Veteran Dog (2.1)
1st Rawding’s Sh Ch Berkenbar Highlander for Dukedel
What a lovely way to start the day’s judging.
Now rising ten years of age, still retaining many fine qualities, excelling as he does in head, with a lovely soft appealing eye and kindly expression. A nicely balanced dog, with strong compact body, lovely legs and feet and holding his topline well on the move, even if the zip (who can blame him!) is not quite as evident as it was in his younger days. Class and type saw him take Best Veteran against his feminine counterpart.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st Stevenson’s Gaolachcara Oghma
Far more friendly than his name would suggest, in stance this young laddie appealed both to eye and hand Presented in gleaming coat and condition. Grand depth of bone, stands on neat, tight feet with good body substance for age, showing scope and power and promise for the future. Although a little exuberant (not bad thing in my book for a puppy) on the move, his movement is acceptable enough at this stage of development. Not quite the head properties yet to complement his body proportions.

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Stevenson’s Gaolachcara Oghma
2nd Midgeley’s Riselawroad Gorgus George
Not the style, balance or appeal of the winner. Sufficient body substance for his age, he moved confidently enough, if not a little errant. Should steady and improve as he matures.

Junior Dog (5)
1st Corbett & Spavin’s Trimere Thriller
Top of my pops today. Mouth- wateringly constructed teenager. Totally masculine, but still retaining elegance. All structural elements link up in unison, from tip of the nose on his wonderfully balanced head, with expressive, well shaped eyes, through powerful lengthy neck, flowing into well laid back shoulder placement, strong backline, to the tip of his wagging tail. Grand depth of ribcage, scopy physique. Moves happily with ease, purpose and power with true co-operation between front and rear assembly, and in toned muscle condition. The whole package topped off with professional presentational and handling skills, all of which earned him the Reserve CC. A dog, I believe, that could have much to offer.
2nd Richardson’s Cherishym Bright Knight
Honest, pleasant headed youngster, scoring in overall, balance and body structure and handled to advantage to show off his qualities. Needs to tighten in movement, in order to stride out with more purpose. Not enough strength in breed attributes today, to compete with 1, but has something to offer.
3rd McGovern’s Riselawroad Melvilleson

Yearling Dog (4)
1st Calvert’s Calvdale Point of Law
In profile, stood out as my class winner. Would prefer a little more length of back to balance. Nevertheless a handsome headed dog, scoring particularly well in bone. Much to admire and time will most definitely serve him well. Expertly presented and handled to confirm his superiority over 2.
2nd Ganarin’s Berkenbar Angelo
Lovely head and expression, a dog of good type, with lots to admire. Promising sort, perhaps not showing today with quite the confidence to beat the style and drive in rear of 1.
3rd Richardson’s Cherishym Bright Knight

Maiden Dog (1)
1st Stevenson’s Gaolachcara Oghma

Novice Dog (2)
1st Stevenson’s Gaolachcara Oghma
2nd Midgeley’s Riselawroad Gorgus George

Graduate Dog  (3)
1st Delanty’s Dingdarlin Mr Blue Sky
A little strong in skull, but acceptable head with pleasing expression. Good depth of body, standing on well boned legs and nice feet. Altogether presented an adequately balanced outline, moving freely and steadily and in good coat and condition.
2nd Richardson’s Cherishym Bright Knight
3rd Woodhouse’s Cherishym Outlaw

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st Calvert’s Calvdale Torchwood
Very much appreciated his head and expression, so typical of his ancestry. Very pleasing in all departments, viewed both in profile on handling. Perhaps to be a little picky, I would like to see him strengthen, particularly in topline, in order to trouble the best. Super depth of body, with good neck and shoulder placement. Not as positive in front, he uses his well angulated hindquarters to good advantage, presenting overall a picture of a quality individual put down to the minute by his very accomplished handler.
2nd. Perry’s Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta
Smart, happy individual with nothing overdone. Attractive head with pleasing expression, perhaps not the finish, quality and bone of 1. Moved freely in rear off well muscled hindquarters. Owner to be commended for first class presentation and condition.

Limit Dog (7,1)
1st Allen & Bott’s Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
A real pleasure to judge this high quality dog. Short coupled, well constructed with excellent muscle tone and definition all over, exuding fitness, tone and condition. He holds himself well, both in stance and on the move all with a touch of style and elegance. Today, I believe the limitations of the size of the Ring hindered him more than it did his opposition, thus I did not see the powering, easy movement in rear that I was expecting to see.
2nd Guy’s Calvdale John O’Connor
Pity he had to meet 1 today, as there is much to commend this rangier dog with his very agreeable head and sound movement. Not quite the class and finish of 1 but all the same I found him quite pleasing.
3rd Donaldson’s Donarden Star Attraction

Open Dog (4,1)
1st Palmer’s Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW SHCM
My find and delight of the day. Have frequently admired this dog from the ringside, but had no inkling just how impressive he is until we came face to face. Instantly totally smitten by this handsome individual, with his dreamy melting expression, touch of soft tan, exuding pure class, total masculinity, in gleaming coat and condition. Nothing structurally out of place. Wonderful body properties, superb balance, perfect depth of bone, first class condition with rippling muscle tone, topped off with free flowing, effortless and purposeful movement. No need for frills or fancy presentation. Sympathetically and adroitly handled. My great pleasure to award him and his sporting owner the CC. Hope he continues to carry on ‘doing it’!
2nd Smith’s Melverly First Gold
Classy, sound moving, honest to good adult, possessing great balance. Pleasing in head with soft typical expression, but not the completeness of skull of either the CC or Res CC winners. Not showing with enough verve and enthusiasm today to win higher honours but balance saw him hold his place over 3, who is a dog with much to commend him.
3rd Rose’s Rosannoch Eihwaz JW

Special Beginners Dog. (5)
1st Delanty’s Dingdarlin Mr Blue Sky
2nd Perry’s Cresmore Rifleman at Tafuta
3rd Richardson’s Cherishym Bright Knight