BIS Mompesson Striker RBIS Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate BP Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st Larges' Mompesson Flawless
8 mths, good substance and depth of chest, strong bone, glowing topline as I would expect from this kennel, darke eye and a young head that will mature with age, moved positively around the ring.
2nd Wrights' Anacapa Spring Tide
Not quite the same quality as 1 yet but time is on his side. Soft expression, dark eye, well off for bone. Not as good in second thigh as 1 and a little upright in shoulder at the moment but like I said, he will improve with age.

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Cokells' Trimere Transition to Carlyquinn
All male with a masculine well proportioned head, good shape dark eye, strong nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders, mature chest and body for one so young. Would have liked more angulation at the rear but it will improve I am sure. One for the future, moved with good stride. BP.
2nd Larges' Mompesson Flawless

Junior Dog (3,1a)
1st Happs' Jorobaden Aldernitti for Emmiana
Perfect for size and proportions. Eye needs to darken. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled, correct croup and tailset, lovely width across his bum, good bone, moved with drive which we seem to be losing in some lines. One for the future if owner could just believe in him more.
2nd Jacksons' Mompesson Cavendish
Pushed 1 hard but not as settled a mover. Young dog head which wil continue to develop, strong neck into lovely shoulders, good depth and second thigh of correct size, tight feet which he did not want to keep all four the floor. One to watch out for.

Yearling Dog (3)
1st Tracz' Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
Masculine, well proportioned head, dark eye, strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good in upper arm, nicely bent hocks, well let down, good depth. Slightly longer cast than I usually liked but moved effortlessly round the ring, super young male. RBIS.
2nd Gregorys' Arcadia Atomic Force
Another balanced head, broad strong thighs, plenty of bone. Slightly upright in shoulder but this can improve, this did not help with his movement and balance.
3rd Merry's Anacapa Pipers Song for Tingvelle

Novice Dog (1)
1st Wrights' Anacapa Spring Tide

Graduate Dog (3,1a)
1st Tracz' Meadowdale Alambama Slammer at Acregate
2nd Woodhouses' Cherishym Outlaw
Honest, mature male of nice type, good size and substance, dark eye, good coat, not striding out on the move as well as I have seen him go.

Post Graduate Dog (6, 2a)
1st Jacksons' Mompesson Striker
All English Springer, caught my eye when entering ring, excels in balance and strength, superb substance, well proportioned head with dark eye, lovely arched neck, strong leading into good constructed front, deep chest, level topline, correct angulation, super bone and feet, lovely extension and drive from well let down hocks, in superb condition which all are from this kennel, lovely muscletone. BIS.
2nd Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Knight
Up to size, good head although would like more width to his muzzle, dark eye, slightly upright in shoulder. Good deep chest, level topline, croup slightly steep, moderate bend of stile, well off for bone, short hocks, good tight feet. Would like to see him more. Confident onthe move.
3rd Gregorys' Arcadia Atomic
4th Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay

Limit Dog (7, 3a)
1st Reynolds' Clentonian Masterpiece
Typical of type, outline and proportion up to size. Would like darker eye and more width in his muzzle. Good skull, strong in neck, correct angulation. needs to deepen in chest but spring of rib ok, super balance on the move which gave him the class, shown in good coat and condition.
2nd Greens' Kennair Owotanight
Presents a lovely outline when stacked. Head not yet finished, dark eye, would like better angulations which hopefully will improve as the rest of him matures. Sufficient spring of rib, good bone. Moving a little erratic, in good coat.
3rd Long & Leemings' Tryhard Brandshatch
4th Whitley's Shipden Will Hay

Open Dog (2)
1st Wrights' Anacapa Jamieson Gold
Right for size and proportions, broad skull, dark eye, good angulations, deep chest and body. Lacking in width of thigh. Moved okay.
2nd Whitleys' Shipden Will Hay
Honest mature male of nice type. Lacks angulation of both ends. Good substance. Little broad in skull for me. Darkest of eyes. long in the loin a touch, not going well, a little narrow behind and pinning in front. In good coat.

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Merrys' Anacapa Solo Flyer
Liked his outline and proportions, a little short in foreface, strong neck, balanced front to backend but would like to see more angulation, good bone and feet, moved well for his age and enjoying his day out.

Special Beginners Dog (1)
1st Tracz' Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Lockharts' Cheruda Silent Destiny
6 months, pretty feminine head, good neck and shoulders, body will deepen with age, would prefeor more width of second thigh and bend of stifle although only young. Good bone, tight feet. moved with somewhat stilted gait but time will tell as how she develops on. BPB.
2nd Camerons' Anacapa Spring Showers
A different type to 1, slightly larger framed and rangier but still a lot to like. Balanced head, dark eye, kind expression, good body, shoulders and depth. Not quite the coat of 1 and not as good on the move, very raw baby.

Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Junior Bitch (6, 3a)
1st Bashforths' Jorobaden Prima Donna
Super balance for age, flowing lines, good angles, level topline and super width across her croup, deep body and chest, well off for bone. Eyes need to darken to finish the picture. Moved round the ring like she owned it, pushed hard for best bitch. Matureity let her down, I will watch this one with interest RBB.
2nd Harrisons' Calvdale On The Quiet to Glenbrows
Lovely headed bitch with dark eye and jacket, strong neck, correct front construction, well developed chest, level topline, super hindquarters, well off for bone without being coarse, not as free on the move as 1 but pushed hard, two lovely bitches.
3rd Rostrons' Ziphill Memphis Girl

Yearling Bitch (2)
1st Harrisons' Calvdale On The Quiet to Glenbrows
2nd Rostrons' Ziphill Memphis Girl
Lovely bitch but not at 1 with her owner, feminine head, good neck, shoulders, depth, tight feet, well off for bone. Movement very erratic, needs working on as this is a nice bitch.

Novice Bitch (3)
1st Bashforths' Jorobaden Prima Donna
2nd Rostrons' Ziphill Memphis Girls
3rd Beresford She's The One at Latrigg

Graduate Bitch (2, 1a)
1st Harrisons' Calvdale On The Quiet to Glenbrows

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 3a)
1st Jacksons' Mompesson Celebrity
Litter sister to BD and out of the same mould, more scope for a bitch than her brother, loved her flowing lines, again lovely neck blending into well laid shoulders, long upper arm, level topline, deep body, good bone moved with ease round the ring, just not as free in the lineup.
2nd Gregory's' Arcadia Andalucia
Nice bitch, dark expressive eyes, super neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and throughout body. strong thighs, plenty of bone. Not as free on the move as 1.
3rd Youngs' Shelcasrie Silver Rainbow

Limit Bitch (4)
1st Richardsons' Cherishym Bright Star
Nicely proportioned bitch of good size, good head, dark eye, strong neck, enough bone, beautiful tight well knuckeled feet, good depth, well presented in good coat, moved well.
2nd Gibsons' Come Catch Me
Well sculpted head, level topline, good width over her bum, good hindquarters, moved with drive. not in as good a coat as 1.
3rd Willeys' Calvdale Ask No Questions
4th Lockharts' Chetruda Krystal rose

Open Bitch (1)
1st Downwards' Angil Queen Of Diamonds at Reubens
Old fashioned b/w bitch, reminds me of the Cleavehill type, dark eye, solid construction but not coarse in any way, lovely bone, moved well.

Veteran Bitch (3, 1a)
1st Downwards' Calvdale Silent Witness at Reubens
10 years, you have to go over this bitch to appreciate her, lovely tempered sweet old lady, feminine head, that wonderful old lady expression that they get, deep chest, enough bone, level topline, enough angulations, good feet and full of enthusiasm although her owner would do better to keep her on the mat at all times due to her age and slipping on the wood floor but this aside it did not deter her movement to go BB and BV.
2nd Youngs' Shipden Panama Hattie at Shelcasrie
9 years, lovely old lady, good bone, ribs and gone. Nice head, dark eye, level topline, nice angulation. Not as good on the move as 1.

Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1st Youngs' Shelcasrie Silver Rainbow