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More recent influences on the breed are being made by Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector
Wexford, not only a prolific winner, but also a popular stud. He has 43 CCs to his
credit, 2 BIS, 2 RBIS and 6 Group wins at General Championship Shows. To date
he has sired 3 Show Champions.


  Sh Ch Elimvek Earthbound has
also made his mark in the ring
and on the breed. His son
Sh Ch Eastriding Kourosalready
has a BOB at Crufts and 7CCs to
  his credit. Future history books will
show how strong their influences become.

Well we have almost come full circle, the article started in 1812 with Mop and Frisk and has finished on the high note of two outstanding breed record holders. Both Con and Jill’s pedigrees can directly be traced back to Mop and Frisk and in the intervening 182 years, there has been many a great dog and many a great breeder - too many dogs and significant breeders to mention. Some of the leading names (but by no means all of them) during this time include Moorcliff, Stubham, Teesview, Tyneview and more recently Ardencote, Calvdale, Eastriding, Feorlig, Lyndora, Mompesson, Roandew, Trimere and Wadeson. Also over the years the black and white springer has gained in popularity.

The Cleavehill kennel has been very influential on the breed, and on black and whites in particular, especially during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. There have been at least 22 English show champions bred my Mrs Jean Taylor (there may be more and if so the author apologises) and Cleavehill Champions are to be found in Europe and Australia. Probably the most important Cleavehill litter was in 1972 by Sh Ch Hawkhill Connaught x Cleavehill Skye Maid - this produced 3 show champion littermates: Tartan Arrow, Tartan Banner and Tartan Special.
  Other kennels who have had influence on the black and white
springer include Higham, Whaddon Chase, Larkstoke, Shipden
and Wenark.

Kennel Club Stud Books
The Popular Springer Spaniel
- Dorothy Moorland Hooper
The English Springer - Mary Scott
Our Dogs article by Ian Hampton
Alec Geddes - Debanza ESS
Bob Nicholson - Lochindorb ESS

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information in this article is correct.

100 yeras wexford
100 years earthbound

Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford

Sh Ch Elmvek Earthbound

100 years swallowtail
100 years tartan

Sh Ch Cleavehill Tartan Arrow

Ch Swallowtail of Shipden