ESSC of Scotland Mar 18

DCC Melverley Top Geezer

RDCC Sh Ch Art-Waves Standing Ovation for Allenie (Imp Swe)

BCC/Best In Show and BVIS Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM

RBCC Kennair I Am I Said

BPIS Potrail Tuns the Swag On for Pinereoch


What a pleasure and what a priviledge it was to have the opportunity to judge my own breed in one of my favourite countries, bonnie Scotland! Driving up to Scotland in the mist and the frost was a delightful experience, and I enjoyed it tremendously! I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the committee who invited me and to my wonderful hosts who put me up for the entire weekend, it was certainly one to remember. Thank you so much! Also to my ring stewards who kept things flowing. A lovely day indeed! I do apologize for the lateness of my report.

VD 5(1)
1 SH CH PLAIGLEN HUSTLE Instantly attractive, beautiful head with the darkest eye, super neck into well angulated shoulder, well bodied up, short backed, well off for bone, tight feet, excellent movement from all sides, correct coat in lovely bloom, so worthy his title and was in contention for top awards.
2 SH CH MEADOWDALE ALABAMA SLAMMER AT ACREGATE SHCM , highly typical Springer of top quality, correct proportions, strong & masculine, lovely head with melting expression, moderatly angulated both ends, pronounced forechest, grand body, good width of thighs, powerful mover, excellent muscletone and coat put down to perfection, another one who richly deserves his title.

MPD 1(1)

PD 2(2)

JD 3
1 HUNTERHECK TURN BACK TIME spot on for proportions, lovely head with dark eye & soft expression, lovely neck & shoulders, good body for age, strong bone, moderately angulated, moves with super reach & drive, beautiful coat.
2 BERESFORD NIGHT TRAIN thought he would be my winner as he has such beautiful breed type, nicely proportioned where every part flows into the next, masculine & well chisselled head but his backskull is falling away a little, lovely arch of neck, could have better front angulation, super behind with good width of thigh, tightly knit feet, while he is an excellent mover, his topline on the day is sloping too much making him look unbalanced when moving.

1 PLAIGLEN BEATERS BTRUE , really beautiful young male who was alone in his class, but true quality, no mistake a son of his father, gorgeous head that is masculine yet without any hint of coarseness, flowing neck & topline, good body with deep brisket, moderately angulated, a dog who is so well put together and it shall be interesting to follow his development as he matures, smooth & silky coat, super side gait, a little narrow behind, liked him a lot.

MD 1(1)

ND 0

GD 0

1 EASTRIDING INVICTUS upstanding male with a lovely head piece which is well balanced skull to foreface with correct amount of flew, strong neck, lacking a little in upper arm angulation, ok body for his age, but still got some maturing to do (well knowing that some lines take longer than others, as do ours), level top line stood but tends to roach slightly on the move, broad thighs, correct hind angulation, excellent bone and coat.
2 KENAIR DREAMING ON A STAR , excellent over all balance and very appealing in outline, nicely moulded head but would like a little more strength in foreface, excellent neck & topline stood, topline could be stronger when moving, lacking in forechest, super angulations both ends with good, strong bone and straight forelegs, quality feet, excellent movement in profile, a little narrow behind, really good coat quality & presentation.

LD 4(1)
1 MELVERLEY TOP GEEZER now here’s a very classy Springer with a super outline, short coupled, with strong neck flowing into well angulated shoulders creating a topline without any abrupt angles, lovely head with good length to foreface, nice chisselling which makes for a typical expression, deep brisket & well developed body, short in loin, strong hind quarters, moves without effort with a long & free stride when settled, just a tad close behind, in gleaming coat & condition, happy to award him the CC
2 RISELAWROAD NO DEAL a quality dog without exaggerations, correct in proportions, masculine & balanced head but a little full in his cheeks, strong neck, moderate angulations all round, excellent body and strong, level top line, broad thighs, good bone & really tightly knit feet, silky, dark liver coat presented to perfection, moves with power & drive once settled.

OD 3
1 SH CH ARTWAVES STANDING OVATION FOR ALLENIE (IMP SWE)top class male, well proportioned, spot on for size, combines masculinity & refinement, lovely head with soft expression, long neck flowing into shoulders which are well laid back, excellent body, bone & feet, extends really well in profile, tends to round a little over his croup when moving, lovely coat without a hair out of place, RCC.
2 MELVERLY DEAERT STRIKE OVER ACREGATE JW SHCM all male of super breed type, totally balanced, well angulated both ends, strong, level top line, mature in body, strong bone, presented in beautiful coat & condition, excellent movement but a little proud of his tail.


VB 1
1 SH CH/IR CH CALVDALE MY GIRL OF FALLENLEAF JW SHCM what a beautiful girl, belies her age & represents sheer quality, she displays a wonderful picure of balance & harmony, breed type through & through, loved everything about her, stood alone in her class but thought to my self, this is the one to beat, her head & expression is just so appealing, her proportions are text book, super body, moderate & correct in angulations, strong in bone without losing her feminity & raciness, moved with such precision & shows vigour & power without wasting energy, all credit to her owner who keeps her in immaculate muscle- & coat condition, and not that it matters a great deal, but her ears aren’t shaved too far down as were many others, a bitch who could hold her own against many of the breed’s greats of the past, a pleasure to be allowed to judge her & many congratulations on winning the CC & BOB!

MPB 3(2)
1 PORTRAIL TURNS THE SWAG ON FOR PINEREOCH beautiful puppy with a lovely head though a little heavy in flew, correct proportions, balanced angulations, excellent neck & shoulders, on the day carrying a little too much weight, super bone & in gleaming coat. Excellent side gait, but toing in a little in front.

PB 2
1 WENARK MAY BLOSSOM AT YARLESTRE nicely proportioned bitch with a lovely head but eyes shall darken, super neck leading into well placed shoulders, strong, level top line, excellent body for her young age, correct coat put down to perfection, moved well from all angles, appealing temperament.
2 CALVDALE STORM THE STARS another really well made bitch of excellent proportions, well up on her legs, but she wasn’t that comfortable on the day, but so sympathetically & gently shown by her young handler who encouraged her on the start of her show carrieer, appealing in head & expression, strong neck of ample length, correct in angulations both ends, nothing exxagerated about her, super in body & bone, excellent coat quality, not that it matters much, but her ”off-side” really does her justice marking wise.

JB 3
1 DONARDEN DREAM BABY , stunning bitch, very raw as expected at her age, but showing such promise & potential, loved everything about her, from her well chisselled head to her super proportions showing raciness, strength, body starting to mature, good angulations all over, moves without effort, a really exciting prospect who I will follow with great interest, she really excited me, posesses everything I would want to see in a Springer at that age, one I would have loved to bring home, so if you would ever let her go…… Super example of the breed!
2 BERESFORD NIGHT SPELL a beautiful bitch of different breed type, so well put together with excellent & balanced angulations, lovely head, well developed in body, bone fitting her size, beatuiful coat & condition.

1 CALVDALE HOT MOMMA beautiful bitch with excellent proportions, great substance without losing her femininity, nicely moulded head, ample length of neck, balanced angulations, deep brisket, short, strong loin, broad thighs, exquisite coat, moved with power & precision.
2 BERKENBAR NOBLE MAIDEN AT ARDTALLA feminine bitch, but would like a little more of her all over, sweet head but somewhat round eye shape detracts a little from her expression, lovely top line, moved with style, excellent coat.

MB 1(1)

NB 5
1 PEASBLOSSOM SHIMMER OF ALKARUSS gorgeous bitch with a lovely head & expression, nicely arched neck flowing into well placed shoulders, well developed body, bone fitting her size, broad thighs, balanced angulations, moved well.
2 CALVDALE I SAY OF FALLENLEAF presents a beautiful outline of a lovely Springer, head needs to develope more chisselling and backskull is falling away a little, ample neck, well placed shoulders but slightly straight in upper arm, super top line, good body & well off for bone, lovely movement.

GB 2(1)
1 PEASBLOSSOM RUMOURS AT STRATHNAVER quality exhibit with a lovely head showing excellent balance of skull to foreface, melting expression, strong neck leading onto well placed shoulders, on the day a touch soft in top line, super body, enough bone, moderately angulated behind, excellent profile movement, a little narrow behind, dark liver markings & coat in excellent condition.

PGB 5(1)
1 CALVDALE HERITAGE OF FOLLY JW a lovely, balanced bitch with true breed type & proportions, gorgeous head & expression, lovely arch of neck, loved the way her neck continues into withers and then a strong, level back where everything is just smooth, moderate in angulations, strong bone & quality feet, excells in movement, lovely coat, another one to follow.
2 PEASBLOSSOM ORIANNA also a lovely bitch, a little lighter in build, feminine head that could be a touch stronger in foreface, beautiful neck into shoulders, ample body but will need time to fill in forechest, excellent coat, moved well.

LB 9(1)
1 KENNAIR I AM I SAID now this is such a classical Springer, when the standard explains ”tallest on legs & raciest in build of all the land spaniels”, this girl possesses all that in abundance, she has bounties of quality and when she really comes to life is when she moves around the ring without any effort what so ever, just a long, smooth, free & easy gait, absolutely text book, if I should nit pick, I would want more work in her head, but her construction is nigh on perfect, such a priviledge to to judge a bitch of that quality, RCC.
2 HUNTERHECK UNDER A SPELL JW , another really well balanced bitch of top quality, more compact than winner, yet correct proportions, lovely head & expression, pronounced forechest, ample body & deep in brisket, bone fitting her size, precise mover with a free & easy gait, excellent coat & presentation.

OB 6
1 CH MELVERLT ISLAY INSPIRED AT LOSSIEDOON instantly appealing bitch with her true breed type & text book proportions, hyper classical, such a well chisselled head that you really have to feel with your hands to truly appreciate, another one who combines that rare quality of substance & elegance in the same package, she is constructionally so well put together & has a strong top line stood & on the move, wonderful muscletone, strides out around the ring with super reach & drive, on the day not in top coat condition, yet a top class Springer who deserves her title any day, reminds me a lot of her illostrious sire, a joy to judge her & compliments on achieving her full title!
2 BERKENBAR CASSANDRA AT ARDTULLA lovely bitch with a beautiful head, solid in build with good angulations all round, love her neck that flows into withers and a strong back, strong hind quarters with good width of thighs, lovely bone & excellent movement, coat in good condition


Frank W. Bjerklund (Westaway, Norway)