Lancs & Cheshire Champ Show Dogs

L & C Dog lineup

L-R DCC Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom,
RDCC Roqfolly Aftershock at Feorlig BPD Gleadsbury Judicial Review

Minor Puppy Dog (8)

Nice class of promising puppies.
1st Glendinnings' Plaiglen Hustle
quality puppy of good balance and substance, lovely head and eye, lovely deep brisket, well bodied, moved well and steadily, in good coat and condition.
2nd Jenkinsons' Eastriding Armani Diamonds
well made in super coat and condition, correct head for age, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, moved very well by good handler.
3rd Geddes' Tryhard Privateer at Debanza
4th Richardsons' Alanea Juke
5th Savells' Petranella Hot Gossip

Puppy Dog (7)
1st Houses' Gleadsbury Judicial Review
typical of this kennel, not overdone, confident and sound. good head, gentle expression, nice level topline, tight feet, good depth, shown in excellent condition. lovely driving action, made him a pleasure to watch. BP.
2nd Millers' Feorlig Fire 'N' Ice
handsome young puppy, attractive head, gentle expression, good length of neck and deep chest, just needs to fill out in body which will improve his overall balance. Well handled but not moving at his best.
3rd Richardsons' Alanea Juke
4th Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing
5th Donaldsons' Donarden Marauder

Junior Dog (6,1a)
1st Houses' Gleadsbury Judicial Review
2nd Glendinnings' Plaiglen Sea Of Stars
nice headed, well muscled throughout, nicest of necks leading to well laid shoulders, good angles all round, just needs to settle in movement.
3rd Dunsdons & Woodbridges' Seaspring Shipwrecked
4th Fosters' Petranella Bombay Bad Boy for Shanoah
5th Wilsons' Chelmeress Solar Wind

Yearling Dog (9, 1a)
1st Topliss' Peasblossom Escape to Beresford
super dog who I admired greatly as a puppy. Since this time I have seen him go through an off-phase but here he was definitely on-form. Masculine, well chiselled head, well put together and presenting a picture of true type. Balanced and correct angulation, good legs and feet, well ribbed with the development of body. Went well, close up in challenge.
2nd Cokells' Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn JW
a dog I have admired for his type and quality, pleasing me just as much on handling, lovely head and eye, well bodied, presents a picture of true Springer. Balanced standing and on the move.
3rd Larges' Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
4th Jenkinsons' Eastriding Armani Black
5th Tattersalls' Cresmore Vimeiro at Alanea

Maiden Dog (5)
1st Millers' Feorlig Fire N Ice
2nd Dunsdons & Woodbridges' Seaspring Shipwrecked
lovely balanced outline, good reach of neck, excellent shoulder placement, depth of body, in good coat and condition. Very well presented, good bone, nice bend of stifle, not the feet of 1.
3rd Savells' Petranella Hot Gossip
4th Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing
5th Morgans' Plaiglen Dream Dancer

Novice Dog (3)
1st Millers' Feorlig Fire N Ice
2nd Dunsdons & Woodbridges' Seaspring Shipwrecked
3rd Weymans' Donarden Trailblazer for Spuffing

Undergraduate Dog (2)
1st Larges' Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
liked his ovrall type, sound throughout, excelled in balanced head and expression. Correct neck and shoulders, plenty of body without being overdone, level topline, strong quarters, moved well.
2nd Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
well proportioned in head and body, good reach of neck, runs well into shoulders, good depth of chest, good topline and rear angulations, showed well.

Graduate Dog (5)
1st Fryers' Trimere Time Line with Abbymas Honeybourn
lovely head and expression on this quality dog and I found him to be a splendid specimen of the breed. So much to like about him, including size, level topline, length of body and his really good feet. Lovely head and expression, complete with impressive neck and shoulders. Very sound throughout, presented a very admirable picture both on the move and when standing.
2nd Houses' Gleadsbury Judicial Review
3rd Stevensons' Gaolachcara Somhlth
4th Tattersalls' Cresmore Vimeiro at Alanea
5th Lintons' Rosannoch Anzus

Post Graduate Dog (6)
Very good class, I was splitting hairs here.
1st Mitchells' Peasblossom Chance JW
loved him, must be a good future prospect, good type, pleasing head, good eye and expression ,strong well arched neck leading to correct shoulder placement, good staright well boned front with excellent feet, perfect body and good substance. Well sprung ribs over loin with good turn of stifle put to use in his sound driving action.
2nd Smiths' Mistily's Golden Flash over Melverly
pity he had to meet 1, as there is much to commend, rangier dog with his very agreeable head and sound movement. Not quite the class and finish of 1 but all the same found him very pleasing.
3rd Houses' Gleadsbury Whatshisname JW
4th Stevensons' Gaolachcara Oghma ShCM
5th Happs' Jorobaden Alerniti of Emianna JW

Limit Dog (11, 2a)
1st Millers' Roqfolly Aftershock at Feorlig
I have liked this dog from the ringside and have watched him mature into the quality dog he has now become. Lovely head and eye, deep brisket, correct shoulder placement with well muscled quarters. Has the correct Springer gait, as always immaculately presented and handled. RCC.
2nd Traczs' Meadowdale alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
a showy dog in super coat and condition, his head is of good proportions, good length iof neck, well boned, straight front with tight feet. Slightly longer cast, well turned stifles which he used to drive around the ring.
3rd Downwards' Alanea Smax
4th Topliss' Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
5th Lillies' Tryhard Tempest at Freeway

Open Dog (9,1a)
1st Mitchells' Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW
very impressive starting from head and going right over him can't really fault him at all. Very well presented and so impressive looking, excellent eye colour, head and skull in proportion, good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Has a good depth of rib and good strong developed hindquarters. CC and BIS.
2nd Corbetts' Sh Ch Trimere Thriller
a quality dog who I admire, he is well blalanced and very much in proportion overall with pleasing head and expression, has a strong muscular neck and well laid shoulders. Very sound throughout and presented in excellent condition, just prefered the drive of 1.
3rd Bott & Allans' Sh Ch Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW
4th Downwards' Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW
5th Warreners' Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren JW

Special Beginners Dog (5, 1a)
1st Larges' Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
2nd Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay
well balanced with good shoulder placement and strong well angulated hindquarters, appealing head and expression, movement was free and sound with plenty of drive.
3rd Happs' Beresford Beat The Clock with Emianna
4th Drinkalls' Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Merry's Anacapa Solo Flyers ShCM
what superb condition he is in for his age, at 10 years he looks excellent. Balanced boy who moved so well, very masculine in outlook with typical head and expression of classic type who showed his socks off. BV.