Expected Litter Register

11th Nov c

The 'expected litter register' is a new concept for the SESSS.  We hope it will provide prospective puppy buyers with information on planned and forthcoming litters.  Contact can be made with breeders at an earlier stage and interest logged on a waiting list prior to arrival of the puppies.  


The SESSS would like to point out, however, that there can be no guarantee given that puppies will result from any planned litter and the information provided including expected date of arrival are intended as a guide only.


The Southern English Springer Spaniel Society promotes responsible breeding practices and urges prospective buyers to pay close attention to the information provided on the Puppy Register page.  All prospective buyers should familarise themselves with the health issues and tests we have available to us and also note the Code Of Ethics and guidelines stipulated for our members, specifically those relating to the testing of breeding stock.

Note for Breeders: There will be a charge of £10.00 to list each litter, payable

 in advance to Ria Twilley  The proceeds provide for the upkeep of this website, expenses and ESS Welfare.  


 Contact Ria Twilley for more details on email address:

[email protected] 

Please advise Ria in the first instance, if you wish to inform her of your forthcoming litter on this site.  Once the litter is born, the information will be transferred to the puppy list.  Breeders must contact Ria and provide details of numbers and sexes of the puppies available.