ESSC OPEN SHOW 25th November 2018

Judge: Louise Scott

BIS - Melverley Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM
RBIS - Beresford Night Train
BOS - Cherishym Celaneo
RBB - Eastfalla Rock My World
BPIS - Eastfalla Rock My World
BVIS Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the ESSC for inviting me to judge their Open Show and for their excellent organisation and hospitality throughout the day.

MINOR PUPPY DOG – Entries: 2 Absent: 0
1st: Topliss’s On The Road Again Tamaam To Beresford (Imp Pol)
Promising eight months old B/W. Balanced outline with a decent length of neck set into well laid shoulders, clean throat, good depth of chest, level topline and correctly angulated rear quarters. I loved his super-dark eye colour and his excellent bone and feet. He was happy, if a bit of a handful, on the move, but he is nonetheless sound and has plenty of time to learn the ropes. Best B/W.

2nd: Eastwood’s Eastfalla Next Step
Another eight months old youngster with promise. Really good depth of chest and well-sprung ribs, strong neck, good shoulder placement and straight front. He was steady, sound and confident on the move, keeping his topline level throughout. I liked his skull shape and head proportions – his eyes are the correct almond shape but still need to darken slightly, which should come with time.

PUPPY DOG – Entries: 1 Absent: 0
1st: Eastwood’s Eastfalla Next Step

JUNIOR DOG – Entries: 1 Absent: 1

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG – Entries: 1 Absent: 0
1st: Topliss’s Beresford Night Train
Mature young dog in full coat, presented a finished picture. Very impressive in outline, he is correctly proportioned, with a strong neck, level topline, well-sprung ribs and straight front. Lovely substance throughout, with excellent bone and well-rounded feet. His head is masculine but not overdone, with correct eye shape and good depth of flew. Plenty of strength in hindquarters, which he used to good effect on the move. Definitely one to watch. Res BIS.

NOVICE DOG – No entries

GRADUATE DOG – No entries

POST GRADUATE DOG – Entries: 2 Absent: 1
1st: Happs’ Clentonian Solomons Seal
Well up to size, but correctly proportioned. Sufficient length of neck, level topline and correct tail-set, well coupled, hocks well let down, with good rear angulation that was not overdone. Pleasing head with good stop, correct eye shape and kind expression. His movement was sound, particularly from the rear. Would have preferred a little more angulation in upper arm.

LIMIT DOG – No entries

OPEN DOG – Entries: 2 Absent: 1
1st: Tracz’s Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM
I liked this L/W dog particularly for his overall lack of exaggeration, excellent body condition and lovely typical head and melting expression that I always look for in an ESS. He has a decent length of neck, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, well-muscled rear quarters with correct, moderate angulation. His head is masculine yet refined, with correctly proportioned skull and foreface, and the kindest of dark hazel eyes. Moved soundly and with purpose in the challenge to win BD and BIS.

VETERAN DOG – Entries: 3 Absent: 0
1st: Tracz’s Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM
One I have liked previously and is still looking good at the age of ten. He has a beautiful classic head and the softest of expressions, now with the added mellowing that only comes with the passage of time. Like his kennelmate, he is in excellent condition, with deep chest and well sprung ribs, good topline and tailset, straight front and moderate rear angulation. Moved well, if a shade close behind. BVIS.

2nd: Drinkall’s Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft IR Vet CH
I liked the overall type, make and shape of this flashy nine year old L/W/T. Balanced outline and carrying the right amount of weight for his frame. He has a clean neck, well placed shoulders, level topline and is particularly good in upper arm angulation. Stifles moderately bent. Very well-proportioned head, with lovely eye shape and colour, but unfortunately his skull shape was affected by loss of muscle.

3rd: Happs’s Sh Ch Jorobaden Aldernitti Of Emianna JW

MINOR PUPPY BITCH – Entries: 1 Absent: 0
1st: Eastwood’s Eastfalla Rock My World
A baby at six months old, but she has all the essentials and is just as she should be for her age. Everything in its place, with nothing exaggerated, she is feminine throughout, with the prettiest of heads, gorgeous eye shape and sweet expression. Well balanced outline, with good body, lovely straight front and very good legs and feet. She was really sound and very confident on the move. Age is no barrier to quality, which is why I was happy to award her B Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch.

PUPPY BITCH – Entries: 4 Absent: 1
1st: Eastwood’s Eastfalla Rock My World

2nd: Stobbie’s Carmen Miranda Buxusson (Imp Cze)
Very good reach of neck and layback of shoulders, deep body with well sprung ribs and plenty of heart room. Moved OK, but her topline needs to strengthen, which may come as she matures. Feminine head with correct eye shape but lacking the classic refinement and expression of 1.

3rd: Weyman’s Spuffing Tanqueray

JUNIOR BITCH – No entries

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH – Entries: 3 Absent: 1 WD: 1
1st: Reynolds’ Clentonian Picture Perfect
What I would describe as an honest ESS, not overdone or exaggerated. Good size, with strong neck, very well-placed shoulders, good upper arm angulation and a straight front. She has a level topline, is well coupled, with moderately bent stifles and very good bone and feet. Well-proportioned head with pleasing expression. Moved OK, would just have preferred a little more animation and drive.

NOVICE BITCH – Entries: 1 Absent: 0
1st: Weyman’s Spuffing Tanqueray
Very good reach of neck and well-placed shoulders, good spring of rib, excellent topline and correct tailset. Lovely dark eyes, but I would prefer a little more refinement in head, which will hopefully come in time. Decent bone, although her feet could be tighter and unfortunately today, she just did not settle on the move.

GRADUATE BITCH – Entries: 1 Absent: 1

POST GRADUATE BITCH – Entries: 1 Absent: 1

LIMIT BITCH – Entries: 7 Absent: 4
1st: Drinkall’s Calvdale Maleficent Of Esscroft
Very appealing feminine head with lovely chiselling. Compact body with good depth and well sprung ribs. Good upper arm angulation and shoulder placement, straight front, I felt she could carry a little less weight across the shoulders to better advantage. Good bone and tight feet, moved soundly.

2nd: Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Chara
Feminine throughout, another whose head and soft expression I very much liked. Good length of neck and well-placed shoulders, excellent topline and moderate rear angulation. Could just do with a little more width in hindquarters and I would prefer to see tighter feet.

3rd: Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer

OPEN BITCH – Entries: 4 Absent: 2
1st: Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Celaneo
I found her to be of lovely type, feminine and elegant. Of lighter build than some, but she is not exaggerated in any way. Very typical, pretty well-proportioned head, with a kind eye and lovely soft expression. Excellent length of neck, very good front angulation, could be a little stronger in rear quarters, but she moved soundly. Best Bitch.

2nd: Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Harmone
More substance throughout than 1, but longer cast and not quite the same elegance. Nevertheless, she has a typical head and soft expression, strong neck of decent length, level topline, good depth of brisket and correct moderate rear angulation. Moved OK.

VETERAN BITCH – Entries: 3 Absent: 1
1st: Reynolds’ Mompesson Royal Flush
Well balanced outline with lovely bone and substance. Correct moderate angulation both front and rear, with good upper arm return, good depth of body and level topline. She has a kind eye and typical expression, starting to show her age very slightly, but a very honest ESS overall.

2nd: Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Melody
Flashy L/W bitch, up to size but with a feminine head and kind expression. Decent length of neck, well placed shoulders and level topline. Just lacked the substance and coat that would have given a more finished picture.