ESSCOW Open 19
















BIS - Sh Ch Dexbenella Atticus Finch

RBIS - Trimere Timeless With Kassan

BD -  Sh Ch Dexbenella Atticus Finch

RBD - Ternspringer Band Man At Reulemill ShCM

BB - Trimere Timeless With Kassan

RBB - Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid

BPIS - Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire


Judge: Mrs J Howarth



DOGS: MP (2) 1 Holt’s Bethryn El Toro De Cayo Coco. Well grown lad, well off for bone and carrying plenty of body. Correct topline and rear angulation. In good coat condition.

2 Frusher’s Eastfalla On Time at Shersona. Just 6 months and of finer type than the winner. Straight in front with good body proportions. Well-turned stifles, hocks nicely let down. Carried his tail correctly on the move.


P (4,1a) 1 Green’s Kennair Diamond Geezer. Won this class on his movement. Well-shaped head with good eyes and well-set ears. Clean neck of good length leads to well laid shoulders. Balanced in body with good turn of stifle. Carried his tail correctly.

2 Holamn’s Roqfolly Jumpin Jack Flash. Well shaped in head with plenty of stop and typical expression. Good ear set. Good length and depth to his ribs, level topline with good set on of tail. Should mature nicely. Not as positive on the move as the winner.

3 Thomas’ Tigerrock Ocellatuus.


PG (2,1) 1 Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath. Three year old with nicely shaped head and good length of muzzle. Good length of ribs but could do with a bit more width through. Correct topline and well angulated quarters. Moved well enough in profile.


L (2,1) 1 Clarke’s Ternspringer Band Man at Reulemill. This 4 year old presented a lovely outline. Good head with defined stop and a kind eye. Clean neck of good length leads to well laid shoulders. Straight well boned legs. Balanced body with good depth and firm over the loins. Well angulated quarters, hocks are well let down. Moved true showing plenty of drive. Reserve Best Dog.


O (3,1) 1 Walker’s Sh CH Dexbenella Atticus Finch. Really fell for this quality two year old. No surprise to later find that he is carrying his title and won the CC at the Champ Show earlier in the day. Super headed boy with kind eyes and good ear set giving typical expression. Straight, well boned front legs. Super strong neck leads to well laid shoulders. Good length of rib and firmness over his loins giving correct balance and topline. He is well angulated behind with good muscular development. He was presented to advantage and moved well to win Best Dog and Best In Show.

2 Holt’s Ir Sh Ch Bethryn Devil Moon. Pleasing in head with good stop and depth of muzzle. He has a strong neck and is well boned in front. Good length of body with short couplings. Well angulated quarters. He was not as steady on the move. Carrying plenty of coat.


SP BEG (2) 1 Thomas’ Tigerrock Super Ted. Well-muscled two year old with lovely head and eyes. Good length of neck balanced in body with good width over his quarters. Moved steadily and showed drive in profile.

2 Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath. BITCHES: MP (1) 1 Holt’s Bethryn Sea of Tranquility. Sister to MPD winner. Pleasing head for her age with good eyes and ear placement. Well bodied for her age with straight well boned legs. Needs to settle on the move to show herself to advantage but should go on to do well.


P (3) 1 Cokell’s Caryquinn Kisses of Fire. Lovely puppy with a lot going for her. Nearly 12 months and coming together well. Super head, feminine and well balanced. Straight in front with elbows nicely tucked in. Well ribbed with good length of body. Well angulated quarters. Moved to advantage and presented in first class order. Best Puppy in Show.

2 House’s Gleadsbury Dynamite. Another lovely 11 month old. Balanced in head with nice eyes. Straight well boned legs lead to good feet. Balanced body with good width and depth for her age. Well set tail. Moved well enough. Just needs to mature to complete the picture.

3 Guest’s Eastfalla Time to Tango.


J (2) 1 Crouch’s Trimere Timeless with Kassan. Caught my eye on first inspection and impressed more and more. At 17 months, looks the part. Lovely head with good stop and correct length of muzzle. Clean well-muscled neck of good length. Straight well boned legs lead to lovely feet. Well developed quarters for her age with plenty of width and well-turned stifles. Hocks are nicely let down. She moved well and was in good body and condition. Best Bitch, Reserve Best In Show. Will be interesting to follow her career.

2 Corbett’s Trimere Taylor Swift. Younger and not as forward as the winner. Pleasing in head and typical expression. She has decent bone and good length of rib. Good turn of stifle, Covered the ground well.


N (3,1) 1 Trimere Timeless with Kassan. 2 Gleadsbury Dynamite.


L (6,3) 1 Walker’s Beresford Night Nurse at Dexbenella. Good over all make and shape. Strong legs on super feet. Well balanced in body with good length of rib. Carrying the correct body. Moved well and presented to advantage.

2 Holt’s Miss Bones Tamaam to Bethryn. Lovely head with low set ears. Good reach of neck. Well turned stifles. Looked balanced in profile on the move. 3 Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer.


O (5,1) 1 Corbett’s Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid. Well known Champion, lovely head with good stop and well-set ears giving correct expression. Arched neck of good length gives way to well laid shoulders. Straight well boned front and tidy feet. Balanced body with strength over her loins. Strong quarters with good bend of stifle and correct tail set. Moved truly to win reserve best Bitch.

2 Green’s Kennair I Am I Said. Well-made and showing a good outline here. Balanced in head with good length of muzzle. Correct front with elbows nicely tucked in. Good depth and width of chest. Strong over her quarters. Moved steadily and well.

3 Holt’s Plaiglen Beater BJewel to Bethryn.


V (2) 1 Corbett’s Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere. Just 7 and presented in good coat. Well shaped head with good ear placement. Correct front. Well balanced body with good firm couplings. Moved with enthusiasm. Looked well today.

2 Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Melody. At ten years, looks so well and fit for her age. Well made in front with good bone and in good body. Moved well showing reach in profile.








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