It was a privilege to be invited to judge in Scotland for the first time. I found my quality entry a real pleasure to go over and the breed club’s hospitality lived up to its fine reputation. Generally, I thought movement excelled and all the dogs had good bone & muscle tone – including my veterans. Presentation was also of a very high standard with gleaming coats in abundance. On the minus side, there were some feet that could have been tighter and eyes still needing to darken.

VD – (4)
1. Merry’s Anacapa Solo Flyer SHCM
a fabulous chap of ten years plus and a real credit to the enduring qualities of the breed. Attractive head, masculine but not overdone with lovely shape & deepest hazel eye, good facial moulding & chiselling, cleanest of teeth, well boned with strong forechest, good length & depth of body, moderate angulation & tight feet. Moved with elan. His youthful appearance gave him the class. BV
2. Calvert’s Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly JW
Still a very classy individual, quality boy’s head just beginning to show his 8 years, slightly shorter muzzle length & not such good eye shape as 1 but with dark, melting expression, excellent front assembly, lovely arched neck into well laid back shoulder, strong body, excellent angulation with broad, well muscled
3. Nicolson & Scott’s Sh Ch Elimvek Early Landing at Lossiedoon
4. Scott’s Lossiedoon Scarrabus

MPD – No entries
PUPPY DOG – No entries

1. Cameron’s Donarden Marauder
a real teenager was my first thought as he shows so much promise but has a way to go in maturity! A liver tri with much elegance in overall shape & presenting a balanced outline. Obviously boyish head with good rounded top to skull and nice breadth & length of muzzle, eyes reflecting his tri status but would prefer slightly more almond in shape & a tad darker. Strong in forechest, great neck & shoulders, could body up a little more but depth is there, good rear angulation & tailset. Feet disappointing but carried him well round the ring.
2. Glendinning’s Plaiglen Hustle
lovely B/W in glossy condition I have met before. Very attractive head with much refinement coming and more my preferred style. Lovely dark, almond-shaped eye, good width of muzzle & depth of flew. Grand forechest, super feet, reasonable reach of neck, deep bodied, shorter coupled than 1 with broad thigh & moderate angulation. Was not moving as freely as I have seen.
3. Miller’s Feorlig Ice N’Fire

1. Cameron’s Donarden Marauder

NOVICE DOG – (2, 1 w/d)
1. Cameron’s Donarden Marauder

GRADUATE DOG – No entries
POST GRADUATE DOG – (3, 1 absent)
1. Nicolson’s Lochindorb Chief O’The Clan
flashy, smaller-framed, well proportioned, short coupled dog with excellent angulation. Quality head, correct almond eye of good colour, good length & breadth of muzzle with deep enough flew. Lovely neck into shoulder, good body with depth at elbow but needs to drop a little more behind the ribs. Would just prefer a bit more all round. Moved freely with huge enthusiasm.
2. Linton’s Rosannoch Ansuz
heavier build than 1 & perhaps more my style, masculine head with good work in it, would prefer slightly more almond eye but excellent colour, good chest, neck & shoulders, longer cast & with tendency to dip his topline on the stack but not so much in evidence when moving – which he did very well.

LIMIT DOG – (5, 1 absent)
1. Tracz’s Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
y surprise of the day! What a gorgeous head with nicely rounded skull, balanced muzzle & elegant mouldings, soft, trusting expression, beautiful eye shape & colour. He has a gentleness about him which is tangible. A very nicely structured dog with good, moderate angulation, reachy neck, decent forechest & tight elbows, liked the length of body to height & his good musculature. Only thing I could find to criticise in my notes was that he had long toes! Moved really well despite and was close up to my best of sex. Really nice dog – one I think has come into his own.RBD.
2. Linton’s Rosannoch Ansuz
3. Nicolson’s Lochindorb Clansman
4. Merry’s Anacapa Pipers Song

OPEN DOG – (3, 1 absent)
1. Guy’s Calvdale False Arrest
a real pleasure to go over. Obviously masculine dog with refinement, loved his size and overall balance. Nicely proportioned head with good eye shape and colour, strong neck of good length with nice arch, excellent bone and angulation, great forechest, deep, powerful body, tightest of feet, moved effortlessly with good drive from behind. Slightly shorter coupling than my limit winner presented a more pleasing picture to my eye although both dogs were presented in beautiful, hard condition & expertly handled. BD, RBIS.
2. Donarden Star Attraction
another quality dog but not the elegance and refinement of 1, nice head, slightly heavier in top skull & shorter in foreface but with good eye shape & colour. Moderate angulation, not the layback of shoulder of 1, good forechest, reasonable depth of body. Moved well and presented in super condition.


1. Merry’s Chelmeress Pernilla August over Tingvelle
a very raw, heavily flecked 7 months puppy of good shape. Head not really my cup of tea but well proportioned with strong muzzle & deep flew, although occiput needs to flatten and eyes will darken in time, good length of neck & well developed forechest, reasonable lay back of shoulder, feminine bone. Nice depth of body with broad thighs. Feet need to tighten. Movement still very loose, particularly in front.

1. Calvert’s Calvdale Diamond Heist
oved this bitch’s outline, hard to believe she is still a puppy as she is mature beyond her 11 months. Beautiful dark bitch with such a feminine & refined head, lovely eye shape though colour could still darken a little, strong muzzle & balanced flew, gorgeous neck into well laid shoulder, lovely strong bone with tight but supple feet, deep chest & the nice length of body so important in a bitch, superb angulation, moved with drive & purpose. Beautifully presented with coat in abundance. Very composed for one so young, she more than held her own in the challenge. Still planning the kidnap! BP, RBB.
2. Brough & Walker’s Riselawroad Pink Pickle
cannot believe how this B/W baby has come on since I last saw her. Really sweet head with gorgeous almond eye shape, colour & expression. Nice moderate stop and strong jaws. Good neck length, strong and deep bodied with broad thighs, well boned legs & tightest of feet which she used to advantage on the move. Unlucky to meet 1 on such top form but a very attractive picture nevertheless.
3. Chelmeress Permilla August over Tingvelle

1. Donaldson’s Donarden Sweet Delight
litter sister to my junior dog winner & similar remarks apply regarding her overall style although I believe she has the edge on her brother at present with excellent feet & darker eye colour. Lovely clean lines with a very pretty head, balanced skull & muzzle of good width. Reasonable forechest, good length of neck, body could fill a little to complete the picture, lovely balanced angulation, in sparkling condition & well put down. Moved with purpose but would have liked a little more drive.

1. Goodman’s Calvdale Swag at Elbrec
compact bitch of nice proportions, very attractive & balanced head with lovely intelligent expression, slightly dappled nose, lovely neck with nice arch, very well boned, good depth of body & moved well.
2. Glendinning & Osbourne’s Plaiglen Pandora
lovely dark bitch I have met before, beautiful head, great eye shape & colour, nice deep muzzle, good length of neck, moderately angled with strong, well muscled thighs & tight feet. All the ingredients were there bar one – she really did not want to be in the ring today & did not give the performance she is obviously capable of as I saw outside later when she was happily wagging her tail & prancing about in typical ESS style.

NOVICE BITCH – (5, 1 absent)
1. Calvert’s Calvdale Diamond Heist
2. Donaldson’s Donarden Sweet Delight
3. Wright’s Anacapa Im No Angel
4. Merry’s Chelmeress Pernilla August over Tingvelle

1. Gibson’s Calvdale Almost Legal
what a beautiful head! Feminine right through with lovely refinement everywhere but not lacking in strength of jaw or depth of flew, great moulding & chiselling, gorgeous eye shape of deepest hazel, a nice sized bitch with good front assembly, strong bone & depth to body. Felt feet could be tighter & topline rises slightly over the croup. Moved well.
2. Wright’s Anacapa Im No Angel
compact B/W/T bitch of very nice shape, feminine but with strong bone & neat feet. Moderately angled with good depth of body. Not sure I liked her head as her muzzle seemed to have an upward tilt although she had a lovely dark eye. She moved well enough but without enthusiasm.

POST GRADUATE BITCH – (2, 1 absent)
1. Brought & Walker’s Riselawroad Blue Braid
really liked this very attractive dark bitch with balanced, classy head & dark almond-shaped eye. Good front assembly, nice length to neck & excellent, moderate angulation. Body in very hard condition but would prefer a tad more weight on her. Doubtless, she was the best mover of the day with free, stylish action.

LIMIT BITCH – (5, 1 absent)
1. Cunliffe’s Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf
have loved this bitch ringside from a very young puppy and she did not disappoint. My overall impression was of a compact, strongly made ESS with excellent angulation & musculature put down in sparkling condition. Beautiful, feminine head – dainty, according to my notes – carried on a strong neck of good length into well laid shoulders. Good front assembly, lovely depth & width of body to a nicely- defined rump. Standing on well boned legs and wonderful, tight feet. If I have the slightest quibble it would be for a tad more length from stifle to hock but this did not detract from her flowing movement in true ESS style. BB & BIS.
2. Holt’s Trimere Tranqueliser at Bethryn
lovely bitch of correct size with flashier markings than 1, clean outline, very attractive head of good proportions with dark eye, slightly longer in muzzle than 1, beautiful neck, good angulation, well bodied, compact with good bend & length of stifle, feet not as tight as 1 but another strong mover. A serious candidate for RBB.
3. Scorgie’s Berkenbar Arriana at Ardtalla
4. Gibson’s Calvdale Come Catch Me

1. Rose’s Rosannoch Carnelian JW
strongly-made bitch of good length, nicely balanced head with dark eye although would prefer a more almond shape, beautiful neck, grand front assembly with super, tight feet. Plenty of body & depth & good topline held well on the move. Exudies quality & shown in lovely coat & condition.
2. Sh Ch Donarden Foxy Lady
another quality ESS of slighter build. Pretty head with lovely dark eye, finer muzzle than 1, good forechest, would prefer tighter elbows, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders, very good angulation, well bodied yet very elegant in style. Felt she was slightly out of coat today which may have detracted from the finished picture.

BRACE – No entries