beg Dog. 4(1)
(1)Smith: Berkenbar Sinatra @ Swona
(2)Drinkall: Mompesson Tribute to esscroft
Unplaced in previous class. Would just like him to be a little more “Butch” and he still needs to drop more in middle piece. This breeding takes time to mature sometimes, so still has plenty of time on his side . Moved reasonably well but with no drive.
(3)Richardson: Cherishym Bright Knight.

VB 4
1 Scorgies Berkenbar Arriana at Ardtalia
Fit as a fiddle this girl and in good hard condition covering the ground with ease and style. Loved her head shape and beautiful dark eyes which led into enough neck and good shoulder assemble, good firm topline and strength in plenty still in her backend. Lovely to watch her go around the ring. Best Veteran In Show.
2 Glendinnigs Sh Ch Roqfolly Elles Bells
Thought this would be my easy class winner. Had a pretty head and good eye colour and had the coat and furnishing to look the part and fill my eye. But couldn’t on the day hold a candle to (1) on condition and fitness. Not a patch on the move.
3 Richardson/Terry Richardson Cherisham Bright Star JW
4 Hay Tralay Truly Scrumptious

MPB 3 (1)
1 Calverts Calvdale Hot Pink
Blown away with this totally delightful and feminine B/W 6mth old baby. Just beautiful. Had a glorious head eye and expression with adequate neck leading into lay back shoulder placement. Lovely timbers with yummy feet stood her on a well made frame. Bit erratic on the move , but I forgave her that. Will have an exciting future.
2 Smiths Melverly Top Totti
Another very promising puppy, gosh I’m being spoilt today. Super strong body and ohhhh that backend, just so well made. Good head proportion, eyes could be darker. Being honest with myself (and on the day) she was just a little too strong all round for me for her age. But will watch her with interest develop into herself as she matures.

PB 3 (1)
1 Corbetts Roboris Guardian Angel (Imp Swe)
Won this class on a whisker.. She was totally not playing ball with her handler and difficult to assess. Reasonable head, but needs more stop, very light in frame and body condition. Definitely needs to be put away for a couple of months. Couldn’t assess her movement.
2 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph
Chalk and cheese these two. Much more developed than (1) but found this lady to be very upright all through and quite straight in shoulder. Not really liking her head at the moment and found jt not to be as feminine as I would have liked. Her movement today was lazy with no extension, but sure in a bigger or outside ring it will be better. Time will be kind to her I’m sure and will watch her development with interest. Puppy /Junior growing stage can transform some.

JB 4 (1)
1 Holts Plaiglen Beaters Bjewell to Bethryn
This young bitch is totally my cup of tea. Loved her overall clean outline. Everything just flowing all through. Very pretty head with good shape and fair eye colour. Neck has right amount of length leading into good shoulder placement, and then into a body that still is developing and needs time. Holding a level topline. Her failing for me is her tail carriage which she was too proud of. Maybe a season is on the way, so forgave her today. Energetic on the move, Would be excited if I were this handler for her future. One to watch.
2 Ternents Hunterheck Under a Spell
Very promising B/W bitch, very much more advanced in her development and in super condition. Has a well shaped head and eye of good colour, a delight to look at. Just preferred the flow of (1) in the neck into shoulder area, has a very good depth to her body and good proportion length back leading into a strongly made quarters which she managed to use to take her around the ring in style. Very smart girl.
3 Drinkall Calvdale Maleficent at Esscroft

SYB 4 (1)
1 Ganarin Peasblossom Orianna
Loved the size and shape of this bitch. Has a very appealing head with good eye shape and colour. Ultra feminine and stylish. If picky would like more depth to her body, but she is only a young girl and still developing into herself. Nothing about her I disliked at all. Just at in between stage but sure she will be up there challenging the big girls one day.. Moved enough today, but wasn’t to happy with the floor surface today. Bright future ahead for her I’m sure.
2 Jenkinsons Houivera's verona with eastriding (Swe Imp)
More compact L/W/T bitch. Found her pleasing to look at on the stack. Overall her shape is coming. She is more raw in her development than (1) and needs time . Head is a good shape but found her eyes a little round and they need to darken which will improve the look definitely. On the move she was true, all be it a little enthusiastic and tended to fly her tail. Would be very interested to see how she comes on in 12 mths or so.
3 Stokes Arrowbein Story Time at Twizeltree

NB 3
1 Jacksons Mompesson Myway
This young lady is growing in different spurts all over. Has no flowing shape at the moment. Found her head for me far too strong and her flews were too square especially for a bitch. Would like more length to her neck and hope it comes. Her front assembly was acceptable and has good heart room. She stood a little roached on the stack and pulling forwards which didn’t help Maybe a season on the way. Her moment was hard to assess and she just seemed unhappy to be here today.
2 Gibson Calvdale Rag Nymph
3 Borthwich Glenbrows Missbehave

GB 7
1 Mitchells Peasblossom Ophelia
A super well made dark L/W bitch. Eye catching. With such a feminine head and dark eye colour with melting expression. Stylish throughout, enough body at this stage. She comes alive on the move with a large flowing stride. Pulled her in for consideration for bitch CC. but she looked immature against the older girls.
2 Cokells Carlyquinn Mama Mia
First thing to notice is her beautiful so feminine head. Good neck length into her shoulder placement, found her just enough in frame, would prefer more, but hopefully maturity will bring that and definitely needs to drop into herself in middle piece. Reasonable spring to her ribs. Has well made backend with good thigh width with strength giving her the ability to drive out well behind which she did and good to watch.
3 Corbetts Trimere Ta Dah
4 Ternents Hunterheck Under a Spell

1 Brough & Walkers Riselawroad Framed in Time
Pleasure to over this lovely bitch, just loved her head, eye shape and correct colour just melted into those eyes. Really good strong neck into correctly positioned shoulders and had plenty of heart room. Held her level topline and corect tail set leading into a strong well made backend. Nit picking would like her just a tad more compact in body. She really strode out around the ring, making sure I noticed her. And I did
2 Jackson's Mompesson Words
Compared to (1) found this bitch a little stuffy in neck. Her head is a little too strong for me for a bitch. Her overall body proportions were good and loved her deep compact body. Has very well developed second thighs with short hocks, which help propel her around the ring. Unfortunately she was dropping down on her front pasterns which spoilt the overall look.
3 Richardson/Terry Richards Cherisham Cara
4 McGovern Baxbalach Heres Trouble

LB 6
1 Dobbin Donarden Madame Butterfly
I know we shouldn’t do it as judges. But this was my hope for the Bitch CC. and to make her into a Sh.Ch. But not so…Have to say always liked this bitch and was so disappointed she was carrying too much weight today. Has such a delightful head with dark eye and glorious expression. Leading into just enough neck length and then too.too.too. Much covering over her shoulders. I actually groaned…..
She stands on well boned legs with very good feet and love her body proportion, lovely depth and spring of ribs on her. On the move her strong backend end helped propel her around the ring.
2 Corbetts Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere (imp Cze)
She is a very impressive bitch and eye catching. In beautiful full coat. Has a lot of quality about her. Not entirely happy with her head as it flattened out on top, but was overall a good shape with pleasing shape and eye colour. She has depth in body but found her a little to long for me. Has strong well feathered legs but feet not her fortune. Covers the ground with effortless grace on the move.
3 Roses Rosannoch Fortuna JW
4 Richardston/Terry Richards Cherisham Celeano

OB 6 (2)
1 Jacksons Mompesson Royal Dancer
My overall winner today. Just a super super bitch from this famous kennel. Nothing overdone in any way but plenty of everything. She just screams an ENGLISH springer spaniel. Has for me the classic head required with right amount of stop with good eye shape and colour. Has just enough amount of neck into well made shoulder placement and has good heart room in front. Holding her level topline . Lovely spring to her ribs and good body depth. Strong limps with just reasonable feet with lovely short hocks.. Today she took her handler off on the move when asked…..and went with loose lead with head held high and just nailed it today. So delighted to award her Bitch CC and Best In Show.
2 Corbetts ShCh Trimere Teresa Green
Ohhhhhhh. Another girl that has proved her herself in the ring with her wins. Stands about the same size as (1) but a fraction smaller in frame. Has a full head which is just acceptable enough for me, wouldn’t want it any stronger. Good stop with right eye colour for L/W/T. Now here we go.. She flows from her neck through to her beautiful full tail. Such a pleasure to see her strength in top line. Would still like to see a fuller and deeper body on her and more spring of ribs. Her quarters are a joy to go over full of strength and power and has lovely short hocks. She has good legs and lovely neat feet. When asked to move. Boy oh boy does she power, drives from behind and extends in front. Was so delighted to be able to get my hands on her and to award her Res Bitch CC.
3 Scot Sh Ch Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon
4 Cunliffe Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM

1 Drinkall Calvdale Maleficent at Esscroft
Standing alone in this class which is always a shame. Has a pleasing enough head but find her little short in neck which gives the appearance of being stuffy. Strong well developed deep body and has plenty of strength to her backend. She moved a little half hearted today. But the weather and the hall didn’t help at all and at the end of a long today. I would love to see her go in a outside ring. Just be careful of her weight, she is on the borderlines today.