Thank you to the hard working committee and sporting exhibitors for the very warm welcome. The new venue does place certain limitations on exhibits, but in the main the correctly made ones coped admirably.

MPD 4 (1)
1 McCourts’ Guinness on Tap at Woodspa
I liked all three babies in this class and they were babies and absolutely at the right stage of development for their age. Headed by this high quality L/W of good size and type, very pleasing head, well shaped body, strong quarters with correct length and angulation, nothing over done here, really good coat texture, presented in super condition, moved out well, fit, appealing winner
2 Smiths’ Melverly Top Geezer
well bodied youngster with good outline, lovely neck and shoulder, much to admire, just moving a little more puppyish behind and needs to tighten and firm up here
3 Calverts’ Calvdale Embrace The Storm

PD 6 (1)
1 Calverts’Calvdale Keelman
My book says “Cor” and I did indeed enjoy this class. Lovely outline, stands balanced, good pattern head, set on and carried beautifully, exemplar neckline and forehand generally, flowing topline, in excellent fettle, really covers the ground BP
2 McCourts’ Guinness on Tap at Woodspa
3 Corbetts’ Robaris Angel Touch Trimere
4 Roses’ Westaway Dream Angus of Roseannoch
5 Morgans’ Kennair Dreaming On A Star

JD 2
1 Calverts’ Calvdale Keelman
2 Adams' Beresford Place Your Bets
A tad proud of his tail today but nicely made, good headpiece with lovely dark eye and super expression, nice legs and well padded feet, could be a tad cleaner in throat, good depth and width of body, hence good underline

MD 2
1 Roses’ Westaway Dream Angus of Roseanoch
Likely individual, growth patterns vary and structure indicates will continue to develop but built on the right lines, good skull and foreface, correct shoulder and upper arm, good in rib and loin, a little lacking in confidence on the floor but improved as the classes progressed
2 Adams' Beresford Place Your Bets

ND 3
1 Roses’ Westaway Dream Angus of Roseannoch
2 Adams' Beresford Place Your Bets
3 Morgans Kennair Dreaming on Star

GD 1
1 Crabtrees’ Roqfolly Black Label
A little narrow in foreface but dark, soft, well shaped eye so expression was still very pleasing, good bone, well proportioned, good frame, could carry a shade less weight to advantage, moved positively and used his tail well

1 Elliotts/ Peasblossom Nemasis of Jonabar
Smart racy exhibit, good height to length ratios and make and shape generally, lovely typical head, kind eye, looked at me just right, good coat, well ribbed, strong loin, could have moved a little more enthusiastically but did not enjoy the floor covering
2 Morgans’ Kennair Northern Star
Another nice one, well assembled throughout and therefore handles well, good forehand, good chest and spring of rib, correct topline and tailset, moved freely
3 Field-Enticotts’ Valrussan Dressed to Thrill

MLD 2 (1)
1 Downwards’Reubens Razzle Dazzel
Useful sort, sound fore and aft, stood alone but worthy of his red card, typical expression, good outline, shapely all through with correct bone, in sparkling condition, has all the essentials

1 Jacksons’ Mompesson Winchester
Winchester true ESS, classic construction all through, quality head with well moulded skull and winning expression, shapely front assembly with clean neck and shoulders and good upper arm, well ribbed, strong muscular quarters, stood over his feet correctly, moved typically as one expects from such good conformation, presented in tip-top order RCC
2 Traczs’ Melverly Dersert Strike Over Acregate
Honest individual who appealed in most departments and was good to handle, of correct size, well boned and proportioned, attractive head and expression, preferred neck and shoulder of 1 but nice body lines and carries himself well
3 Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
4 Joyces’ Shelcasrie Head over Heels at Felltops

OD 5 (1)
1 Cokells’ Carlyquinn Can't Wait JW
Excellent class captured by this lovely exhibit. Has fully matured into a top notch specimen of considerable presence who answers the standard well, I cannot really add anything to what I said upon our last encounter save to say this was his day and his many excellent qualities made it impossible for me to overlook him. Accordingly it gave me much pleasure to award him the CC which I understand gives him his crown, many congratulations
2 Knapps’ Templecarrig Heartbreaker
Different type but eye catching for all the right reasons, has the requisites we seek in all the right places but in an unexaggerated way. Might have gone further but not quite as enthusiastic moving in the challenge for the RCC, nevertheless handsome with lovely head properties, well bodied, super legs and well padded feet, good outline, very taking
3 Walkers Sh Ch Dexbenella It's about time JW ShCM
4 Smiths’ Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte

1 Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
Built on nice lines, typical, pleasing head, eye, ear set, well proportioned with correct bone, good chest and rib, loin filled correctly, shapely quarters

VD 2
1 Traczs’ Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama at Acregate ShCM
headed a lovely pair both worthy of their place in the upper house, winner at just 7 in superb fettle, smart male of excellent type, attractive head and kind expression, head well set on good neckline, nicely laid shoulders, correct spring of rib and firm hind quarters with sensible angulation which he used to advantage to move well, could not be discounted in the challenge BV
2 Downward Sh Ch Ruebens Silent Reflection JW
Charming 10 year old wearing his age lightly, stands balanced presenting pleasing picture, well bodied, good underline, head qualities still very good with no falling away beneath the eye

1 Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
2 Downwards’ Alanea Smax
striking individual, typical and finished with lots to like, just preferred head and movement of winner on the day