This was an extremely enjoyable day with the club. Plenty of atmosphere and a well organised show in the hands of Helen Merry and her committee. A good entry that contained many quality exhibits and it did not surprise me to find, in my final assessments, the exhibits from the talented breeders north of the Border figured strongly. Some aspects do worry me - the number of round, prominent and light eyes that mar the lovely melting expression in the breed. I am a stickler for presentation and I would draw attention to the exhibitors who feel the colour yellow should be included int he Standard. Several stood their dogs in a 'ski slope' topline but we cannot castigate them as there is nothing in the Standard to state - as we have all been taught - a level topline. In view of the Kennel Club's edict 'fit for purpose' I paid particular attention to clean, well muscled, reachy necks and well laid shoulders. So essential for picking up game.

MPD 6 (1)

1. Nicholsons Lochindorb Chief 'o' the Clan
Just over 6 months and attending his first show, this lad was quite a revelation, super head and expression, good dark eye, excellent conformation and overall very mature for his age, so typical with no exaggeration and full of quality, seldom have seen such a polished performance on the move froma youngster. Could easily have given him a good home! BPIS.
2. Topliss' Peasblossom Escape to Beresford
Slightly different in type and I see he is sired by an Int Ch which would account for being a tad yankee in appearance. Only 6 months he is quality throughout and I found him very appealing, excellent head properties and melting expression, really excels in neck and shoulders, super quarters, typical puppy movement. Can only be good for the breed that we have two up and coming youngsters.
3. Tattersalls' Cressmore Vineino at Alanea
4. Allen & Botts Dexbenella See the Stars with Allenie
5. Lintons' Rosannoch Ansuz

PD 5 (2)
1 Larges' Mompesson Flawless
Substantial mature youngster who I found to be a tad coarse in head. Good neck and shoulders, well off for bone, compact with a nice square shape, good quarters, moved with drive.
2 Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute
Flashy l/w/t who is litter brother of 1. Similar remarks apply as he also needs refinement in fluting and chiselling, overall he was nicely constructed and was in good coat and presentation. Moved ok.
3 Wrights' Anacapa Spring Tide TAF

JD 4
1 Mompesson Cavendish
This breeding has always been known as a hallmark for type and quality and this boy is no exception, so well balanced with a well chiselled head and dark eye, excellent neck and layback of shoulder, good depth of chest, excellent bone and tight feet. Proved to be very exuberant on the move and tended to favour his tail.
2 Downwards' Alanea Smax to Reubens
Very masculine with the most attractive l/w/t markings. Would have liked a better shape of eye which will darken in time. Overall I liked his balance and type, so well bodied with great bone and catlike feet, well muscled quarters, moved with drive and I gather this win gave him a JW.
3 Houses' Gleadsbury Whats His Name
4 Happs' Jorobaden alderniti of Emianna Jw

YD 4
1 Topliss' Petranella Perfick choice for Beresford
High class quality youngster who really comes from the top drawer, so true to type and showing a lovely shape and true balance, exels in head and expression with dark eyes of correct shape, mature in body and great bone, well muscled quarters, very sound mover.
2 Tracz' Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
A different type who is in a larger frame. He is of good type and presents a blalanced picture. Rather light in eye but this should darken. Muscular neck and well laid shoulders, well bodied, good bone and well muscled quarters, in the peak of condition and presentation, good driving movement.
3 Houses' Gleadsbury Whats His Name
4 Mays' Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate

MD 2
1 Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute
2 Mays' Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate
Good honest type, in excellent coat and condition, good size but rather stuffy throughout. Pleasing head although light in eye and short in foreface. Good substance and bone. Lacked animation in movement.

ND 4 (1)
1 Downwards' Alanea Smax to Reubens
2 Larges' Mompesson Flawless
3 Mays' Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate

UGD 3 (1)
1 Downwards' Alanea Smax to Reubens
2 Houses' Gleadsbury Whats His Name
Upstanding youngster who I would like to see with more refinement in head, good type and nicely balanced, well bodied with good bone, in hard muscular condition. A bit erratic in movement.

GD 2 (1)
1 Tracz' Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate

PGD 7 (1)
1 Happs' Beresford beat the Closck with Emianna
Really good old-fashioned flashy type who reminded me of my early breeding, in excellent coat and feathering, very expressive in head and overall a very handsome lad, so well bodied and in good hard, muscular condition, good control from a young handler, very sound mover.
2 Topliss' Rianlas in the Black at Beresford
Racy b/w that I liked a lot for his type and quality, exels in neck and shoulders and muscular quarters, lovely moulded head with correct fluting, chiselling and expressive dark eye, good in body and bone with lovely tight feet, sound and free in movement.
3 Greens' Kennair Owatanight
4 Delantys' Dingdarlin Mr Blue Sky
5 Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay

LD 9
1 Camerons' Donarden Star Attraction
Sibling to my BIS,he has many similar qualities, a 'braw' laddie, nice and compact with an eyecatching shape and super balance, looked a picture in full coat and feathering, so masculine throughout with a very expressive head and reachy neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good bend of stifle and neat hocks, very stylish, sound mover.
2 Jacksons' Mompesson Striker
Like Wayne Rooney, this boy scores for me in all fields, one can only savour his super shape, flowing lines and complete balance, full of quality and type, excellent conformation in the peak of condition and presentation. Sadly he was rather untidy in movement.
3 House' Gleadsbury Whatacracker JW Sh Cm
4 Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren Jw
5 Bashforth Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden

OD 7 (1)
1 Downwards' Reubens Silent Reflection JW
No exaggeration from this handsome lad as he looks to be in the mould of the 'old school', in lovely coat and adequately feathered as the great Connaught was. not dropping down to the knuckle. Superb balance and shape and so pleasing to put hands on, loved his head and expression, so sound in movement. CC & RBIS.
2 Roses' Rosannoch Eihwas JW
This exhibitor must be admired for her faultless presentation and condition of her exhibits, this boy was in dark gleaming liver coat and not a hair out of place, so pleasing in head and expression with great quality and type, compact and well balanced, so nicely bodied with well muscled quarters, covered the ground with drive. RCC.
3 Allen & Botts Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
4 Eyeingtons Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW ShCM
5 Hares' Wayforme Moon River