I was delighted to be invited to judge at Leeds in the beautiful surroundings and such a lovely day at Harewood House, My thanks go to the exhibitors who made it an amazing day. Quality entry I spoilt for choice, Movement was an issue and too many light eyes which spoils the overall expression. A few were very short coupled, so not able to have the lovely striding action required of the breed.

Class 1814 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8891 CALVERT Mr & Mrs M Calvdale Smooth Criminal
Just a baby but already has depth and overall balance moved steady on strong quarters, Very appealing head and eye, good neck and shoulders on good feet , In very good coat, Just lost out to the more mature puppy for Best puppy dog, I will watch with interest in the future.
2nd: 8910 FOSTER Mrs S & Mr N Petranella Bombay Bad Boy For Shanoah
Another very deserving baby, Good head and eye into neck and shoulders plenty of substance, Moved well when settled.
3rd: 8974 WARBRICK Mr & Mrs J Lyndberry Lightning Star
Res: 8897 COLE Mr A & Mrs L Trimere Touch Control

Class 1815 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8969 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Escape To Beresford
A super puppy , Very well presented in good coat, Good head with some nice work in it, Very mature body for one so young deep chest and well off for bone, good feet and into well bent stifle, Moved well striding out keeping his top line. BPD
2nd: 8916 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Sea Of Stars
Liked the overall balance of this puppy, Good coat and presentation , Pleasing expression with correct eye shape into good neck and shoulders, Good depth of body, Neat feet ,Just needs to settle on the move a very happy puppy.
3rd: 8913 GANARIN Mrs B Berkenbar Makenzee
Res: 8951 NICOLSON Mr & Mrs R S Lochindorb Chief O'the Clan
VHC: 8978 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Speeton Sea Challenger

Class 1816 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8907 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Woodspa Ash Of Meadowdale
Very attractive dog, Pleasing head and expression into good neck and shoulders, Good coat and presentation, Strong quarters onto good feet and legs, Correct turn of stifle, Moved freely keeping his top line , Good tail action Considered him for RCC but just lacked the maturity of the older dogs, I am sure this will come.
2nd: 8894 COKELL Mrs H Trimere Transition To Carlyquinn
Another good exhibit has all the essentials just needs to mature on, Moved well perfect stride, Good head and eye, good depth in body onto neat feet, Presented in good order.
3rd: 8940 LARGE Miss S Mompesson Flawless
Res: 8905 DRINKALL Mr P. W & Mrs K.A Mompesson Tribute

Class 1817 ND (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8969 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Escape To Beresford
2nd: 8946 MAY Mrs J Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate
good honest dog, sensibly well made, has the entire essentials, Good fore and aft movement, well presented, mature head into good shoulders.
3rd: 8940 LARGE Miss S Mompesson Flawless
Res: 8905 DRINKALL Mr P. W & Mrs K.A Mompesson Tribute

Class 1818 GD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8947 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Peasblossom Chance JW
I have admired this dog, Scores in head and expression, Lovely melting expression, well made body onto good legs and feet, Moved with precision and style, Good topline and tail action, One to watch.
2nd: 8964 STEVENSON Mr & Mrs Gaolachcara Somhlth
Same sire as one, Same attributes, Loved his head and melting expression, would have liked him to use his tail a bit more on the move but other than that a very good exhibit.
3rd: 8970 TOPLISS Mrs T E Petranella Perfick Choice for Beresford
Res: 8921 GREGORY Ms L Arcadia Atomic Force
VHC: 8927 HAPPS Mr D & Mrs A C Beresford Beat The Clock with Emianna

Class 1819 PGD (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8943 LILLIE Mr & Mrs J M Tryhard Tempest at Freeway
This dog has matured into a lovely specimen, Quality attributes, and Good head piece with lots of work correct eye and expression, into good neck and shoulders, well developed body and good strong rear thighs, A bit unenthusiastic on the move but never less still liked him.
2nd: 8906 EASTWOOD Ms D Plaiglen Memories At Eastfalla
Another quality dog, Good head piece and expression, well bodied onto good feet and legs, moved well fore and aft, Presented in good coat.
3rd: 8965 STEVENSON Mr & Mrs Gaolachcara Oghma Sh.CM
Res: 8933 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Cavendish
VHC: 8923 GUY, Mrs J & GUY Miss J A Calvdale False Arrest

Class 1820 LD (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8934 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Striker
Full of quality, Well balanced dog of good proportions, scored in head and expression, well shaped eye and good colour, Into good neck and shoulders, Good front assemble, Moved with verve and a sound striding action, RCC
2nd: 8972 TRACZ Miss J J Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate Sh.CM
Upstanding exhibit, Good head and lovely melting expression, Into well assembled front , Good upper arm, deep chest, sound feet and correct stifle, Firm topline, Plenty of coat and furnishing , Moved steady, just would have preferred more positive action.
3rd: 8890 CALVERT Mr & Mrs M Calvdale Point Of Law Sh.CM
Res: 8975 WARRENER Mr P D & Mrs V L Cepen Changing Places With Waterswarren JW
VHC: 8884 BASHFORTH Mrs L Alanea Warrior Of Jorobaden

Class 1821 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0
An Honour to judge this class, Spoilt for choice needed more red cards just splitting hairs between them.
1st: 8899 CORBETT Mrs A E Sh Ch Trimere Thriller
Aptly named, Liked everything this dog had to offer, Very much a true Springer, full of quality, no exaggerations, super firm muscle tone, well chiselled masculine head with pleasing outlook, ample neck length into good shoulders , powerful and well balanced throughout, CC & BOB, So pleased to see him go group 4.
2nd: 8941 LAWLER, Mrs D & LAWLER Mrs C Sh Ch Roqfolly Ballroom Blitz
Another eye catching dog combining balance with powerful sound movement, Very pleasing dog in profile, achieved full extension and real drive with ease, well angulated in front, firm topline, Unlucky to meet one.
3rd: 8948 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Sh Ch Nord Barecho Hold Your Horses At Peasblossom
Res: 8908 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale JW Sh.CM
VHC: 8917 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Mars

Class 1822 MPB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8915 GIBSON Mrs S & Mr G J Calvdale Almost Legal
Confident performance, loved her type, great outline, very balanced head, sweet expression, good ear set, correct neck and shoulders, correct topline, good depth of chest.
2nd: 8900 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Touch Of Black
Lots to like, not as confident as one but super shape, loved her balanced head with moderate stop melting expression, moved well when settled, correct size.
3rd: 8898 COLE Mr A & Mrs L Trimere Touch Of Romance
Res: 8939 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Prada
VHC: 8967 TERNENT Mr G R & Mrs A Hunterheck Winter Sunset

Class 1823 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8949 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Peasblossom Embrace
What a cracker, loved her, good bone and feet, correct topline, shown in good coat, correct shaped head which I think for me just needs to develop more for perfect balance with her strong well developed body. Moved well, did not disappoint, well presented.BPIB
2nd: 8924 HANCOCK Mr & Mrs L Hanknight Jiggles Jinny
Liked the overall size and shape of this typical bitch, sufficient skull, excellent work in head, correct ear set and eye shape, clean moderate length of neck, Just lost out in body and movement to one
3rd: 8914 GANARIN Mrs B Berkenbar Mystique
Res: 8895 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Classic Line
VHC: 8945 LONG, Mrs S & LEEMING Mr M Speeton Sea Sprite

Class 1824 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8935 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Elegance
Excellent type, beautiful proportions, loved her balanced head, clean moderate length of neck ,Deep chest, good all round conformation, correctly angulated forequarters, Presented in good coat, Moved well.
2nd: 8932 HOLT Ms K & Miss B Trimere Tranquiliser at Bethryn
Lovely appealing bitch with good outline, Sweet head and expression, Good neck flowing into well placed shoulders, Confident and presents a very feminine picture. Would have liked better rear movement.
3rd: 8887 BOOLE Mrs E C & Mr R J Plaiglen Mystic
Res: 8955 RAWDING, R & BOLTON- LOCKHART M Mesdames Gleadsbury Petite Etoile at Dukedel

Class 1826 GB (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8962 SMITH Mr R J Melverly Rihanna
One out of the top draw, She has a beautiful head and eyes with a melting expression. Superb well balanced body, with a super neck and shoulder placement that give her the elegance on the move, Good body onto good feet, Showed herself off to advantage, She was presented in first class condition, Could not deny her R.C.C
2nd: 8931 HARRISON Mr T D & Mrs H I Calvdale On The Quiet To Glenbrows JW
Another lovely quality bitch with all the essentials to develop in to a good bitch excellent head & expressive dark eye, good length of back and depth of chest, Well off for bone, Unlucky to meet one.
3rd: 8888 BROUGH, Ms C & WALKER Mr P Riselawroad Blue Braid
Res: 8966 STEVENSON Mr & Mrs Gaolachcara Cliodna JW Sh.CM
VHC: 8893 CLARKE, Mesdames C L & VAREY Mesdames J M Hunterheck Hermione With Tigerrock

Class 1827 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8971 TOPLISS Mrs T E Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford
Another quality bitch from this kennel, What a stunner this bitch oozes breed type, Loved her head, so much work, lovely eye good brow, wonderful expression, Attractively marked, very well put together bitch, Moved with confidence.
2nd: 8958 ROSE Mrs E Rosannoch Carnelian JW
nice youngster very feminine, like her balanced sweet head and expression and complementing length of foreface, excellent bone and feet, Pipped in movement by one, shown in good coat
3rd: 8901 CORBETT Mrs A E Trimere Tantrums And Tiaras
Res: 8950 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D Barecho Qualified To Show With Peasblossom JW (Imp
VHC: 8918 GLENDINNING Ms F Roqfolly Elle's Belle

Class 1828 LB (11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 8903 CROUCHER, Mrs L & NEWLOVE Mrs C Teignvalley Anchor
She was a new one for me, Never put a foot wrong, L/W very nice outline, and overall shape, Very feminine head and expression, nice bone and feet, correct length of back, Slightly Bigger than 2 but well balanced, Just flowed on the move with good rear action.
2nd: 8886 BASHFORTH Mrs L Alanea Charade Of Jorobaden
Another very typy bitch, typical Springer outline correct proportions, feminine head with square balanced muzzle, Lovely expression, In my initial appraisal I thought she would be my winner, Not the coat and body condition of one today.
3rd: 8942 LAWLER, Mrs D & LAWLER Mrs C Roqfolly Ballet Russe
Res: 8937 JACKSON Mr & Mrs R Mompesson Celebrity
VHC: 8909 EYEINGTON Mr & Mrs S Jazz Singer Of Meadowdale

Class 1829 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8963 SMITH Mr R J Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity
she is truly well balanced with a super neck and shoulders and an ultra feminine head, Deep body, well placed shoulders, She has elegance on the move, Steady firm quarters she strode out accurately enough fore and aft and holds her outline well on the move, She looked happy today, A delight to be able to handle something special. B.C.C
2nd: 8959 ROSE Mrs E Sh Ch Rosannoch Berkano JW
A real favourite of mine, beautifully balanced and a worthy Champion with many appreciative attributes, excellent outline, oozes breed type, good all round conformation, in superb coat and condition.
3rd: 8902 CORBETT Miss S J Sh Ch Trimere Tigra
Res: 8892 CAMERON Miss N Donarden Foxy Lady
VHC: 8979 WILLEY Mr K E & Mrs W J Calvdale Ask No Questions JW