Southern English Springer Spaniel Society and South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club joint Gundog Training Day


On Sunday 16th July, in deepest Sussex, there was a gathering of Spaniels - English and Welsh Springers, who together with the odd Labrador and Golden Retriever had a wonderful time learning how to do the job they were bred for - being Gundogs.


The day started with fun training games, these included - Fastest Sit, Fastest Recall, Heelwork for steadiness, Heelwork with obstacles and a fun scurry.  All of these games were designed to teach in a fun way the basics of the Gundog training they were to receive in the afternoon.  So, after an introductory talk and a bacon roll they were off to enjoy the morning games.


Just before lunch - David Hines with his show bred ESS gave a demonstration of gundog training to the enraptured audience, this included steadiness and retrieves. This was followed by Julie Revill and her 8 year old WSS Keri, who demontrasted hunting and retrieving. After a buffet lunch, the group split into four groups and each group went off with their respective instructor for the afternoon session.  Here they were taught to hunt and retrieve, which are the basic elements of gundog training.


Every dog and owner got something out of the day, and many were amazed at just  what their dogs could do after a just few hours.  Most of the participants had never done anything like this before, and it was so good to see dogs and handlers have a great time together.


Whilst the participants were receiving their training, gundog man Barry Blinks, gave a brilliant talk and demonstration with his working type ESS, for those that were not involved in the afternoon session.  






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