Lancs & Cheshire Open Show Judge: Julia Grant (Canouan)

Best In Show & Best Bitch Jonabar Song Of Springtime   RBIS & RBB Arcadia Almaria
 Best Dog Arcadia Atom Ic RBD Graftonbury Phoenix
Best Puppy In Show Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford

'I should like to thank the Officers and Committee of the Lancashire and Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club for inviting me to judge at this very well run show. Their generous hospitality and my efficient stewards made this a most enjoyable day for me. I should also like to thank all exhibitors for a wonderful entry of 70 dogs, the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions, and for the care and attention to detail that they had taken in preparing their dogs.'

Jonabar Song Of Springtime Arcadia Almaria Arcadia Atom Ic Peasblossom Butterfly
  at Beresford

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1)
1. Miller & Fennell’s Graftonbury Anzak.
Promising young 8 month old dog of correct size, good bone, substance, depth, tight strong feet, well angulated throughout, pleasing head eye colour and shape. Well let down hock, moved straight and true and with confidence.
2. Warrener’s Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren.
Just six months dog, with good shaped head, and almond shaped eye of good colour. Immature as yet but has good bone and depth, well up to size, a little unsteady on the move but has time on his side. Excellent presentation.
3. Downwards Reubens Time to Reflect.

Puppy Dog (6)
1. Jenkinsons Eastriding Armani Mania.
Super young dog with classic head and soft typical expression Correct size, well angulated throughout, tight feet, well let down hock. Well furnished in good coat and excellent condition. Moved well swinging straight forward from the shoulder with hind legs following in line. Best Puppy Dog.
2 Calvert’s Point of Law. Another super young dog , well angulated, with classic head and soft expression, well muscled, and presented in excellent order. Did not quite settle on the move.
3. Delanty’s Dingdarlin Mr Blue Sky.

Junior Dog (2,1)
 1. Tracz Meadowdale Basil.
Alone but deserving of his win. Liked his head and dark eye colour. Balanced dog with good bone, well angulated throughout, presented in excellent order. Moved a little close behind today

Yearling Dog (2,1)
1. Miller & Fennell’s Graftonbury Phoenix
Really liked this well matured yearling dog. Nothing overdone about him, excelled in body bone and spring of rib, good quarters. Pleasing head, good shoulder, strong tight feet, well let down hocks. Moved straight and true in tune with his handler. Pushed hard in the challenge. Reserve Best Dog.

Novice Dog (1) 
1. Warrener’s Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren

Graduate Dog (1) 
1. Calvert’s Calvdale Torchwood.
Another lovely young dog from this kennel. Just twelve months excels in head and neck. Good bone and level topline which he held on the move. Liked his substance, spring of rib, well developed quarters and second thigh. Well muscled in fit condition, presented to perfection. Moved straight and true.

Post Graduate Dog (3) 
1. Gregory’s Arcadia Atomic. Dog of correct size, excels in bone and body, well developed quarters and second thigh. Well angulated throughout. Super dark soft eye and expression, correct ear set. Level topline, which he held on the move. A balanced, compact dog, who moves with some power straight and true. Overall a typical springer who would be capable of going all day. Best Dog.
2. Elliott’s Jonabar Mulled Wine.
Another dog well off for bone of correct size, lost to 1 on eye colour. Well presented, moved in tune with his handler.
3. Ison’s Alanea Oliver Twist.

Limit Dog (4,2)
1. Willey’s Speeton Wizard of the Moor.
Strong dog of good shape, excellent level topline, well muscled and angulated throughout. Classic expression, dark eye, in good coat. Moved straight and true with drive and power.
2. Reynolds Clentonian Masterpiece. Well presented dog of good shape, well angulated, well off for size.

Open Dog (2,1) 
1. Cunliffe’s Fallenleaf New Kid in Town.
A dog I have judged when he was a youngster and he has matured well. Lovely soft expression, dark eye, compact body, moved with drive and enthusiasm. Both handler and dog turned out in exemplary fashion making a very pleasing picture.

Special Beginners Dog (3,1) 
1. Warrener’s Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
2. Tracz Meadowdale Basil

Veteran Dog (2,1) 
1.Gibson’s Stormview Harlequin
8yr old boy thoroughly enjoying his day out. Strong, fit and in excellent condition he has lost none of his enthusiasm for the game. A credit to his owner.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)
1. Miller & Fennell’s Graftonbury Serenity. Litter sister to the Minor Puppy Dog winner and of the same mould. Very feminine head and expression. Well off for bone and substance and well angulated throughout. Correct size. A little raw in movement but straight and true. One to watch. Looking at the catalogue I see that the mother of these two was a particular favourite of mine, and it is so nice to see her qualities reproduced in her children.

Puppy Bitch (4) 
1. Topliss’ Peaseblossom Butterfly at Beresford. 10 month old stunner whose sweet head and expression stole my heart. Good bone and substance, elegant neck, well angulated fore and aft, good spring of rib, depth, and well ribbed up. Well let down hocks, from strong hind quarters. A beautiful dark coat. A little raw in movement but straight and true, and the typical springer “joie de vivre”. An exciting prospect for the future. Best Puppy in Show.
2. Jenkinson’s Eastriding Envy Me. Aptly named as I am sure many will. Another stunning, real springer type. Very close between these two for this class I just preferred the head and expression of the winner.
3. Tryhard Another Dimension

Junior Bitch (5,3) 
1. Willey’s Arcadia Almaria.
So much to admire in this lovely young bitch. Good dark eye looking out from a classic head. Correct body shape, good bone, substance and spring of rib, depth and hind quarters. Good lay of shoulder, excellent level top line. Well muscled with tight strong feet. Moved well straight and true when settled. Well presented with nothing overdone. Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show,
2. Gregory’s Arcadia Andalucia – Litter sister to the winner of this class and the same stamp of bitch. Good head with sweet expression, slightly longer in body than the first, moved a little close behind.

Yearling Bitch (8,1)
1. Moore’s Laceby Devil’s Dilemna of Cresmore.
A well made, compact, strong, workmanlike, bitch with good bone and substance, well angulated throughout with excellent hind quarters. Tight strong feet. Correct size. Moved straight and true. Presentation let her down a little
2. Lockhart’s Chetruda Krystal Rose
Beautiful well chiselled head on this lovely bitch, leads to elegant neck, well laid shoulder, well sprung rib, and strong hind quarters. Enough bone and well angulated throughout. A well muscled fit and feminine girl, beautifully presented. Moved well.
3. Guest’s Robil Greta Garbo

Graduate Bitch (9,2)
1 Topliss’ Beresford Dress to Impress,
and she does. A smart workmanlike well made feminine girl with good bone and substance. Super neck and shoulders, good spring of rib, well let down hocks and good tailset. Moved well beginning to show some power in her stride.
2. Gregory’s Arcadia Andalucia.
3. Gibson’s Calvdale Come Catch Me.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,2) 
1. Elliott’s Jonabar Song of Springtime.
The puppy had stolen my heart but this girl took my soul. A truly classy classic springer. Excellent head with good chiselling, dark eye, intelligent expression. Conformation needs little comment when one sees her move. Straight out from the shoulder with real drive behind, she flows with power and cadence holding her top line, sound as a pound. She is correct size with well let down hocks, and nothing overdone. Very well presented and in tune with her handler. Best Bitch and was delighted to award her Best in Show
2. Cunliffe’s Calvdale Fair Cop with Fallenleaf JW.
Another feminine girl with a super head and classic soft expression, well angulated throughout but a little narrower in body than 1. Moved well just a little close behind. Excellent presentation of both dog and handler.
3. Willey’s Calvdale Ask No Questions.

Limit Bitch (5)
1. Calvert’s Calvdale Litigant.
Beautiful feminine headed bitch with excellent bone and body. Well made and well muscled. Very good in shoulder and hindquarter. Moved happily, straight and true. Excellent presentation.
2. Rose’s Benira Mischevious Meg.
One I have judged before and just as nice as I remembered. Correct size, with a lovely head and soft expression. Level topline well muscled and angulated throughout, a true springer she moved merrily with drive from behind. Well presented.
3. Delanty’s Dingdarlin Summer Dream

Open Bitch (6,2)
1. Jonabar Annie’s Song.
Correct size, feminine lady with classic head, intelligent expression and dark eye. A balanced well muscled girl with good depth and substance, well angulated throughout. Moved with drive and enthusiasm, well presented with nothing overdone. Pushed hard in the challenge.
2. Moore’s Cresmore Remembrance Day.
Black and white, heavier than 1 but still feminine. Has bone and substance, strong and compact. Moved OK. Presentation needs attention.
3. Downward’s Angil Queen of Diamonds.

Special Beginners Bitch. (7,6) 
1. Tryhard Go for Broke with Tigerrock. 9 month old black and white very much a puppy but shows promise. She settled during the day and credit must go to her sympathetic handler. Both dog and handler well presented.

Veteran Bitch (2)
1. Burrows’ Willrose Scarlet O’Hara. A long time favourite of mine, a feminine girl with the sweetest of springer heads and a lovely dark eye. A super body, correct size, a proper springer Not showing her age at all she moved with drive and enthusiasm. Excellent presentation a joy to look at. Pushed hard in the challenge.
 2. Woodhead’s Larbreck Neat N Sweet at Strathaird. 9 year old lady, a different type to 1, in excellent condition for her age. She has a good strong body and good feet. Moved well. A credit to her owner.