ESSC OF WALES Judge Frank Whyte

A pleasure to judge at this very well run show which had a good atmosphere, well presented exhibits of very good quality overall and sporting exhibitors. To name a concern for the breed would be some exhibits losing balance and that touch of raciness through being too short on the let to body length and I found one or two not as outgoing as you would expect for this breed. It was a most enjoyable day.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Millers' Feorlig IceNFire
Just 6 months but a real extrovert of good breed type and promising qualities, symmetrical and good height to length ratio, good head, ears close and of good length, dark eye compact body, good bone, covered the ground with drive and very good front action, well presented. BPIS
2. Walkers' Dexbenella It's About Time
This dog is also most promising and of good breed type, balanced with good length of leg and strong body, well proportioned head, presented in very good condition, merry and active, I liked him very much, may change places with one on another day, but today the winner covered the ground that little better for me.

Puppy Dog (3)

1. Calverts' Calvdale Smooth Criminal
Another youngster of good breed type, strong and compact, good head, slightly rounded, balanced, nice fluting between the eyes, with good rib and holds good topline, good rear action and well presented in good condition.
2. Walkers' Dexbenella It's About Time
3. Fosters' Petranella Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah

Junior Dog (2)

1. Topliss' Peasblossom Escape To Beresford JW
Balanced masculine head with good eye, well set ears. Good length of next, well sprung ribs of good depth, good bone and very good feet, a quality youngster, who was merry and had good drive, presented in good firm condition which helped him hold good outline to win this class.
2. McLeans' Carnmarth Conquest
Another nice headed dog with good bone and feet, slightly larger cast but balanced, needs a little more time to fill in the picture, good depth, presented in good condition and good breed type.

Maiden Dog (1)

1. Fosters' Petranella Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah
A dog with good breed type, very much liked the shape and balance of his head, good, good expression, good bone and size, an extrovert presented in good condition, when steadied holds a good outline.
Novice Dog (3)

1. Calverts' Calvdale Smooth Criminal
2. Walkers' Dexbenella It's About Time
3. McLeans' Carnmarth Conquest

Graduate Dog (3)

1. Houses' Gleadsbury Whatshisname
A very nice young dog with good head, good next and front, good bone and feet, good body proportions and outline, covered the ground, symmetrical, active, needs time to till in the picture but lots of breed qualities to appreciate.
2. McLeans' Carnmarth Classic Destiny ShCM
good breed type, shape and size, presented in good coat and condition, had good bone and I liked his head and expression.
3. Woolhouses' Cherishym Outlaw

Post Graduate Dog (3)
A quality class headed by
1. Smiths' Mistilys' Golden Flash over Melverly
Symmetrical, good body length to height, good breadth and depth of head good expression, good bone, feet and ribs, real Springer in attitude who covered the ground well with drive, a top quality young dog with no exaggeration who still needs a little more finish and he should then trouble the best. RCC.
2. Mitchells' Peasblossom Chance JW
Another I really liked, quality dog with good breed type and presented in very good condition, balanced not overdone in any way, unfortunate to meet one in such good form, a very close decision, between these two, winner just flowing round that little better for me today
3. Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight

Limit Dog (10, 2a)
Lovely class
1. Calverts' Calvdale False Arrest
, Lovely balanced dog of good size and outline, compact but has that slight raciness, good depth and spring of rib, outgoing and when handler let him go he covered the ground well and with attitude, balanced head with the required fluting, good eye and expression, stand on good legs and feet, presented in very good coat and condition to complete the required picture CC and BIS.
2. Walkers' Petranella Pefickly Frank with Dexbenella JW ShCM
Another quality dog with similar virtues as the winner to admire, very good type and balance, not quite the finish of the winner today but is day will come.
3. Cokells' Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn JW
4. Topliss' Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
5. Millers' Roqfolly Aftershock at Feorlig

Open Dog (4, 1a)

1. Mitchells' Sh Ch NORDUCH Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW (imp)
Very good balanced masculine head with good eye and expression, good bone ribs and strong loin, good coat and condition and projects a picture of overall quality, close to top honours but slightly over stretching and not projecting quite as balanced a picture at the final stage on the day.
2. Topliss' Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
B/W with good heads and expression, Good bone depth and spring of rib, good rear angulation and a dog of good size and shape, liked his drive from the rear, well presented in good condition.
3. Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay

Veteran Dog (2)
A credit to their owners
1. Calverts' Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly JW
Correct size and shape, a top quality dog of good breed type, still in the firm condition that youngsters would be proud of, presented in excellent coat and covered the ground well holding good outline.
2. Williams & Toublics' Cobhay Sweet William
At 10 years is a credit but I don't think anyone has told him he is 10, much younger in his mind. Good size and shape, good rib and body condition, correct bone, good head and expression, a very nice dog.

Special Beginners Dog (4)

1. McCleans' Carnmarth Classic Destiny ShCM
2. Woolhouses' Cherishym Outlaw
A masculine dog of good breed type, good bone and feet and of good size, presented holds good outline, in good condition.
3. Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay
4. McCleans' Carnmarth Conquest