ESSC of Scotland Open 19











                                                                                                   Judge: Mrs N Dobbin


I would like to thank the committee of the English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland for my invitation to judge their open show, held in conjunction with the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was pleased with my small but quality entry.  Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entry I know how tiring it can be competing in two shows in the one day. A special thank you to my Ring Steward Ricky for ensuring the day ran smoothly.


Veteran Dog/Bitch (6, 1a):

1st: Scotts SH CH Melverley Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon- 8 year old LWT bitch who I just love for her type. She has a pretty head of good proportions finished off with a lovely dark eye. Kind and alert expression. Strong through neck into well laid back shoulders. Lovely depth of body and well sprung ribs. Good bone and substance but retains elegance. Feet ok. Strong through the loin maintaining her top line. Well-muscled quarters. Nothing overdone in this bitch she is balanced front and rear and has the most fabulous temperament. Even at 8 years old she moves so well covering the ground with her fantastic reach and powerful rear. She has such ring presence and is always in sync with her handler. Delighted to award her BB, BIS and BVIS.

2nd- Corbetts Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere- 7 year old LW bitch. Again similar in type she has a very pretty head and dark hazel eyes. Straight in front with a lovely reach of neck. Feet could be tighter. Enough bone and good depth of chest. Would prefer a bit more width throughout. She is a lovely size although I would prefer her shorter through loin. She holds her topline well. Shown in lovely condition and moved soundly.

3rd- Stevensons Gaolachcara Oghma SHCM


Minor Puppy Dog (0)


Puppy Dog (0)


Junior Dog (2,0a):

1st Ganarins Berkenbar Giovanni- 15 month LW dog. Young dog with a lot of maturing to do but everything in the right place. With time should finish into a nice dog. Masculine head without being course he has beautiful dark eyes and a cheeky expression. Nice square muzzle and deep flew. Lovely reach of neck. Straight, well boned legs, deep in chest and spring of rib coming. He is pleasing in outline and is moderate in shoulder and stifle. Beautiful dark liver coat in lovely condition and has enough furnishings for age. Starting to body up nicely and is well muscled throughout. Moved with enough reach from the front and drive from behind. Feel his handler could move him at a quicker pace to show his stride to potential as I feel he holds back. Enjoyed his day out and has a fantastic temperament. Very pleased to award him Best Dog.

2nd Smiths Melverley Flyingbolt- LW Dog just out of puppy this young lad is certainly mature for his age. Half-brother to the winner (same sire). Preferred this dogs head proportions. Kind masculine head with a lovely soft expression. Reachy neck and deep in chest. More mature in body than 1.Well off for bone and coat. Liked this boys front angulation but for me he is too angulated at the rear which spoilt his rear movement and outline. Not as confident as 1 but won reserve best dog on his beautiful head and depth. RBD


Special Yearling Dog (1, 0a)

1st Grahams Peasblossom Valentino. Nearly 2 year old LW dog. Handsome masculine head with a kind eye and soft expression. Lovely chiselling and work to head. Enough bone. Good forechest, straight forelegs on excellent feet. Deep through chest but a little tucked up. More weight on this dog would be to his advantage. Would prefer more spring of rib. Longer through second thigh than I would like. Took him a while to settle he is just so full of himself. Moved well once settled.

Novice Dog (1, 0a)

1st Smiths Melverley Flyingbolt


Graduate Dog (0)


Post Graduate Dog (0)


Limit Dog (2, 0a)

1st McGoverns Baxbalach Rumour Has It- 7 year old LW dog. A slow burner he is now in his prime. Masculine headed dog which is a tad too strong for me. He has a kind expression and lovely dark eye. Compact dog he has depth and body in abundance. Well off for bone, short coupled and shown in lovely condition. A little bit more angulated at the rear than ideal but he still moved well with drive. Would just have preferred a little but more refinement throughout.

2nd Roses Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)- 4 year old LW male. His head has improved as he’s matured but again like 1 it is too strong for my liking. He has a lovely dark eye too and is of a nice size. He is of a type that I like. He looks lovely in profile. Strong through neck and has fantastic depth. Enough bone. Moderately angled. Feet could be better. Shown in fantastic condition and groomed to perfection. Sadly he lacked the drive of 1 on the move.


Open Dog (1,1a)


Special Beginners Dog (0)


Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0a)

1st Fairgrieves Alkaross Forget Me Not- 6 month old BW bitch. For such a baby she took the whole thing in her stride and wasn’t fazed one bit. Very pretty girl with a feminine head and dark eye. Lovely reach of neck, depth of body and well off for bone. Looks a little long at present but as she grows she will hopefully balance out. Moved so steady for one so young and was so happy with her little tail wagging constantly. Very promising puppy. BPIS.


Junior Bitch (4,1a)

1st Cokells Carlyquinn Kisses of Fire- LW bitch just out of puppy and I loved her. Beautiful headed bitch, so pretty and feminine with correct eye shape. Such a soft, melting expression. Eyes starting to darken nicely. Loved her type. Well boned legs and nice feet. Racy in outline and loved her shape. Good depth and starting to body up nicely. Moderate angles and good width of stifle. Everything is there and she can only get better with maturity. A little unsettled on the move to begin with but her confidence grew as the day went on. Delighted to award her RBB and RBIS.

2nd Corbetts Trimere Taylor Swift-16 month old LWT bitch. Stronger in head than 1 but both bitches of a similar type. Good through neck and shoulder. Good return of upper arm. Strong level topline. Body developing nicely. Good bone, neat tidy feet. Moved with a free and easy stride. Just lacking a little in maturity.

3rd Scorgie & McNicols Berkenbar Gianna at Ardtalla


Special Yearling Bitch (0)


Novice Bitch (1,0a)

1st Scorgie & McNicols Berkenbar Gianna at Ardtalla- 15 month LW bitch. 3rd in Junior class. Smaller bitch. Lovely dark eye but would prefer less width to skull to balance her head.

Stands on lovely tight feet. Enough bone and body for age. Shown in lovely condition. Moved better in this class.


Graduate Bitch (0)


Post Graduate Bitch (4,0a)

1st Wilson & Connors Potrail Turns The Swag On For Pinereoch-2 year old LW bitch and a favourite of mine. Lovely old fashioned type. Good proportions to skull and foreface but would prefer a slightly less deep flew. Although heavier in head she is still feminine and has a melting expression helped by her beautiful almond shaped dark eyes and chiselling. Strong neck and body. She has depth throughout, good bone, neat feet and a fantastic spring of rib. Compact and a nice size. Shown in glorious condition her dark liver coat sparkled. I have seen her move better, today she kept trying to pull away from her handler which spoilt her movement. Close for top honours. Another day perhaps…

2nd Ganarins Peasblossom Orianna- 5 year old LW bitch. One who has taken her time to mature but she is really starting to look the part now. Beautiful feminine head and gorgeous dark eyes. Lovely dark pigmentation. Strong moderate neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front with elbows set well to ribs. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Fabulous muscular rear which she uses well on the move. Enough bone. Just needs to show a bit more enthusiasm on the move.

3rd Fairgrieves Peasblossom Shimmer of Alkaruss


Limit Bitch (3,2a):

1st Wildsmith & Browns Trimere Tickle Me Fancy-3 year old LW bitch. Very pretty headed bitch with lovely dark eyes and a sweet expression. Moderately angled fore and aft she has a nice reach of neck. Slightly finer boned she has lovely neat feet. Would prefer more depth of body. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Handled very well and moved soundly once she settled.


Open Bitch (4,1a)

1st Corbetts SH CH Trimere Teresa Green- LW bitch just shy of 7 years old and is looking great for her age. Nothing overdone about this girl. Well balanced head with kind, alert dark eyes.  A lovely size, compact body, moderate angulations fore and aft she stands on good bone and lovely tight feet. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders she won this class on her super sound movement with her ground covering stride and strong back end. For me she just lacks the depth and width that I prefer.

2nd  Mitchell & Paynes Peasblossom Ophelia-5 year old LW bitch. When I first saw this bitch in the ring she reminded me so much of my first champion. Lovely feminine head with dark eyes although shape could be better. Again another bitch with moderate angulation she looked beautiful in profile. Good bone and super feet. She had the better depth of body and spring of rib than 1. Moved with animation but a little wide in front. Felt she was carrying a bit too much weight todaywhich spoilt her outline. Shown in glorious condition.

3rd Crabtrees Wenark May Blossom at Yarlestre