Lancs & Cheshire Champ Show 19


Judge: Tarja Hovila (Adamants)

DCC - Topliss' Bresford Night Train

BCC - BIS - Green's Kennair I am I Said
Res BCC - RBIS - Cunliffe's Sh Ch/Ir Sh CH Calvdale My Girl At Fallenleaf Ir Vet Ch
BPIS - Casey & Cavallo's Eastriding Sheer Love for Sandicam

MPD 2 (2, 1 abs 1 WH)

PD 2 (0)
1st: Eastriding Royal Mayfair
2nd: Trimere Ted Baker With Annayah

JD 1 (0)
1st: Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa

YD 1 (0)
1st: Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa

Class MD 1 (0) 1st: Chelmeress Tommy Boy Into Anacapa

Class ND 1 (0) 1st:Tigerrock Super Ted

Class GD 1 (1 abs)

Class PGD 3 (0) 1st: Beresford Night Train - CC 2nd: Eastriding Declaration
3rd: Kennair Dreaming On A Star

Class MLD 1 (0) 1st: Kennair Northern Star

Class LD 2 (1 abs)
1st: Westaway Dream Angus Of Rosannoch (Imp Nor)

Class OD 7 (1 abs) 1st: Sh Ch Mompessor Winchester - Res CC 2nd: Sh Ch/Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love (Imp Aus) 3rd: Riselawroad No Deal Res: Mompesson Devonshire
VHC: Melverley Top Geezer

Class SBD 1 (0)
1st: Tigerrock Super Ted

Class VD 4 (4 abs)

Class GCD 0

Class MPB 1 (0)
1st: Berkenbar Gianna At Ardtalla

Class PB 2 (0) 1st: Trimere Taylor Swift
2nd: Eastriding Glam Princess

Class JB 3 (abs 1) 1st: Portrail Shape Of You 2nd: Spuffing Tanquery

Class YB 3 (1 abs) 1st: Belavita Polar Star At Beresford 2nd: Wenark May Blossom At Yarlestre

Class MB 1 (0) 1st: Eastriding Sheer Love For Sandicam - BPIS
Class NB 0

Class GB 7 (3 abs) 1st: Clentonian Picture Perfect 2nd: Spuffing Tanquery 3rd: Royal Gala At Rubens
Res: Meonstoke Angelica

Class PGB 5 (1 abs) 1st: Beresford Night Class 2nd: Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops 3rd: Spuffing Molly’s Secret
Res: Meonstoke Angelica

Class MLB 4 (2 abs) 1st: Peasblossom Rumours At Strathnaver 2nd: Cherishym Celaneo

Class LB 8 (2 abs) 1st: Kennair I Am I Said - BCC
2nd: Trimere Ticatboo 3rd: Calvdale I say At Fallenleaf CW 18 CJW 18 Res: Mompesson Words
VHC: Cherishym Chara

Class OB 8 (1 abs) 1st: Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere 2nd: Sh Ch Mompesson Legacy 3rd: Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid Res: Kennair Like A Diamond - B B&W VHC: Rosannoch Fortuna JW

Class SBB 3 (1 abs)
1st: Clentonian Picture Perfect
2nd: Meonstoke Angelica

Class VB 4 (0) 1st: Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW SHCM Ir Vet Ch - RES BCC - B VET
2nd: Ch Melverley Islay Inspired At Lossiedoon
3rd: Mompesson Royal Flush
Res: Ternspringer Melody

Class GCB 1 (0)
1st: Meonstoke Angelica