ESSC Open Show Judge: Miss Kirsty Miller


  BIS RBIS Best Puppy Best Veteran

 Best in Show Sh Ch Talking Point of Allenie Res. Best in Show Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW ShCM Best Puppy Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn Best Veteran Cobhay Sweet William ShCm

I would like to thank the officers and Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge the prestigious Parent Club show. I was so honoured to judge and was delighted with the entry unfortunately the weather had to be unkind and Ihad a few absentees. But I must thank all who entered and also who came and supported me. I really enjoyed the dogs and found many I liked very much with lovely breed type, good weight, substance, muscle tone and nice presentation were all evident.

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)

1 Mrs H Cokell – Trimere Transition To Carlyquinn
gorgeous 7mth old l/w. Lovely to look at from across the ring and even nicer when you get your hands on him. Attractive head and expression, with a lovely kind eye, which are nice and dark for his age. Superb front angulation with great depth of chest. Good reach of neck into a well developed body with a lovely spring of rib, however no more weight is required. Nice rear quarters with plenty of muscle which enabled him to drive effortlessly around the ring. Sound mover from the front but does need to tighten a little behind, but what do you expect from a baby? I am positive this will correct itself as he matures. Presented to perfection. Best Puppy Dog. In the challenge for Best Puppy he did not put a foot wrong and it was my pleasure to award him Best Puppy In Show. He is a definite boy to watch for the future and I will with interest. I am sure he will have a wonderful show career.
2 Mrs C House – Gleadsbury Whats His Name
another lovely boy but bigger build than 1 and just a little heavy for me. A stylish dog to look at from across the ring and does demand attention. Good head, just a little too much for me. I would prefer more front angulation. Lovely spring of rib and well bodied. Excellent rear quarters with wonderful muscle tone. Great bone and nice tight feet. Moved well back and forth. Presented excellently in a gleaming L/W jacket.
3 Mr & Mrs Wildsmith – Trimere Time Trail With Sanibeck

Puppy Dog (3,2)
1 Mrs C House – Gleadsbury Whats His Name

Junior Dog (1,0)
1 Mr & Mrs Happs – Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna
13 mths old. A lovely overall balanced dog of good height to length, present in dark l/w jacket with good feathering. lovely head and expression, nice balance and well chiselled. Eyes need to darken a fraction but will come with age. Nice strrong neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Good front angulation with a lovely deep chest which carries all the way through to his body. Good spring of rib. Excellent hindquarters, again with lovely muscle tone. Well set tail which was never carried too high. Well boned legs, short hocks and neat feet. moved powerfully around the ring with dive, very sound. Was in my mind for RBD, but was unfortunate to meet the big boys at the top.

Novice Dog (2,1)
1 Mrs C House – Gleadsbury Whats His Name

Tyro Dog (1,0)
1 Mr & Mrs Cole – Greygoose Travelin Light
2 yr old l/w dog in good condition. A dog which is slightly on the bigger side for me but he still has a lot of qualities. Nice head with a kind, gentle expression. Fraction short of neck but lays well into shoulders, well bodied and ribbed. Correct bend of stile, well developed muscles and bone and tight feet. Moved well but would prefer a little more rear drive. Presented well.

Graduate Dog (2,2)

Post Graduate Dog (6,2)
1 Mr & Mrs Warrener – Cepen Changing Places For Waterswarren
a dog that I have seen from the ringside before and have never thought too highly of. However he is definitely a dog you need to go over to appreciate his fortunes. Yes, his head may not be his fortune and is a definite point about him that I don't like but he has excellent front angulation, with deep chest, strong good length of neck into well laid shoulders, firm topline over a well ribbed and deep body. Well boned legs, with lovely tight feet. Excellent rear angulation with muscle tone which allowed him to move with superb drive and very soundly. Presented 1st class in a glossy l/w coat with lovely feathering.
2 Mr & Mrs Whitley – Shipden Will Hay
a dog that I have done well before and today looked good in a superbly presented b/w jacket. He has all the same attribures as the 1st dog but today just did not seem to want to move as well as I have seen him do before, would have liked more dirve which I know he can produce.
3 Mr & Mrs Cole – Greygoose Travelin Light
4 Mr & Mrs Happs – Beresford Beat The Clock

Limit Dog (3,2)
1 Mr & Mrs Whitley – Shipden Will Hay

Open Dog (2,0)
well what can I say about this class? Only two in it, but those two happened to be the two top dogs in the country!! Wow!! It was an absolute honour to judge this class and I would like to thank you both so very much for entering under me. Both are absolutely stunning dogs!
1 Allen & Bott – Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point Of Allenie JW
this boy has been under me before where I gave him Best of Breed at Bath 2 yrs ago and I thought he was pretty much perfect then, I was wrong! he has now matured even more and has grown into a superb example of our breed. From across the ring he demands all attention and I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. To go over him is a delight, he has the most exquistite head with a lovely kind eye and melting expression with well set ears. Lovely strong, arched neck into well laid back shoulders, with great front angulation. Superb depth of chest which carries into well sprung ribs set well back with nice short loin. Lovely bend of stifle, well muscled with nice short hocks. Super bone and nice tight feet. Moved like a dream around the ring with a powerful stride and so sound both coming and going. He had to pull out all the stops to beat 2nd today and that he did with maturity on his side. Thank you very much for coming. it was a pleasure to award him Best Dog and then BIS over the beautiful bitch.
2 Mrs A Corbett – Sh Ch Trimere Thirller
well what can I say about this boy that hasn;'t been said in his short lustrous show career? I have loved him since I saw him as a puppy and he has just got better and better. Again he is so stylish to look at from the side and wonderful to go over. He has a gorgeous head, which is so well balanced, lovely eye, which does need to darken slightly but he is still only young. Strong muscular neck laying in well laid back shoulders, giving him excellent front angulation with a lovely deep chest. Nice firm level topline, with good body, ribs need to fill out a little more but this will definitely come with age. Ribs well back into nice short loin. Moderately bend stifle with lovely short hocks. Tail set nicely and never carried higher than his back. Moved with such power and drive, but I feel if he had a bigger ring his movement would have excelled even more. Again presented 1st class in a gleaming l/w jacket. Today lost out to the 1st on maturity overall and was Reserve Best Dog but on another day once he has matured, who knows? I can only imagine how the breeder must feel to have bred these two exceptionally stunning dogs.

Special Beginners Dog (3,0)
1 Mr & Mrs Warrener – Cepen Changing Places For Waterswarren
2 Mr & Mrs Whitley – Shipden Will Hay
3 Mr & Mrs Happs – Beresford Beat The Clock

Veteran Dog (2,1)
1 Williams & Toublic – Cobhay Sweet William
9 yr old l/w dog who still goes round the ring like he was 2. A boy that I have always liked and has aged into a lovely old man still looking good. Very nice outline with everything in the right place. Lovely head, well chiselled, balanced with a beautiful expression. Good reach of neck. Well angulated front with a great depth of chest. Good strong body with well sprung ribs. Great rear angulation which is well muscled which enables him to move around he ring with great drive and so soundly. Nicely boned legs with tight feet. In excellent coat, presentation and condition. Best Veteran in Show.