ESSC of Wales 11

Thanks to the exhibitors for a super entry and my apologies for the delay with the critique.

A general comment on the status of the breed would be that I would like to see a return of emphasis on producing quality without exaggeration which our standard calls for. There are super examples out there it just takes stronger commitment to the standard rather than being dazzled by topdressing and ‘more is better’ philosophy. Heads likewise, some are quite alien in structure and expression especially with round and/or light eyes and this is not acceptable.
Notwithstanding these observations, there was much to be optimistic about in the quality of the dogs/bitches present, many were of outstanding quality and excellent examples of the breed at its best.

Minor Puppy Dog (6)

1st Savells' Petranella Hot Gossip
A lovely happy chap, his sunny nature shows clearly. A quality young pup, sound(when settled), well proportioned and well boned, a super body for his age with great depth already, correct length, muscle will come to bring it all together. His head is asymmetrically marked but judges should look beyond this to see and appreciate the balance and good chiselling with correct shaped hazel eyes which will darken further with age. A delightful character shines through, beautifully turned out.
2nd Richardsons' Alanea Juke
Close up to 1 who had the edge on depth on the day. A very nice young b/w boy with a really beautiful head and dark eye. Well bodied and boned but just needs to drop underneath to balance him. Good angulation but elbows need to tighten into body as muscle develops. Moved well when settled with good rear parallel action. Super coat and condition. A very promising youngster.
3rd Notleys' Celgarn Next Heart Of Gold
4th Furness' Shelcasrie Flint
5th ????

Puppy Dog (6)

1st Houses' Gleadsbury Judicial Review
More of an old fashioned type of Springer, pleasing to see. He is of a good size with deep chest and very well boned, he has a compact overall shape. A pleasing neck and shoulder line and well angulated throughout which gave him the edge on movement among the male youngsters, he moved with power and drive earning his BPD status. Unfortunately he was just changing his coat so the picture was unfinished.
2nd Savells' Petranella Hot Gossip
3rd Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing
4th Camerons' Donarden Marauder taf
5th Richardson's Alanea Juke

Junior Dog (3,1a)

1st Walkers' Dexbenella It's About Time
A cracking young L/W lad, a real showman, he exhibits all of the features and promise you might wish for at this age. He has super body, bone and feet, a graceful neck and shoulders and really strong rear quarters giving drive and flow as he moves around the ring. Real quality this youngster shown in pristine condition as always.
2nd Fosters' Petranella Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah
This L/W lad has a lovely head with good eyes and gentle expression. Well bodied and mature he doesn’t need to carry on though as he is up to size for me currently. Good strong bone and feet. When it came to moving he led his owner a merry dance but was certainly true enough and strong through the rear when settled enough to assess.
Maiden Dog (3,1a)

1st Savells' Petranella Hot Gossip
2nd Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing
A quality young L/W dog, currently still very raw and will need time to finish developmentally (and mentally!) he has a masculine but refined head, would prefer a darker eye but that should improve with age. He is strong, well bodied and boned already, he just needs to drop a little in forechest to balance him. Well angled front and rear, moving well when settled. Beautifully handled and presented.

Novice Dog (3,1a)

1st Savell's Petranella Hot Gossip
2nd Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing

Graduate Dog (5)

1st Topliss' Peasblossom Escape to Beresford JW
Just love that dog! The one you would so like to put in the back of your car at the end of the day! So handsome, all male, but without any exaggeration which is desirable for the breed. I love his type, style and overall balance. He is of correct size and beautifully proportioned throughout, his body compact, strong, well muscled and ribbed. He moves with real four wheel drive, with power and grace. He has a fabulous head for me with all the attributes required, he had the truly correct head of the day in my opinion. Beautifully turned out in immaculate condition.
2nd Houses' Gleadsbury Judicial Review
3rd Stevensons' Gaolachcara Somhlth
4th Lintons' Rosannoch Ansuz
5th Fosters' Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah

Post Graduate Dog (6, 3a)

1st Smiths' Mistily's Golden Flash over Melverly
This LW/TRI won his class on his quality and movement. He is strong and short coupled, he is the correct size with good solid bone, substance and neat tight feet. Lovely neck and shoulders and bend of stifle giving sound, powerful movement. Shown in good coat and condition, well presented.
2nd Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight
Totally different in type to 1, this LW earned his placing on the quality of his head, very handsome yet refined with a lovely kind eye and expression. He is up to size and a little lacking in rib for me. Well boned with neat feet. I would respectfully suggest taking out a little more coat to give him his best outline and finish.
3rd Merrys' Anacapa Pipers Song for Tingvelle

Limit Dog (8)

1st Jacksons' Mompesson Cavendish
A pleasure to go over this dog, another more old fashioned type which is lovely to see. Balanced throughout and again without exaggerations. Of correct size and proportions, he is easy on the eye, super head and neck with that lovely slight arch leading to well laid shoulders. He has good depth of body and bone with strong rear quarters and cracking movement. Once more an asymmetrically marked head but under those markings are correct proportion, chiselling and fluting. A really super showman in his prime, immaculately presented. Unlucky to meet CC winner today, a tough decision.
2nd Lillies' Tryhard Tempest at Freeway
Very different type to one, but as full of quality. A beautifully balanced, compact, well bodied strong male with excellent bone and substance -and all of this without exaggeration. Good rear angulation and neat hocks, well muscled giving sound positive movement. Super head with dark eye, true springer expression.In his prime too and full bloom though personally I would take a little more coat out to sharpen his profile.
3rd Cokells' Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn JW
4th Walkers' Petranella Perfickly Frant with Dexbenella JW ShCM
5th Topliss' Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford

Open Dog (8,1a)

1st Jacksons' Sh Ch Mompesson Striker
I have watched and liked this chap through his career, a worthy champion he is full of quality and true springer, it was close between him and his kennel mate. Well bodied and balanced throughout, good angles front and rear with muscle tone to match. He has a handsome head with correct proportions and balance, lovely masculine fluting and chiselling giving character and definition. Lovely eye colour. Beautifully presented he moved with style and drive around the ring.
2nd Corbetts' Sh Ch Trimere Thriller
Another worthy champion, well up and close to 1, a difficult choice I just preferred the balance and proportion of the winner’s head. I have followed his meteoric career with interest and he has certainly fulfilled all the promise he held as a youngster and not disappointed. Well balanced and proportioned throughout with super bone and substance, real neat feet too. Correct angulation throughout with elegant neck and shoulders. Expertly shown in immaculate condition, he just didn’t seem to move with his usual verve on the day.
3rd Roses' Rosannoch Eihwaz
4th ??? Donarden Star Attraction
5th Topliss' Rianlas In The Black at Beresford

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Merrys' Anacapa Solo Flyer ShCM
Quality LW/TRI senior gent in super condition, still lots of zip here! Good size, well bodied with still firm muscle and topline. Lovely head with super eye and expression, handsome but not overdone. Sound happy mover, still powerful and true and obviously loving his show days.
2nd Reads' Brailea Better Believe It
Another senior citizen wearing his years well. Well balanced and all male if a little up to size for me. Strong bone and substance and still has good muscle tone. Good angulation front and rear which is evident in his sound movement He has a well chiselled masculine head. Showed well.

Special Beginners Dog (5)

1st Stevensons' Gaolachcara Oghma ShCM
Handsome LW of racier type and style. He is a quality dog with good bone and muscle tone. He has a pleasing well balanced head, it is refined with nice chiselling and fluting along with a lovely eye and expression. Moved steadily and soundly. In super coat and condition, very well presented.
2nd Lintons' Rosannoch Ansuz
A sound, strong, workmanlike dog, super bone and substance, well bodied with good rib. Lovely head, well chiselled and proportioned, his eyes could be a little darker but are acceptable. He was neatly turned out in good condition.
3rd Reads' Brailea Better Believe It
4th Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay
5th ?? Shelcasrie Flint