Lancashire & Cheshire ESSC Open Show Judge : JACKIE MARRIS-BRAY

Best Dog & BIS Carlyquinn Cant Wait JW ShCM RBD SH CH Reubens Silent Reflection BB RBIS SH CH Calvdale My Girl of fallenleaf RBB Beaters Bedazzled JW BPIS Trimere Total Chaos RBPIS Carlyquinn Mama Mia BVIS Shelcasrie Lovers Leap

L&C Open show

Thank you to the officers and committee for asking me to judge. I had a really enjoyable days judging. The hospitality was first class. All exhibits were presented in lovely clean condition, eye colour overall seems to have improved, but rear movement in some cases leaves a lot to be desired.

MPD 2 1a
1. Hothersalls Calvdale Hot Wheels
A very nice type of puppy, super eyes and expression, good bone legs and feet, well bodied for age moved OK, but needs a little more confidence.

1. Corbetts Trimere Total Chaos BPD, BPIS
Lovely typy puppy with a well-balanced head and expression, correct bone, legs and feet, shoulders well angulated to a well-balanced body, with good ribs and a strong loin, moved soundly on a good stride and holding a good topline BPD & BPIS.

JD 4 1a
1. Smiths Melverly Buona Notte
A well balanced dog with a very good outline, balanced masculine head, good eye colour, nicely angulated shoulder, well boned legs to good feet, well ribbed, strong quarters, moved soundly, just needed a bit of work on presentation, but one I liked a lot.
2. Longs Tryhard Walter Raleigh
A good substantial type of dog, masculine head, good neck and shoulders, strong body, excellent quarters, sound on the move.
3. Elliots Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonabar

1. Crabtrees Roqfolly Black label
Nice type, good head and expression, nicely boned legs and feet, good body properties, moved well.

ND 3 1a
1.Jacksons Mompesson Winchester
Very nice type, lovely masculine head and expression, good eye colour, excellent front, neck and shoulders well angulated good string body, well-muscled quarters, moved soundly on a ground covering stride, very well presented.
2.Hothersalls Calvdale Hot Wheels

1. SmithsMelverly Buona Notte
2. Elliots Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonabar
A nice type, good bead and eye, correct front and feet, well angulated moved OK, holding a good topline.

LD 8 1a
1. Cokells Carlyquinn Cant Wait JW ShCM, Best Dog, BIS
Stands with an excellent outline, well balanced head with a lovely expression, super neck and shoulders, correct bone and feet, well ribbed body, leading to a strong muscular quarters, moved soundly covering the ground well, would have just like a bigger ring to really see him move, very nicely presented BD&BIS
2. Downwards Reubens Razzle Dazzle JW
Another typy dog with a good head and expression, good from, leading to a strong body, well angulated behind, moved soundly.
3. Willeys Speeton Sea Challenger
4. Larges Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
5. Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft

OD 4 2a
1. Downwards Alanea Smax to Reubens JW
Masculine head, good head and expression, lovely neck and shoulders, strong well ribbed body, sound and happy on the move.
2. Glendinnings SH CH Plaiglen Hustle (B B&W)
B/W with a lovely well balanced head, eye colour good, flows nicely over neck and shoulders, correct legs and feet well bibbed body, strong well-muscled quarters, though he would have been my class winner, unfortunately didn’t like the size of the ring, but one I liked a lot.

1. Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
Nice type tri dog, balanced head, good expression, and well ribbed body, sound mover.

VD 2 1a
1. Downwards SH CH Reubens Silent Reflection , RBD
A lovely type of dog who really belies his age, he has a well-balanced head with a lovely masculine expression, well angulated neck and shoulder placement, excellent bone and feet, well ribbed, good quarters, with a sound and free movement, well presented and handled RBD

PB 3
1. Cokells Carlyquinn Mama Mia BPB, RBPIS
A lovely typy puppy, with an exquisite head and expression, good bone, legs and feet, correctly angulated shoulders, well bodied leading to a good quarters, moved soundly, a lovely prospect BPB & RBPIS
2. Eastwoods Eastfalla Memory Waltz
Nice puppy, with good angulation to front and rear, well bodied, sound happy mover, just preferred overall balance of 1
3. McMahons Chenetre Chasing Dreams

JB 7
1. Jacksons Mompesson Words
Excellent type, lovely feminine head and expressive eyes, super neck and shoulders, well ribbed body to correct quarters moved very soundly and happily.
2. Eastwoods Eastfalla Ere I Am
Another excellent bitch from this kennel, pretty head, good front, legs and feet, well ribbed body, sound quarters, moved well.
3. Cunliffe & Chandlers Chanangel falling Leaf
4. Gregorys Arcadia Autagia

YB 2 1a
1.Eastwoods Eastfall ere I am

NB 7
1. Jacksons Mompesson words
2. Cunliffe & Chandlers Chanangel Falling Leaf
Nice head and eye, good over neck and shoulders, oved well holding a good topline.
3. Cokells Carlyquinn Mama Mia
4. Longs Tryhard Godspeed

PGB 6 1a
1. Willeys Melverly What Style
Feminine head, good expression, good legs and feet, correct spring of rib, well angulated quarters, stands with a good outline, sound happy mover.
2. Terry Richardsons Cherishym Chara
Good type, pretty head and expression, good body, well-muscled quarters, just didn’t move with the style of 1
3. Rostrons Ziphill Tennesee Gold
4. Longs Tryhard real McCoy

LB 10
1. Glendinnings Beaters Bedazzled JW
Correct sized bitch, with excellent head and expression, shoulders well angulated, good legs and feet, nicely ribbed up, strong quarters, with good width, she has a lovely balanced outline with clean lines, moved soundly with drive.
2. Smiths Melverly Bang Tidy
Well balanced bitch, with a type consistent to this kennel, good head and eye correct bone and feet well bodied, sound mover, just preferred outline of 1.
3. Jacksons Mompesson Royal Dancer
4. Eastwoods Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny

OB 5 3a
1. Cunliffes SH CH Calvdale My Girl of fallenleaf BB RBIS
A different type of bitch, but with lots to like famine head and eye, flows well over neck and shoulders well boned legs and feet well ribbed, moved soundly.
2. Corbetts CR CH Trimere Tough Cookie
A different type of bitch, but with lots to like, feminine head and eye, flows well over her neck and sholders, well boned legs and feet, well reibbed , moved soundly.

SBB 2 1a
1. Youngs Shelcasrie dancing Queen
Correctly proportioned bitch with a nice head and expression, good well ribbed body, sound well-muscled quarters, moved well.

VB3 1a

1. Joyces Shelcasrie Lovers Leap BVIS
This bitch has a lovely well balanced head, good neck and shoulders, big ribs to a short loin, strong quarters, moved soundly holding a good topline BVIS
2. Terry Richardsonsons Cherishym Bright Star JW
Lovely headed bitch with a good eye colour, well balanced front and rear, moves with attitude, very well presented.

Marlene Wild Memorial

5 4a

1. Larges Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
Well-proportioned dog, good head and eye, good bone legs and feet, strong body moved well holding a good topline.