My kindest thanks to the committeevof this show for inviting me and for all hard work for this great show.  Kay Woodward did such a great job as my ring steward, higly appreciated, thank you all other who worked around, all things were going so smoothly and I had the pleasure  and honour to judge so many lovely dogs. Huge thanks for all exhibitors, your dogs were shown in excellent condition and with tender hands. The only note I would like to mention was that many dogs had teeth plaque; white teeth is allways more beautiful view to see. Most dogs shown on that day were showing lovely typical springer temperament, which gives allways smile on the face while judging. Thank you so much, you all made this a day to remember for me!


Puppy dog

1.  Eastriding Royal Mayfair.   Lovely young boy, full of quality. I liked his proportions and type. Masculine very typical head, still under development but many nice breed details; just can not get any stronger. Typical expression and eye colour good enough for his age. Beautiful neck flowing well in to well placed shoulder and firm topline, holding it also on the move, well set tail using it nicely. Just a bit straight  in upperarm. Good forechest, well ribbed body fir his age. Excellent bone and feet. Free easy mover carrying himself nicely, should have a nice future in front of him.


2. Trimere Ted Baker With Annayah.   Another lovely young boy in this  class, lot to like on him. Beautiful outline and correct proportions. Masculine head under development, skull can`t get any stronger. A bit round in eye disturbing expression, eyes need to darken. Beautiful neck , a bit straight on shoulder. Beautiful topline, even if touch steep on croup. Excellent bone and feet.Lovely coat quality. Easy fluent sidemovement, still a bit teenager in front movement. Carries himself well and is promising one too.



1.   Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa Nice sized young boy, still raw but nice outline to develope with more substance. Masculine head, needs yet to fill in muzzle. Good neck, a bit straight on shoulder. Enough body for his age, moderate bone. Excellent coat quality. Moderate rear angulation. Still erratic on movement, but good reach and drive when settles.



1.  Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa


Maiden dog  

1.  Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa .


Novice dog

1.  Tigerrock Super Ted. Smaller sized very masculine male, would like to see more length of legs, a bit heavy and straight on shoulder. Masculine well shaped head, kind expression, eyes could be darker. Enough neck, strong back, topline could be better, needs more ribs. Nice bone and feet. A bit narrow in front and  rear.  Moderate rear angulation. Would like to see better tail action.


Post Graduate dog

1.  Beresford Night Train    Lovely masculine male who combines power and elegance very well, so well balanced all through. Super outline, excelllent front assembly. Lovely head with correct proportions and breed details, masculine without being coarse, so typical expression with kind dark eyes. Beautifully arched neck flowing well in to wellplaced shoulder. Well ribbed body with depth and correct length. Lovely bone and feet. Excellent rear part giving him good power on his easy free movement. Beautiful coat of super quality. I was happy to give him CC even if there were few very close to challlenge him. To be critical I would like to see this young dog tighten a bit on his back with time and this gave me the reason to let two lovely bitches beat him in BIS.

2.  Eastriding  Declaration. Another lovely boy, correct size, super head & expression, dark eye, good fluting, beautiful neck. A bit straight on shoulder and needs a bit more body. Excellent bone and feet, well angulated rear and correct tail, excellent coat, moves with excellent reach and drive


Mid limit class. 

1.  Kennair Northern Star   Masculine dog of excellent type, correct size and proportions. Well chiselled head with nice fluting, dark eyes, kind expression. Enough neck, a bit straight on shoulder and upper arm. Exclellent  bone and feet. Needs more body. Nice moderate bone, excellent feet. Rather erratic movement but nice carriage. Excellent shiny coat. Very happy temperament.


Limit class

1.  Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch.   Strong boy of lovely type, very masculine all over. Very stylish outline, correct proportions. Nice neck flowing beautifully in well placed shoulders. Masculine head, a bit heavy on the skull . Medium  dark eyes, good fluting, a bit prominent cheeks. Super forechest, ribs, feet and bone. Lovely coat of excellent quality. Excellent reach and drive on the  move, so effortless. In top condition.


Open dog

1.    Mompesson Winchester Outstanding masculine male of lovely type, correct proportions, beautiful outline. Super head with correct breed details, perfect eye shape and colour, melting expression.  Well arched strong neck. Super body, bone and feet. Lovely coat of correct quality. Correct tailset. Nice bent of stifle. Moves with reach and drive, very sound, just a touch heavy on the shoulder on the move on tis ground.  In top condition and won this impressive class of 5 stunning males, res CC and was very close to CC.


2.  Sandicam The Look of Love. Very eye catching male of lovely type, correct size and proportions. Masculine head with many nice breed details, just a bit too prominent stop and temporal bones for my taste, medium brown eyes. Nice neck and topline. Correct well ribbed body, nice forechest. Moderate bone, excellent feet, correct tailset. Beautiful coat. Lovely easy mover, carries himself proudly and beautifully around the ring.


Minor puppy bitch

1.  Berkenbar Gianna At Ardtalla.  Excellent feminine puppy with excellent proportions. Nice enough feminine head with correct fluting, skull can`t get any stronger. A bit round eyes. Excellent body, bone, feet. Excellent coat quality. Correct tail set.  Well balanced angulation. Free mover and carried herself nicely around the ring.


Puppy bitch.  I was very pleased to see two very promising beautiful puppy bitches in this class

1.  Trimere Taylor Swift Lovely type & proportions, excellent substance for one so young. Pretty feminine head, still under development of course,  typical kind expression, good eye colour for her age. Beautiful neck flowing in to well placed shoulder and beautiful topline, well balanced angulation, well ribbed body. Excellent bone, feet and coat quality. Moves well when settles.

2.  Eastriding Glam Princess      Another lovely puppy, ultra feminine all through. Lovely type. Very feminine head under development, just needs to fill a bit on muzzle. Kind expression. Enough body for her age, moderate bone, nice feet. A bit straight on shoulder. Beautiful coat of excellent quality. Moves with excellent reach and drive and carries herself nicely around the ring, correct tailset.


Junior bitch

1.  Potrail Shape of You.   Lovely well balanced very feminine young bitch of excellent type. Very feminine head of correct length. Enough dark eye colour for her age, ok fluting, kind expression.  Well balanced angulation, nice forechest, wellribbed body. Beautiful neck and topline. Excellent bone & feet. Lovely to see her effortless movement with plenty of reach and drive. Lovely coat and correct tail. Should have a nice future ahead.

2.  Spuffing Tanqueray    Beautiful feminine b/w bitch of excellent type, nice proportions. Feminine well chiselled head with dark eys & kind expression. Nice neck and topline. A bit straight on shoulder and needs time to fill in body. Excellent bone and feet, ok tail, lovely coat quality. Free easy mover carrying herself nicely.


Yearling bitch Belavita

1.  Polar Star at Beresford  Lovely feminine bitch, just would like to see her a touch higher on legs. Very feminine well chiselled head, enough dark eyes for age kind expression, a bit sloping on the skull. Well balanced angulation. Well developed forechest. Excellent ribs, bone & feet. Lovely drive on the move, nice tail and coat

2.  Meonstoke Angelica.  Feminine bitch, very good proportions. Head could be more refined. Round eyes disturb expression. Well ribbed body for her age. Good neck, bone and feet. A bit straight in front angulation. Well angulated rear. Not in best coat. Steep croup which spoils topline while moving. Moves ok.


Maiden bitch.  

1. Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam. Lovely young bitch, completely feminine with excellent proportions. Beautiful outline to devevelope in. Sound constructure , well balanced angulation. Well filled forechest for her age and good body. Feminine head, just needs to fill on the muzzle with time and darken with eye colour. Excellent coat quality, moderate bone. Lovely mover carrying herself beautifully around the ring. Should have a lovely future in front of her pleased to award he bpis.


Graduate bitch

1.  Clentonian Picture Perfect    Lovely  very feminine bitch. Feminine head with excellent length. Kind expression. Beautifully flowing neck. Well ribbed body. Excellent bone and feet. Excellent coat. Fluent easy mover, carries herself nicely. Very moderate bitch all over.

2.  Spuffing Tangueray


Post graduate bitch

1.  Beresford Night Class    Lovely completely feminine bjitch. Well chiselled very feminine head with correct shaped eyes and kindest expression. Lovely body. Well balanced angulation. Nice neck, bone and feet. Good coat. Moves effortless carrying herself well, excellent tail carriage.

2.  Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops. Stronger but still feminine well built bitch. A bit sloping in skull, good stop and length of muzzle, kind expression. Nice neck flowing nicely to well placed shoulder, level topline. Well bodied, excellent bone. Nice feet. Nice bend of stifle. Good tailset. Beautiful coat and condition, free mover.


Mid limit bitch

1.  Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver Lovely very feminine bitch. Nice proportions. Feminine head with excellent fluting and kind expression. Beautifully flowing neck into well placed shoulder. Well ribbed body. Excellent bone and feet. Could be a touch stronger in loin. Excellent coat and lovely muscle condition. Fluent easy mover carries herself beautifully around the ring. Very moderate all through.

2.  Cherishym Celaneo.  Feminine bitch, nice size, a bit round eyes make staring expression, eyes medium brown,needs more substance to fill the picture. Good coat quality, moderate bone. Straight on shoulder. Too busy mover, carries herself well. Well angulated rear.


Limit bitch

1 Kennair I Am I Said    Lovely feminine bitch, lovely type and very moderate and well balanced all through. Perfect proportions of the breed; for my eyes just what standard asks of being highest on legs and raciest in build of all British land spaniels. Lovely outline on standing and she keeps all that on the move. Beautiful well chiselled feminine head with lot of work and with real typical expression of the breed. Dark beautifullly shaped eyes, correct fluting and length of the muzzle. Beautiful neck flowing well in to well placed shoulder, well laid upper arm. Well ribbed body with correct length and depth. Moderate bone and lovely feet.  Level strong topline, correct tailset. Excellent coat quality with moderate feathering.  And I must say I was not disappointed when she started to move; what a feeling to see such breed typical movements, lovely effortless swing of front legs and super powerful  rear making so typical picture of this breed. I was really pleased to award her CC and later Best in Show.

2.  Trimere Ticatboo   Another super lovely  feminine bitch in this high quality class! Lovely outline when standing, correct proportions and beautiful topline. Beautifully arched neck.Nice eyes and eye colour, good stop and eyebrows but her expression was a bit spoilt by too prominent temporal bones, which were sloping behind. Well balanced angulation, well sprung ribs and well filled forechest. Excellent bone and feet. Correct tailset. Beautiful coat of excellent quallity. Moderately angulated rear. Nice width of thighs. Correct tailset. Sound free mover. Shown in outstanding show condition.


Open bitch Such a beautiful class of many lovely bitches! It took a long time to decide.

1.  Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere.   Super feminine bitch of lovely type.  Beautiful head with correct lines, strenth and length. Beautiful well shaped eyes and melting expression, nice  fluting. Beautiful neck and topline. Excellent substance, good forechest. Moderate bone, excellent feet. Well balanced angulation. Correct tailset. Could be a touch shorter and stronger in loin. Beautiful coat. Free easy mover.

2.  Mompesson Legacy  Another lovely bitch full of quality. Lovely type and proportions. Stronger but still very feminine head , lovely eyes and eye colour, melting expression. Moderate neck of good length, strong topline. Super body. Excellent bone and feet. Strong well angulated quarters.  Beautiful coat.  Free sound mover.


Special beginners bitch

1. Clentonian Picture Perfect Meonstoke Angelica


Veteran bitch

1. Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf   When I saw this fantastic 9,5 year old bitch standing in this class I got many goosebumps, such a heart touching moment indeed. Amazing condition, showing no signs of her age. Outline and proportions close to perfection in my eyes and type to die for. Full of quality and breed details, also in her beautiful well chiselled feminine head with kindest expression. Lovely well ribbed body with plenty of heartroom. Well filled forechest. Well balanced angulations giving her typical swing of frontlegs on the move and good power in the rear. Level topline, correct tailset. Super beautiful coat of excellent quality, and in fantastic condition all through. Lovely bone and feet. Credit both to the owner and to the breeder. She was very close to steal all the show and win BIS, but in the end the younger lovely bitch managed yet touch better to keep her rear movement power, so this stunning veteran won then res CC and honourable res BIS.

2.  Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon.  Another lovely veteran bitch of super type.  Lovely balance and condition. Very feminine all through. Beautifull well chiselled feminine head with correct stop and fluting, kindest expression, beautiful eyes. Beautiful neck and topline. Well balanced angulation. Well ribbed body good forechest. Beautiful coat of excellent quality. Correct tail. Moves with good reach and drive carrying herself well.


Good citizen bitch

1.  Meonstoke Angelica


DCC - Beresford Night Train


RDCC - Sh Ch Mompesson Winchester


BCC & BIS - Kennair I am I Said


RBCC & RBIS - Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl At Fallenleaf JW ShCM  Ir Vet Ch


BPIS - Eastriding Sheer Love for Sandicam


BVIS - Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl At Fallenleaf JW ShCM Ir Vet Ch


                                               Judge : Mrs T Hovila


L & C ESSC Champ Show 19