BIS line-up ESSC of Scotland Open Show 19102008

BIS Sh Ch Rosannoch Berkano RBIS Rosannoch Eihwaz BP Riselawroad Blue Braid

'I am grateful to Club Officials for their warm welcome and to the very sporting exhibitors for the opportunity to go over their beautifully presented dogs. As judging progressed, I was struck by the similarity of many exhibits, which made certain decisions challenging, so it was interesting to see from the catalogue afterwards that the entry contained a number of close relatives. All exhibits moved soundly and showed typically happy temperaments. Some heads were a bit on the heavy side for me, being more than “slightly rounded” in skull or with excessive flews, and I would not have wanted some dogs to be any bigger. That said, judging is so often about compromise, forgiving certain individual faults to find an ESS that has the soundness and strength to go all day combined with the compact shape and body proportions that makes it capable of finding, flushing & retrieving game.'

VETERAN DOG OR BITCH – 4 entries (1 absent)

1st – Rawding’s SH CH BERKENBAR HIGHLANDER FOR DUKEDEL, B/W DOG, 9 years, very well put together, made a great start to my day, melting expression, lovely head although could be a little squarer in flew, neat feet, strong compact body of correct length & depth, well-constructed front & rear, broad thigh, moved with smoothness & power, in excellent coat and condition for his age, just starting to thicken around the neck & shoulders, Best Veteran, serious contender for BD.
2nd – Ganarin’s CHAMPFLEURIE TRES CHIC BY BERKENBAR, L/W BITCH, 10 years, appealed greatly for her overall strong & compact shape, feminine expression, slightly fine in muzzle but otherwise pleasing head, strong feet rather spoilt by overlong nails, excelled in neck & front angulation, deep chest with well-sprung ribs, well-coupled with good length of loin, correct moderate bend of stifle, moved very soundly & effortlessly belying her age, just preferred 1st’s stronger hindquarters & neater feet.

MINOR PUPPY DOG – 1 (0 absent)
1st – McGovern’s RISELAWROAD MELVILLESON, L/W, 8 months, rather at the “legs & wings” stage at present, kind expression, well-proportioned head with correct length & depth of muzzle, good length of neck, feet need to tighten, deep chest, excellent front & rear angulation, strong loin & hindquarters, carries & uses tail well, very happy temperament, inclined to “crab” when moving but when settled showed a good easy stride that promises well for the future, BPD.

PUPPY DOG – 2 (1 absent)

JUNIOR DOG – 1 (0 absent)
1st – Ganarin’s BERKENBAR ANGELO, L/W, 15 months, juvenile delinquent out to have fun, strong but balanced in head with scope to develop further, excels in neck & front angulation, stands on tight feet, strong bone, good depth of chest & spring of rib, needs time to strengthen in loin which will give him better balance, correct moderate bend of stifle, good width of second thigh, moved with real drive when he concentrated.

NOVICE DOG – 1 (1 absent)

GRADUATE DOG – 2 (1 absent)
1st – Lacey’s DONARDEN STAR QUALITY, L/W/T, masculine head that would benefit from more chiselling to soften his expression, well boned throughout, excellent feet, deep chest and good front angulation, needs to strengthen in loin but has strong hindquarters, correct tail set, looked a bit heavy over the shoulders today which unbalanced his outline, moved steadily but inclined to “crab”, feel that this young man is not quite yet the finished article.

POST GRADUATE DOG – 2 (0 absent)
1st – Donaldson’s DONARDEN STAR ATTRACTION, L/W, more mature litter brother to 1st in Graduate, kind expression & masculine head albeit broader in skull than I prefer, good length of neck, well boned throughout, strong feet, well-constructed front, sufficient depth of chest, good length of body, enough strength in loin, good bend of stifle & well developed rear, made a pleasingly balanced picture, moved soundly with an even stride particularly when taken at a slower pace.
2nd – Perry’s CRESMORE RIFLEMAN AT TAFUTA ShCM, B/W/T, very attractive head & kind expression that greatly appealed to me, good length of neck, well-constructed in front, deep chest, liked his size & compact shape but felt he could benefit from slightly more length in loin & bend of stifle for better balance, strong in rear which enabled him to move with some power, in good coat & condition, just preferred feet & body length of 1st.

LIMIT DOG – 1 (0 absent)
1st – Rose’s ROSANNOCH EIHWAZ JW, L/W, what you see first is a profuse gleaming coat & the “ultimate” in presentation, but beneath this is a very well-constructed dog, masculine head without coarseness, kind expression, great bone & feet, good length of neck, excellent front and rear angulation, deep chest, well-coupled, sturdy rear, typical young male having the odd “silly” moment on the move but showed real power & drive once settled, very pleased to award him BD & later RBIS to his half-sister.

OPEN DOG – 3 (1 absent)
1st – Cameron’s DONARDEN TOUCH OF TAN, L/W/T, fully mature & well-built, certainly would not want him any bigger but has an attractive & racy outline that caught the eye, masculine & appealing head, excelled in neck & front angulation, tremendous bone & strong neat feet, strong through loin, very well-constructed rear & broad thigh, well presented, moved effortlessly with great drive, preferred size & body length of BD but pleased to award him RBD on his obvious quality.
2nd – Cunliffe’s FALLENLEAF NEW KID IN TOWN JW, L/W, shorter in body & better size than 1st giving a more compact outline, pleasing head but a tad too much flew, well made feet and excellent bone, strongly built body, deep chest & well-coupled loin, correct bend of stifle, well developed second thigh & strong rear, moved with drive particularly when taken at a slower pace, up against some tough competition today & just lost out on that final “polish”.


MINOR PUPPY BITCH – 1 (1 absent)

PUPPY BITCH – 2 (1 absent)
1st – Brough & Walker’s RISELAWROAD BLUE BRAID, L/W, 8 months, exudes charm & mischief in equal quantities, loved her size & symmetrical compact shape, feminine in build with good bone, pretty well-balanced head, good length of neck, feet need to tighten, deep well-proportioned chest & loin, well-constructed front & strong hindquarters, just needing a touch more bend of stifle, moved very well on an easy stride, BPB, very pleased to award her BPIS & BMP over her slightly less “together” litter brother.

JUNIOR BITCH – 3 (0 absent)
1st – Ganarin’s BERKENBAR ANGELINA, L/W, litter sister to JD, well-developed head & sweet expression, well boned, standing on very good feet, sturdy body & well-sprung ribs, well-angulated front & rear, deep chest & well-coupled, needs to develop & strengthen in rear for better overall balance which as she is only 15 months will hopefully come with maturity, well presented, moved steadily, preferred her size & compact shape over her litter sister in 2nd.
2nd – Scorgie’s BERKENBAR ARRIANA AT ARDTALLA, L/W, rangier in outline than 1st, well-shaped pretty head, kind expression, good bone, good length of neck, well-constructed front & rear, deep chest, slightly longer in body & stronger rear than 1st but not as strong through loin which would give her better balance, time will doubtless be her friend here, matched her sister’s steady movement to take 2nd over a very pretty & compact B/W.


NOVICE BITCH – 2 (0 absent)

GRADUATE BITCH – 1 (1 absent)

POST GRADUATE – 3 (2 absent)
1st – Donaldson’s DONARDEN LADY LUCK, L/W, litter sister to Graduate & Post Graduate Dog winners, feminine & attractive outline, pleasing head with gentle expression although would prefer slightly stronger muzzle, good length of neck, feet could be neater, well boned, very good front & rear construction, well proportioned body with deep chest & good width of second thigh, strong over loin, moved on a steady stride, another who will improve with maturity.

LIMIT BITCH – 4 (1 absent)
1st – Cameron’s DONARDEN FOXY LADY, L/W, another litter sister, very good size & symmetrically built, made an attractive feminine picture combining compactness with raciness, very pretty balanced head & gentle expression, good length of neck, feet ok, well angulated fore & aft, good depth of chest, well-coupled over loin, steady mover, close decision for RBB, just giving away a degree of maturity but am sure that the best is yet to come from this young lady.
2nd – Brough & Walker’s REASON TO BELIEVE AT RISELAWROAD, L/W, one who cannot be overlooked for type and temperament, strong, balanced & compact shape, very feminine with kind head & expression, stands on good feet, well boned, excellent length of neck & well-constructed front, deep chest, very well-coupled, powerful well-made hindquarters with excellent width of second thigh, moved well with enthusiasm & wagging tail, liked her very much, just lost to 1st on coat condition today.

OPEN BITCH – 3 (0 absent)
1st - Rose’s SH CH ROSANNOCH BERKANO JW, L/W, immaculate coat, condition & presentation, excellent size & overall balance, compact with a touch of raciness, well proportioned head with appealing expression, tight feet, correctly constructed with excellent front & rear angulation, strong body of good depth & length, powerfully built rear, sometimes pays a bit too much attention to her handler when moving, throwing her off her stride, but has style & drive, fully deserved BB & ultimately preferred her compact size & shape to her half brother for BIS.
2nd - Donaldson’s CHERIMORE CONTESSA OF DONARDEN, L/W, old fashioned & honest type, built on slightly heavier lines than 1st but still compact & feminine, balanced in head with gentle expression, sufficient length of neck, feet ok, well boned throughout, very good depth of chest & body length giving her excellent balance overall, well-constructed front & rear, well-coupled with powerful hindquarters & broad thigh, sound steady mover, stole RBB from the Limit winner on her maturity & all-round solid performance.


BRACE – No entries