Thank you very much to GBAS for inviting me to judge my first set of CC’s in this wonderful breed, that I have grown up with all my life. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support and travelling the distance to show their dogs under me.

I thought the quality overall was of high standard, especially in the bitches where I could’ve handed out a handful of CCs. The Post Graduate bitch class and the Open bitch class need a special mention for the quality of bitches, where some placed down the line could’ve easily been awarded higher places on another day.

One issue that I feel the breed seems to be lacking in nowadays is the true ‘springer’ movement where the ‘forelegs swing straight forward from the shoulder, throwing the feet well forward in an easy free manner.’ Most seem to now have a short striding, choppy movement and there is no throw from the shoulder at all and therefore lacking drive from behind. This for me is one of the iconic features of our breed and it is such a shame we seem to be losing it.

Class 297 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1224 DOWNWARD Mrs M C Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW
JW 8 ½ year old L/W in brilliant coat and condition for his age. Lovely masculine head with a slightly rounded skull, lovely kind dark eye, well chiselled below the eyes. Correctly placed ears of good length and well feathered. A little short of neck and would prefer a slightly better angled front. Well boned straight front, great depth of chest and good spring of rib. Strong topline. Moderately angulated hind quarters with well let down hocks and neat feet. Well set tail. Moved well and very true coming and going.
2nd: 1286 WATSON Ms S Mex Ch Hight Fly Della Giuliana (Imp)
10 ½ year old L/W dog in absolutely super coat and condition for his age. Presents a nice outline standing. Lovely head and expression, with nice dark eye. Good length of neck set into a well angulated front. Enough depth of chest with a good spring of rib. Adequate hindquarters. Moved well enough but seemed a little unsure today. A tad weak behind.

Class 298 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1236 HAPPS Mrs A C Jorobaden Ballabrigas
raw 7months dark L/W dog, very much the baby at the moment but he has lots of time on his side. At viewing him from the start his very dark markings detract from his overall appearance but once you put your hands on him, he has some very good points. He has a lovely head, with a kind dark eye and gentle expression. He has a superb depth of chest and so well bodied for one so young, great spring of rib. Enough neck into laid back shoulder, well angulated upper arm, strong topline. Needs a little more angulation behind and is lacking second thigh. Good bone and tight feet. Moved soundly once settled. BPD


Class 300 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1228 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S & J Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan JW
very striking, mature 15 month old B/W/T who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He presents a lovely overall picture when standing and does not disappoint when you get your hands on him. Masculine head and expression, lovely dark eye, well chiselled. If I am be a fraction critical he is slightly strong in skull for me. Lovely length of neck, well arched into well laid back shoulders, well angulated upper arm. Great depth of chest, well bodied. A good spring of rib, well back into a short loin. Strong level topline, with tail set right off the level of the back. Well angulated hindquarters, good muscle tone with enough second thigh. Well boned legs with lovely tight feet. Moved with drive and so sound coming and going. He is presented superbly, with not a hair out of place. In the final line he really pulled out all the stops to win the RCC. I will watch his career with interest, good luck with him.
2nd: 1251 MCGOVERN Mrs F Baxbalach Rumour Has It
,very dark L/W boy, very different type to 1st. Not the head type I would like, and needs to darken in eye. He has a good length of neck, with a well angulated front. Strong bone and good feet. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Tail set nicely and never carried above his back. Well angulated hindquarters with nice short hocks. Good muscle tone. Moved out well and was sound both fore and aft.
3rd: 1250 MACLEAY Mrs H & Mr S Bordacity By Request At Potrail

Class 301 YD (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1235 GRAHAM, Mr T & LAWLER Mr G Roqfolly For Your Eyes Only At Nyliram
NYLIRAM 23 month old L/W in very good condition. Smaller framed dog and I would like a little more of him all over. Completely moderate, nothing exaggerated. Very well angulated forequarters with a great depth of chest. Well boned legs with good tight feet. Good spring of rib and well bodied. He is inclined to slant in topline, which can ruin his outline. Moderate turn of stifle and well muscled. Moved well and soundly, enough power from behind but would like more front reach.
2nd: 1280 TOPLISS Mrs T E Forest Fruit From Tamaam To Beresford (Imp)
very different type dog to 1st which made for a difficult decision. He has a lovely head, with expressive dark eyes, well set ears with lovely feathering. Good length of neck, into well laid back shoulders. Superb front angulations with an excellent depth of chest. Well sprung ribs, but for me he is too long in loin, making him long in appearance. Fabulous bone and feet. Good hindquarters, well muscled, moved well and soundly.
3rd: 1226 DOWNWARD , Mrs M C & MERRY Mrs H J Reubens Razzle Dazzle
Res: 1255 MERRY, Mrs H & WRIGHT Mr G Anacapa Justjack

Class 302 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1283 WARRENER Mr P D & Mrs V L Waterswarren Willy Wonka
upstanding dog 2 year old L/W who I wouldn’t want any bigger but he presents a very striking typical outline standing and takes your eye when you look at him from across the ring. Strong masculine head of good balance, with beautiful dark eyes. Lovely strong arched neck of a good length laying into well laid back shoulders. Very good angulated forequarters with a superb depth of chest. Wonderful bone and tight feet. Excellent spring of rib set well back into a short loin. Moderately angulated behind with great muscle tone. Moved well and soundly but if I was to be slightly critical I would like more front reach. Presented in gleaming condition.
2nd: 1260 RAWDING Mr R & Mrs R Dukedel Dream Of Mine
totally different dog to the the 1st but has equal qualities. Smaller sized dog who is moderate all over. Well balanced head, with a lovely dark eye. Strong neck, into well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest. Well sprung ribs. Strong level topline with tail set right off his back. Moderately angulated behind, and well muscled. Moved well and soundly. Presented well.
3rd: 1238 HAY Mr J & Mrs M N Tralay Blackjack
Res: 1232 GANARIN Mrs B Berkenbar Genepi
VHC: 1277 STEVENSON Mrs E & Mr R Gaolachcara Somhlth Sh.CM

Class 303 LD (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1233 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Hustle
this 2 year old boy typified everything about what is the most important word in the breed standard to me – ‘moderate’! Nothing over done, nothing exaggerated, just your old fashioned moderate English Springer Spaniel. He just oozes quality all through. He caught my attention as soon as he entered the ring and he just demanded attention. His balance, type and conformation are just so correct. He did not disappoint when I got my hands on him, he has the most exquisite head of the correct proportions, with the most melting eye and expression with the correct fluting and chiselling. Superb depth of chest. Good straight front. Lovely strong arched neck into well laid back shoulders. Well sprung ribs, set right back into a nice short loin, with a strong topline. Tail set right off the level of the back and never carried higher. Well angulated behind with a moderate turn of stifle, nice short hocks. So well muscled. Super bone, with lovely tight feet. Moved with power and drive around the ring and sound both ways. He was presented in the most gleaming B/W jacket, with not a hair out of place. Today I didn’t think there was a dog that could touch him, and I was delighted to award him his 1st CC, the first of many I am sure. Good luck with him!
2nd: 1229 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S & J Meadowdale Chaos JW Sh.CM
very striking dog that catches the eye when standing. So well balanced all through, Masculine head of the correct proportions, with expressive dark eyes. Lovely length of neck, strong and well arched. Excellent forequarters, so well angled. For me he lacks a bit in depth of chest. Excellent straight front, with exceptional bone and tight feet. So well bodied with a good spring of rib set well back into his short loin. Well angulated behind, with good muscle tone. Moved around the ring with power and so sound. Presented impeccably. Unlucky to meet the winner on such outstanding form today.
3rd: 1247 LARGE Miss S D Meadowdale Riot Is Madaza
Res: 1245 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Armani Black
VHC: 1287 WEYMAN Mrs J Donarden Trailblazer For Spuffing

Class 304 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1237 HAPPS Mrs A C Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna JW
5 year old LW who I have always admired and have done well in the past. He is not a dog that stands out to you but it is when you get your hands on him you discover all his qualities. He is very much your old fashioned moderate English Springer. He is a lovely size and shape and so well balanced. He has a masculine head, so well chiselled. Enough length of neck, well arched, leading into a well angulated front. Excellent depth of chest. Nice straight front, with elbows tight to his chest. Well sprung ribs set well back. Strong firm topline with tail set right off the level of his back. Moderately angulated hindquarters, well muscled and well let down hocks. He moved around the ring with power but sometimes when moving he moved a little untidily but once settled he is very sound both coming and going. He was very close to winning the RCC today but just in the final run around he lacked that extra sparkle that the junior had. A lovely dog.
2nd: 1230 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S & J Sh Ch Ir Ch Meadowdale Banjo JW Sh.CM
very glamorous, upstanding LWT dog who draws your attention immediately. He has the most gorgeous head with melting expressive eyes. He is so well put together. Lovely length of neck into a well angulated front. Good depth of chest. Well sprung ribs, but for me a fraction long in loin. Well angulated hindquarters and so well muscled. Strong level topline. Overall for me, there is just a little too much of him. Moved very well with power and drive and so sound. Extremely well presented.
3rd: 1258 NICOLSON Mr & Mrs R S & M I Lochindorb Chief O'the Clan Sh.CM
Res: 1281 TOPLISS Mrs T E Swed Ch & DK Ch Sanque's Cut To The Chase
VHC: 1225 DOWNWARD Mrs M C Alanea Smax JW