I would like to thank the very hard working committee for this invite to judge your club Open show. Thank you for making both us so welcome and for feeding and supplying endless teas and coffees throughout the day. Although an excellent entry on paper, there were quite a few absentees due to various reasons. Having said that, although I didn’t necessarily have the quantity to go over, what I did have to judge was quality and I really appreciate the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs and take my decisions in good grace and I was more than pleased with my final winners..


Minor Puppy 3 (3a)

Puppy 2 (1a)
1. Corbetts Trimere Total Chaos
Chaos 10 month L/W dog with pleasing head and darkening eye. Good depth and angles throughout and lovely tight feet. Although still very much at the ‘look at me - I’m a puppy’ stage, so he does needs time to settle and come in to his own, but I’m sure as he matures he will fulfil the potential shown here today. Moved slightly erratically initially but when steadied I was able to see that he had a lovely reach and drive.(BPIS)

Junior 2 (2a)

Novice No entries

Tyro No entries

Graduate 5 (3a)
1. Tracz's Melverley Desert Strike over Acregate JW
Two year old L/W dog with correct shaped head, lovely dark eye and slightly arched neck which flowed into well placed shoulders. Liked his depth of body and particularly his well-structured and muscled rear end. Straight front and stood on good bone and tidy feet. Moved with vigour and starting to mature into very pleasing exhibit who has a bit more to give but should finish well
2. Hensons Melkami Williams Wonder
18 month old L/W lad who was shown in good condition, looked well but preferred the overall structure and performance of the winner. Just think his handler needs a little more confidence in showing this boy – he certainly has all the right attributes, he just needs to learn how to show them off. Well turned out and you can see that a huge amount of care and attention has been taken over his presentation.

Post Graduate 3 (2a)
1. Terry & Richardsons Alanea Juke for Cherishym
4 year old B&W with pleasing head and sufficient chiselling and flews. Lovely dark eye and clean through throat and neck which is of good length leading into correct shoulder set. Good honest type with correct movement most of time but he seemed to have his own agenda and was more interested in who was outside of the ring which spoiled his movement in the challenge.

Limit 5 (4a)
1. Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
5 year old L/W dog who sometimes gets overlooked but moved as well today as I have seen him move for a long time.. Not the most masculine of heads but it is well balanced and has a kind expression with lovely dark and correct shaped eyes. You do have to get your hands on this dog to really appreciate his qualities – he is sound throughout and well muscled with good depth and plenty of heart room. Sufficient bend of stifle and lovely tight feet with good amount of bone. Nice to see him look as though he was enjoying his day and was evident in his movement. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog

Open 4 (3a)
1. Tracz's Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
A really quality honest dog of super type. He has super head with the expression that epitomises our breed and good strong, slightly arched neck of good length. Clean in throat, and his body well balanced in depth and length. Well tucked in elbows and plenty of depth in chest and ample bone and lovely tight feet. When this boy is on form he moves so well and boy, I was delighted to see that he was most definitely on form today. He commanded the ring when he moved out today and there was absolutely no denying him this class and eventually Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show. Beautifully presented as always so Well done – he is a credit to you.

Special Beginners 2
1. Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
2. Hensons Melkami Williams Wonder

No entries


Minor Puppy 3 (3a)

Puppy 3 (3a)

Junior 4 (3a)
1. Corbetts Trimere Tah Dah
Delightful stylish bitch with ulta feminine head with lovely arched neck and straight front. Stands on good strong legs and ample bone and has great angles all round. Super neat feet and good top line both standing and on the move. She is a cheeky young lady with lots of personality and has an outgoing temperament and showed me just how she can stride out with fabulous her reach and drive. Still a way to go before she fully matures but when she does I am sure she will trouble the best. Reserve Best Bitch

No entries

Tyro 1 (1a)

Graduate 2 (1a)
1. Bashforths Jorabaden Mom Mone
Pretty type with lovely feminine head. Kind expression, clean neck and correctly laid shoulders. Deep body and well sprung ribs and quite lovely for her age. Ample bone and tidy feet. Nicely rounded quarters and moderately angled. In excellent coat and condition and well presented
2 Terry /Richardson’s Cherisham Chara A very feminine bitch with such a lovely expression of correct proportions throughout. In excellent coat, hard condition, standing firmly on good legs & neat feet, just preferred the overall balance and shape of the winner

Post Graduate 2 (1a)
1. Hipgraves Ternspringer Harmone
Lovely type of bitch with a pretty head & expression, good eye colour, arched neck & shoulders that flowed into a well ribbed up body. Short coupled and strong quarters just didn’t show her best points when stacked and lost out in the challenge. Moved well

Limit 6 (2a)
1. Corbetts Trimere Teresa Green
Very pleasing head and eye, lovely crisp outline. Good straight front and well off for bone. Has tidy and well manicured feet and strong, well angulated hindquarters. Ultra feminine bitch and a good mover round the ring with excellent reach and drive. Pushed hard for top honours today just lost out to more mature kennel mates!
2. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons Cheryishym Cleaneo
Nice type with pretty head and expression. Good bend of stifle with no exaggeration, moved well. Well presented just preferred the overall balance of class winner
3. Hipgraves Glenbrows Honesty
4. Shelcasrie Dancing Queen

Open 4 (1a)
1. Corbetts Trimere Tough Cookie
Well what can I say about this young lady other than when she came in to the ring she just raised the bar!! Have admired her from the ring side and was not disappointed when I got my hands on her today. She is a very classy bitch of good make and overall shape with ample substance throughout. Correctly muscled and has lovely reachy neck and correct angles both front and rear. Kind expressive face, with dark eye and correct fluting. Good proportions, clean through throat and neck and plenty of heart room. Deep brisket and good width to second thigh Firm topline on the move and standing. This bitch comes into her own on the move with fabulous reach and drive and although I loved her from the outset this just confirmed my initial thoughts. Well worthy of the top award today and delighted to award her Best Bitch and Best In Show. Well done!
2. Corbetts Olliwa Ruthless with Trimere (Imp Czech)
New one from this Kennel on me and had her work cut out today up against the winner on such good form. Looked and moved well but was always up against it today in this class. Nonetheless she is an elegant bitch with good angles throughout and all the right attributes in all the right places. Pretty head with lovely expression. Well presented and moved well once settled
3. Hipgraves Ir Ch Ternspringer Melody

Special Beginner 2
1. Joyces Shelcasrie Lovers Leap
Presented in very good order, this bitch belies her age and is beautifully proportioned and shapely throughout with good angulation. Moved well and beautifully presented and used her well muscled quarters to drive well under the body and really was eye catching from all angles. BVIS
2. Youngs' Shelcasrie Dancing Queen
Pretty headed b&w bitch. Old fashioned type and is well proportioned throughout. Tidy feet and deep body, Well presented and moved well – just up against a kennel mate in good form today

Veteran 4 (1a)
1. Joyces Shelcasrie Lovers Leap
2. Hipgraves Ir Ch Ternspringer Pretty Paper
Very graceful old lady but this but my word this girl could she move round the ring. Just lost out to youth today but on that count but must say I loved this class and any one of them would take the honours on other days.
3. Richardson & Terry-Richardsons Cheryishym Bright Star JW