Lancs & Cheshire Open 18

L&C Open 18

Best In Show - Melverly Top Geezer
Reserve Best In Show/Best Veteran In Show - Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
Reserve Best Dog/Best B&W - Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle
Reserve Best Bitch - Peasblossom Rumours of Strathnaver
Best Puppy In Show - Trixhund Pickpocket

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their open show, the exhibitors for the way they accepted my awards , and to my steward for the way she went about her job .
Ifor G. Williams

Minor Puppy Dog 1 (1)

Puppy Dog 2 (1)
1. Lewis & Bullocks Trixhund Oliver Twist 11mth L/W while going through the lanky stage, good overall balance ,reach of neck on well placed shoulders , dept of chest, correct topline, tailset, just lost out to P/B on length of body.

Junior Dog 2 (1)
1. Glendennings Plaiglen BStylish 16mth B/W. nice head with desired chiselling, clean neck leading to well placed shoulders and upper arm, good length of body and tail set ,moved with correct stride .
2. Keighlys Pendarlow Denahi not quite the head and body of winner, when handler changed leads settled and moved ok , longer in body, needs time to mature, would like to see him in 2yrs.

Yearling Dog - No entries

Novice Dog - No entries

Graduate Dog - No entries

Post Graduate Dog 1 (1)

Limit Dog 3 (2)
1. Smiths Melverly Top Geezer , young dog that must have a bright future, true head with correct eye, clean length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest with plenty of heart room , correct top line and tail set, moved with drive.B.D.

Open Dog 2
1. Lewis and Bullocks Trixhund Talking Obsession JW ShCM liver & white, good head with chiselling, good shoulders and top line, longer in body , moved true .
2. Merrys Anacapa Just Jack , well balanced dog , not quite the head of 1st ., well laid shoulders and neck, slightly higher on leg , moved true.

Special Beginners Dog 2 (1)
1. Keighlys Pendarlow Denahi 2nd in Junior dog

Veteran Dog 2
1. Glendennings Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle B/W 7/12yr , overall balance and outline, good head and eye, correct length of neck in well placed shoulders, well off for bone and tight feet, well sprung ribs , length of body and tail set, moved true .R.B.D.
2. Downwards Alanea Smax at Reubens JW 10yr , another well balanced dog, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, not as good in head as 1st, moved well.


Minor Puppy Bitch 2(1)
1. Smiths Melverly Tiny Dancer 7mth L/W. lovely puppy with real class, lovely head with good eye and expression, length of neck ,excellent bone and feet, still only a baby, but will follow her future with interest .

Puppy Bitch 2 (1)
1. Lewis & Bullocks Trixhuns Pickpocket , litter sister to my puppy dog winner, 11mth L/W with good overall balance, well shaped head and soft expression, length of neck , shoulders , hope she does not grow on as up to size, moved well to win B.P.B. & B.P.I.S.

Junior Bitch 1
1. Cunliffes Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf . l/W. 12mth , good overall type, nice head and expression, eye ,reach of neck ,well placed shoulders, tight feet, length of body and tailset , not so good rear end on move.

Yearling Bitch 2
1. Downwards Royal Gala a Reubens taller bitch than I prefer, but an overall type , nice head with correct eye and expression, moved correct.
2. Delantys Plaiglen Beaters BMagic smaller bitch , nice head ,length of neck, good shoulders, shorter in length of back, good tailset , moved well

Novice Bitch 2 (1)
1 Downwards Royal Gala a Reubens

Graduate Bitch 2 (1)
1. Gunns Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver L/W pleasing expression ,good eye , head not coarse , length of neck on well placed shoulders, tight feet ,with good bone, tail set with strong rear end, moved well to win R.B.B.

Post Graduate Bitch 2 (1)
1. Greens Kennair I Am I Said L/W. really fell for this bitch standing, excellent head ,eye and expression. good length of neck ,shoulders , lovely spring of rib leading to strong loin and hindquarters, did not like floor which affected her movements

Limit Bitch 5 (4)
1. Terry-Richardsons Cherishym Chara 5yr L/W nice overall type , nice eye and head, shoulders, length of back, dept of chest , not so good rear movement.

Open Bitch 1
1. Terry-Richardsons Cherishym Celeano ,litter sister to Limit winner, a more finer bitch, lighter in bone , same comments on movement.

Special Beginners Bitch 1
1. Delantys Plaiglen Beaters BMagic

Veteran Bitch 1
1. Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM good head shape and eye, clean neck into well laid shoulders, dept of chest leading to strong hindquarters that gave her drive , just slowed down in challenge B.B. R.B.I.S B.B.W.