This section will give details of English Springers that have been imported from overseas, and in particular, dogs that have had success in the show ring in England. The first, Backa Tinkerbell Atlas-Bell made history as the first Swedish Champion to gain his title in the UK.

SU(u)Ch & GB SHCH Backa Tinkerbell Atlas-Bell

  Liver & White dog bred by Elvy Eurenius of Kennel Backa Tinkerbell in Sweden

Date of Birth: 28th July 2000

Atlas Cert 063

Backa Tinkerbell Atlas-Bell, or 'Atlas' was brought to England by Fran Glendinning in 2005. She had been looking to buy in a dog from Sweden but Atlas was suggested as he was sired by a dog that Fran herself had exported to Sweden, Plaiglen Mystical Moon.
Fran says that she 'fell in love' as soon as she looked into his eyes! She also believed that he could make a difference in England, having superb and typical ESS movement. She feels that she has been proved right, as his offspring all have great movement and share his lovely temperament. Atlas stayed in the UK with Fran for fifteen months before returning home and she still misses him very much.


Atlas at 8 weeks

Atlas Junior044